Airbnb for Remote Work: 10 Tips To Find the Perfect Airbnb Accommodation

If you are reading this article, you are a remote worker who lives a nomadic lifestyle, probably jetting around the globe while still working remotely. This means every time you will find yourself looking for new short-rental accommodations in a new place.

In this guide, I'll share with you how to pick an Airbnb accommodation when traveling and how to save money. If that sounds interesting to you, keep reading!

Why Airbnb for Remote Work Accommodations?

Airbnb with great internet speed

You might wonder why use Airbnb when picking a remote work accommodation and not other nomad rental sites in the market.

Since its inception, Airbnb has become the go-to platform for finding places to stay for remote workers, and they always strived to offer initiatives to incentivize hosts to make their properties "remote work-friendly". A recent example is the Live and Work Anywhere initiative, a program launched during the pandemic in which Airbnb has been inviting governments, destination marketing organizations, and relevant non-profits to partner with them and offer favorable mechanisms, amenities, and opportunities for remote workers who want to live and work anywhere.

Another reason Airbnb is a great rental site for remote workers is that it offers one of the biggest selections of apartments and rooms across different parts of the world. For each of these apartments, all the utilities like water, gas, and electricity are included, without you spending a penny to use the facilities in these properties.

Finally, as a platform, Airbnb ensures a ton of protection for both you and the homeowner during the rental which makes it a win-win for anyone involved in this transaction.

Airbnb tips for guests: How to find the best Airbnb for Remote Work

Over the past two years, I've booked over twenty stays on Airbnb and have a few lined up for the following months. So, I'm really excited to share with you my top 10 tips for finding the perfect Airbnb, so that you can avoid any nasty surprises, and save money during the process.

1. Always Check The Reviews

Airbnb reviews

First things first! Always, and I mean always, check out the reviews. It might seem like a no-brainer, but trust me, it's easy to overlook this simple step. Reviews are like gold for getting an unbiased insight into the place you're considering for your remote work stay. They're straight from remote workers like you who have been there and experienced what the place has to offer. The Airbnb community is pretty sharp. If someone had a less-than-stellar experience, they'd definitely share it. So, grab some coffee, get cozy, and dive deep into the review section. It's your best bet for avoiding any unwelcome surprises and ensuring your stay is as productive and enjoyable as possible.

2. Pay Attention to Photos

Airbnb photo gallery

Pictures speak louder than words. And in the case of finding the perfect Airbnb for remote work, they can be a saving grace. I've been in situations where I was left scratching my head, unable to locate the bathroom or the bed, only to find out that the bed was actually a sofa bed. So take your time and scrutinize every photo. Look for clear pictures of all areas of the house, especially the ones you'll spend most of your time in, like the bedroom or home office. And another thing – watch out for pictures that seem to showcase nearby landscapes or attractions excessively. Sometimes, they're a red flag that the actual house is not great, so they must fill in that section with random photos. Remember, you're there also for working remotely, not just for the beautiful beach that's an hour's drive away, so having a comfy house will make all the difference in the world, trust me!

3. Look for Superhosts and Airbnb Plus

Airbnb Superhost

Airbnb awards the "Superhost" status to hosts who consistently provide a positive experience for their guests. This status is earned through positive reviews and prompt responses and is often a sign that the host goes above and beyond to ensure a comfortable and satisfying stay. Furthermore, if a place is consistently booked, Airbnb marks it as a unique opportunity - another indicator of a high-quality stay. In 2018, Airbnb also launched Airbnb Plus, a new tier of homes that have been verified for quality and comfort. Inspired by some of Airbnb's top hosts and homes, the Plus tier offers guests a guaranteed quality experience in beautiful homes that have been rigorously vetted. My tip here is always to prioritize properties managed by Superhosts and keep an eye out for those carrying the Airbnb Plus badge. This way, you are assuring your remote work stay is in a place pre-vetted, either by past users or by Airbnb themselves.

4. Contact the Host Before Booking

Contact Airbnb host

Even if you've found a place that ticks all the boxes, I highly recommend reaching out to the host before you make your booking. This step is extremely important. Why? Well, it allows you to assess their reliability and response time. In case you encounter any issues during your stay, having a host who is quick to respond can make your remote work stay a lot less stressful and much more enjoyable. So, don't hesitate to drop them a message, ask about the property or the area, or even inquire about their favorite local coffee shop. It's your opportunity to establish a connection and ensure you've made the right choice for your ideal work-from-home Airbnb.

5. Negotiate Prices

Personal screenshots negotiating price with an Airbnb host

One thing I've learned over the years is that the price listed on Airbnb isn't always the final price. Many property owners have some wiggle room, especially for longer stays. They often inflate prices to counterbalance Airbnb's commission fees. So, my golden advice for you is this - negotiate! Instead of hitting that instant booking button, take a moment to contact the host and discuss the possibility of a reduced rate. Airbnb isn’t a hotel chain, it's a platform where real people rent out their homes. This means there's often room for bargaining. Don't shy away from this opportunity to save some money and score the perfect Airbnb for your remote work needs.

6. Take Advantage of Long-Term Stay Discounts

Airbnb monthyl discounts

Here's a game-changer for you - did you know Airbnb offers discounts for long-term stays? This is a response to the doubling of people booking stays of at least a month in the same place. Since the pandemic, Airbnb has tailored its policies to support remote workers and digital nomads like us, offering noticeable discounts for anyone booking for more than 28 nights. Just think about it: your dream apartment in your desired location at a discounted price - and all you have to do is stay a little longer. It's a fantastic way to save money and have a more authentic living experience.

7. Check Thoroughly the Location of the Accommodation

Airbnb accomodation location

Alright, you've found a great-looking Airbnb that's surprisingly cheap - jackpot, right? Well, hold on a second. Before you book, it's crucial to scrutinize the location. Why is it so budget-friendly? Could it be because it's nestled in the middle of nowhere, miles away from the city center or essential services? Or maybe it's in a neighborhood that doesn't exactly have the best safety record? Just like that suspiciously discounted sandwich at the deli - there's often a reason why. Do your homework, check out the area on Google Maps, and read reviews from previous guests who might mention the location. Believe me, it's better to invest a bit more for an Airbnb conveniently located for your remote work lifestyle than to be stranded with a weak Wi-Fi signal and no nearby coffee shops.

8. Verify Appliances and Utensils

Airbnb appliances and utensils

Here's a pro tip from one remote worker to another: always ensure the Airbnb you book has the necessary appliances and utensils. If, like me, you're a fan of cooking your own meals to save some bucks, you'd want to ensure the kitchen is well-stocked with enough pots, pans, and utensils. But don't stop there. Always remember to check for a washing machine. Believe me, it's a game-changer. You'll save so much time and money compared to running back and forth from self-service laundromats. So, before hitting that 'Book Now' button, double-check the property details or simply message the host to clear your doubts. There's no harm in asking, but there’s a lot of gain in knowing!

9. Ask for an Internet Speed Test

Personal screenshots asking for internet speed

Here comes the holy grail of all tips for any remote worker - always, and I mean always, ask your Airbnb host for the internet speed in a property. I can't stress this enough. As someone who's been looking for many Airbnb properties, I know how important it is to find a robust and reliable Wi-Fi connection in a place.

Like me, your daily remote work tasks would probably heavily hinge on the internet speed, whether you are jumping on a video call or downloading heavy files. So, how do you ensure your Airbnb can cater to your online workload? Simple, ask the host for a screenshot of a speed test! It's your right as a remote worker to know whether you can seamlessly work from your temporary abode or if you'll be left hanging with buffering screens. So, before you seal the deal, make sure you're getting the Wi-Fi speed you need. This is truly a non-negotiable!

10. Be Respectful as a Guest

Airbnb personal review

Last but not least, let's talk about the golden rule of living anywhere: respect. Airbnb is not just a platform for finding accommodation; it's a community built on trust and mutual respect. Keep in mind homeowners have the power to review guests as well. So, it's in your best interest to be on your top behavior. No wild parties, no damage to the property, and always leave the place as clean as you found it. Remember, Airbnb is your gateway to amazing remote work locations. A good reputation on the platform means more doors (literally!) will be open for you. So, take care of the place as if it were your own. Your future self, looking for the next perfect Airbnb for remote work, will thank you!

Ready To Book Your Next Remote Work Accommodation?

There you have it! These were my best tips on how to book a perfect Airbnb accommodation and save some money while doing it.

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