5 Best Home Swap and Home Exchange Sites

Digital nomads know location freedom comes at a cost, and housing rentals are most of the times the expense that drain budgets the most.

But now thanks to home exchange, affordable and immersive extended stays abroad are not impossible anymore.

Home exchange (or home swapping) allows remote workers to exchange houses with fellow travelers worldwide. This means location-independent professionals can experience local life while avoiding accommodation expenses for months on end.

This article reviews the top-rated home-sharing websites, comparing their listings, pricing, and more, so will hopefully be able to find your ideal match. Common questions about home swapping, such as safety and security, will also be addressed in the article.

So, if you are ready to discover the best home swap or home exchange websites for digital nomads, keep reading.

What is a Home Swap or Home Exchange Site?

Home swap or home exchange sites allow you to stay in someone else's home for free, while they stay in yours, at a fraction of the cost of a standard accommodation like an hotel room or an Airbnb.

It's like trading keys with a fellow traveler from another country and get all the benefits that comes with it.

In fact, unlike typical sites focused on renting or booking accommodation, home swap platforms offer some unique advantages:

  • You save money: With no accommodation fees, you can splurge on food, activities or shopping at your destination. All that's left is getting there.
  • You go truly local: By staying in a local's home, you get to experience the culture and neighborhood from their perspective. It's living like a local rather than a tourist.
  • You travel more sustainably: Rather than demanding new rooms and resources, home swaps repurpose existing homes leading to less waste.

Now that you know what is a home exchange site, and why it is a great way to travel, let’s see the top home swap sites around.

1. HomeExchange: The World’s Largest

HomeExchange Homepage

Topping our list, HomeExchange delivers the world's largest selection of home swap listings - with over 150,000 members spanning 145+ countries.

They provide two options for arranging exchanges. Travelers can either directly coordinate simultaneous swaps with other members, or they can tap into their GuestPoints system to claim properties without a direct trade.

While membership fees are slightly on the higher-end (starting at $220 yearly), they include invaluable perks like access to their Facebook community, 500 GP bonus for your first year, member support, assistance in case of cancellation and a non-compliance property damage coverage.

2. Noad: The Best Home-Swap Experience for Remote Workers

Noad Homepage

Next is Noad, a members-only home exchange community catering to digital nomads and remote workers. It currently has 100+ destinations across 30+ countries and allow you to to leverage your home and stay in work-ready accommodations at $0/night. The only thing you will pay for each stay is the final cleaning.

To access their remote work-friendly listings, location-flexible professionals are able to choose among three memberships (starting at $195/year), all equipped with reliable WiFi, desks and home-office equipment.

Home swaps are then arranged through Noad's credits-based booking system and nights are then booked for 1 Credit + $0 per night as needed.

If you use the code "FREAKINGNOMADS10" you get 10% off + 3 free bonus credits worth $381 in extra nights!

3. Intervac Home Exchange: The OG Swap House Platform

Intervac Home Exchange

With with a global inventor of over 13,000 listings across 80 countries, Intervac Home Exchange is one of the longest-running home swap platforms out there (since 1953!).

The site facilitates home exchanges through a direct swap system to claim available listings without a direct exchange of money.

A €85 annual membership unlocks features like unlimited exchange agreements, personal exchange coordinators, wish lists, custom alerts and reviews to handpick ideal listings for you. They also offer a free 21 days trial membership to see if you like the platform (no obligation attached!).

4. Swaphouse: The Truly Free Home Exchange Platform

Swaphouse Homepage

Up next on our list is Swaphouse, a completely free home exchange platform with hundreds of WFH-friendly listings across all continents that make travel accessible for remote workers and digital nomads.

This platform enables location-independent workers to embark on "workations" while exploring different places and enjoying the comforts and functionality of a remote work friendly home. All, without spending a single dollar!

Exchanges are facilitated through a match-based system, almost like your favorite dating app. Members can access their "Explore" section to discover all the available listings and, if they see a home they would like to stay in, they can just hit the "heart" button. If the member also like your home, then you have a "match" and you are ready to agree an home-swap with the other home-owner. And the beauty of it, it's that it's completely free. No memberships or fees to pay!

HomeLink Homepage

Rounding out our list is HomeLink, a 70+ year old exchange platform with listings in more than 20 countries worldwide. The extensive portfolio includes mountain retreats, beachside cottages and other vacation properties.

Arranging exchanges with other HomeLink members can be done directly through a secure message system which allows to coordinate simultaneous home trades. You can use their Search Homes tool to find houses that fit your travel plans and swap homes with people who like the same things as you (or your family), by using their advanced search options. You can also make a Wish List of members that you want to trade places with.

With an annual membership starting at $115 per year, members can enjoy unlimited exchanges and listings as well as benefit from HomeLink's support for the duration of their membership.

How to Choose the Best Home Swap Site: Our Top Tips

We looked at the top home exchange sites, and you are now probably wondering where do you start your home swap journey with all these different options. We recommend considering these key factors:


Choose home swap site that match your travel style and goals, and offer homes that suit your needs. For example, if you are looking for a family-friendly site, you may want to check HomeExchange which has collections of homes that are suitable for children and pets.

Verification processes

Prioritize rigorous screening that authenticates members through address checks and identity verification. For example, the home-exchange site Noad verifies members thoroughly by using industry leading 3rd party services and checking . their identity against short term rental flag lists and the sex offender registry as well as through public databases.

Membership fees

Look for reasonable, transparent pricing and flexibility around payment options, cancellations, etc. Compare pricing against site features offered like robust search filters and travel coordinators who expertly arrange exchanges. The cheapest option might not always offer the strongest safe and security policies, so sometimes it's better to pay a bit more for your membership to get covered against issues such as cancellations or, worse, damages to your house.

Is Home Exchange Safe?

Digital nomad looking outside the window of a swapped house

Home swapping may seem risky or daunting, but it is actually a safe and secure way to travel, as long as you use a reputable home exchange site or platform.

All the home swap websites mentioned in this article provide various security measures, such as:

  • Identity Checks: Top home exchange sites verify the identity and address of their members, and also check the quality and availability of their homes
  • Reviews and Ratings: Platforms allow their members to leave feedback and ratings for their hosts or guests, and also display the number of exchanges they have completed.
  • Financial Coverage: Most reputable sites or platforms offer insurance and guarantees to protect their members from damages, cancellations, or disputes. They also provide customer support and assistance in case of any issues or emergencies

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So, Is Home Exchange Worth It?

For location-independent workers who want to immerse themselves in overseas experiences without endless accommodation bills, home swapping is a great solution.

Although you may question if it's secure to temporarily live in strangers' homes, top platforms have put in place verification processes and review systems that ensure safety.

If willing to swap homes and be flexible, home sharing opens doors for location-independent workers and, in general travelers, to soak in overseas adventures far more affordably!

Ready to Swap Your Home?

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