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Freaking Nomads is the online publication and community for all things digital nomad. It provides guides, tips, inspiration, and resources to help people live and work anywhere in the world.

Why Freaking Nomads?

Let's be honest. How often do you think people saw your pictures on social media and thought 'OMG, these Freaking Nomads...' while looking at yet another picture-perfect moment on the other side of the world?

They probably didn't like you stepping up and designing a life on your own terms. So they thought you were a just a lucky person or, worse, you were born rich to afford this kind of dream lifestyle.

Here at Freaking Nomads, we want to change that.

We want to create a safe environment for all digital nomads and remote workers to freaking feel themselves.

So, YES! - WE ARE FREAKING NOMADS. And we are proud of it. We like to live an unconventional life outside of the rat race and don't like settling down.

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Our Story

There is plenty of misinformation about digital nomads out there. They say:

  1. "Digital nomads are just spoiled millennials"
  2. "They probably come from money to get to travel full-time"
  3. "Digital nomadism is escapism. Don't they want to settle down at some point?"
  4. "They destroy local communities, inflating prices for their avocado toast"

And so on. You get the whole jazz.

So its cofounder Irene Lidia Wang and Luca Mussari asked themselves: how come there is no one actually challenging this misleading narrative?

Hence, they decided to create Freaking Nomads to give the world the authentic and raw opinion of digital nomads themselves – no filters needed!

All this, while also creating a safe space for actual digital nomads to navigate any challenges and live the best version of themselves.

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Meet The Co-Founders

Irene Lidia Wang

Irene Lidia was born in Italy to a Chinese father and an Italian mother. Growing up, she always felt like she didn't quite fit in because of her mixed heritage. She often saw herself as an outsider, caught between two cultures and never fully accepted by either. Determined to find her own path, she decided to move to London to study at university. The change of scenery was refreshing, but she still struggled with feelings of not belonging. She realized that the issue was deeper than her physical location - it was an internal struggle.

The turning point comes when she becomes a digital nomad, thanks to which Irene is able to travel the world while working remotely as a freelance UX Designer. This new lifestyle allowed her to come into contact with new cultures and finally gave her a sense of freedom and belonging that she had never felt before. Inspired by this life experience, she founded Freaking Nomads with the personal mission of creating a safe and inclusive space in which everyone doesn't need to belong to any place or culture to feel at home.

Luca Mussari

Born in a small town in Southern Italy, Luca is a corporate dropout who turned into a full-time location-independent worker.

Like many Italians, he left Italy to move to London in his early 20s in search of better opportunities. His first job as a waiter in a Japanese restaurant allowed him to learn English and continue his university studies in London. Sooner than expected, Luca started climbing the corporate ladder, getting the chance to work as a manager for a global media agency and two British multinational companies.

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2019 made him reconsider his priorities in life. A series of panic attacks during the night drove him to drop everything and start his independent career as a freelance SEO consultant. This allowed him to become a digital nomad and work and travel at the same time. Driven by this newly acquired freedom and flexibility, he founded Freaking Nomads with the personal mission of inspiring people to get the courage to start unconventional paths if they feel to and seek their happiness however and wherever they want.

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