13 Best Remote Work Travel Programs

One of the most significant advantages of remote work is the freedom to work from anywhere. For many remote workers, this means working from home or in local co-working spaces. However, some take advantage of their flexibility by traveling to different locations worldwide while working.

In this article, we'll explore 13 of the most popular remote work and travel programs, including their perks, duration of the trips, and programs' costs.

What is a Remote Work Travel Program?

Remote working programs enable digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and location-independent professionals to travel and work in unique places. These programs foster connections among remote workers and facilitate immersive experiences in the chosen destinations.

They cater to the needs of remote workers who want to travel the world with a community of like-minded individuals, providing assistance with housing, co-working spaces, and WiFi in other countries.

This way, participants don't have to travel alone and can live and work with other remote workers, facilitating networking and building professional and friendly connections.

Here are twelve of the best remote work travel programs:

Let's now look at them one by one.

1. Remote Year

remote year, a website for remote work travel programs

Cost: From $1,535 per month

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, travel between itinerary locations, co-working space, professional and social programming

Program Duration: From one week to a whole year

Remote Year offers an array of programs for digital nomads, with itineraries ranging from one week to a whole year. Designed to connect professionals, foster networking opportunities, and simplify the travel experience, Remote Year handles the logistics of planning and accommodations, providing travelers with the freedom to work and socialize. With various trip packages and prices, Remote Year makes discovering new places, from the Americas to South Africa and the Far East, accessible to nomads of all budgets and backgrounds.

2. Selina

selina, a website for remote work travel programs

Cost: Depends on location and length of stay

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, and co-working space

Program Duration: Flexible length of stay

Selina functions more like a hotel company, allowing travelers to book accommodations and co-working spaces based on their needs and preferences. With a pay-as-you-go model, Selina offers flexible booking options in various countries worldwide. Co-working spaces are typically located near accommodations, and travelers are encouraged to contribute to the local community during their stay. Selina handles the practicalities, providing travelers with flexible cancellation policies and a tailored experience.

3. Outsite

outsite, a website for remote work travel programs

Cost: Varies depending on location and package

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, co-working space, and professional and social programming

Program Duration: Flexible length of stay

Outsite offers a blend of co-living and co-working spaces in various locations worldwide, accommodating digital nomads seeking a comfortable, productive work environment. With a focus on work-life balance, Outsite provides access to a range of amenities, including high-speed internet, communal spaces, and outdoor activities. Membership plans offer flexible booking options and discounted rates, making Outsite an attractive choice for both short- and long-term stays.

4. Noma Collective

noma collective, a website for remote work travel programs

Cost: From $1,550 to $5,500 per retreat

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, co-working space with high-speed internet, professional and social daily events, yoga classes

Program Duration: 2-4 week work/vacation trips

Noma Collective offers a flavorful blend of work and play for digital nomads embarking on their new location-independent journey. With dreamy destinations like tropical Belize, vibrant Oaxaca, wild Kenya, and energetic Buenos Aires, Noma Collective guides nomads on a journey of meaningful connections. Yet, what sets Noma Collective apart is its focus on remote work-life balance by curating tons of events, local experiences, and wellness activities, including morning yoga sessions and at least one activity a day to choose from! Expect not only fully-furnished private rooms and co-working spaces with speedy WiFi but also personal betterment and lifelong memories with fellow nomads.

5. Hacker Paradise

hacker paradise, a website for remote work travel programs

Cost: From $2,290 per month

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, co-working space, professional and social programming

Program Duration: Different trip lengths

Hacker Paradise emphasizes flexibility, allowing digital nomads to join trips of varying durations and destinations, from European city breaks to unique retreats in Bali or Kenya. With different trip lengths and prices, Hacker Paradise is an excellent choice for nomads just beginning their journey or those eager to meet new people. The program includes accommodations, co-working spaces, social events, and mentoring opportunities.

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6. WiFi Tribe

wifi tribe, a website for remote work travel programs

Cost: From $900 - $2,000 per retreat

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, co-working space, weekend trips, and activities

Program Duration: Between 4, 6, and 8-week Chapters based on what fits your schedules best

WiFi Tribe connects digital nomads with local cultures and fellow travelers through four-week chapters in various locations worldwide. With no pre-set routes, participants can choose between shared or solo rooms, and longer stays are available at discounted rates. WiFi Tribe's costs cover WiFi, accommodations, utilities, cleaning, and workspaces.

7. Nomadico

Cost: Varies depending on the location and length of stay

Cost Includes: Affordable weekly and monthly stays, workspace and fast WiFi, community events, and a ton of adventures with fellow digital nomads

Program Duration: Flexible length of stay

Nomadico offers a unique approach to remote work travel by partnering with locals to create affordable coliving homes and meaningful communities for digital nomads and remote workers. Focusing on authentic destinations, Nomadico ensures comfortable accommodations and great workspaces for high productivity levels. They offer a diverse range of locations for nomads to explore while working remotely, including top digital nomad destinations like Taghazout (Morocco), Madeira (Portugal), and Medellin (Colombia). In each of these destinations, they have a dedicated community manager in loco who regularly organizes events and adventures to help connect members and create an unforgettable experience.

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8. Nomadize

nomadize, a website for remote work travel programs

Cost: From $2,900 per month

Cost Includes: Accommodation and utilities, co-working space, professional and social programming, and pre-selected adventure activities

Program Duration: Month-long stays

Nomadize functions as a comprehensive travel membership-only platform, assembling retreats from diverse corners of the globe and presenting them with special travel deals. The platform features remote work experiences that accentuate region-specific activities and immersive wellness workshops, like yoga and meditation in Bali or Muay Thai in Chang Mai. Once a digital nomad selects one of their experiences, they can conveniently arrange their travel through the Nomadize app, taking advantage of the discounted rates available.

9. Venture with Impact

venture with impact, a website for remote work travel programs

Cost: From $2,100 per month

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, co-working space, day trips, professional and language support, and partnership with a local nonprofit or volunteer organization

Program Duration: Month-long stays

Venture with Impact programs combine productivity with social impact, connecting digital nomads with local volunteering and community projects. Month-long stays are available in countries like Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, and Portugal, and additional months can be added at discounted rates. Alongside co-working spaces and high-speed internet, Venture with Impact provides cultural immersion opportunities, such as language courses and day trips, allowing nomads to truly connect with their chosen destination.

10. Unsettled

unsettled, a website for remote work travel programs

Cost: From $2,000 per program

Cost Includes: Housing and utilities, co-working space, and professional and social programming

Program Duration: one-two week programs and month-long retreats

Unsettled offers one or two-week adventures and month-long retreats aimed at providing remote working solo travelers with the tools and connections needed for personal and professional growth. With experiences in locations like Thailand, Ibiza, Tuscany, or Camino de Santiago, Unsettled attracts senior leaders and teams from respected remote companies. Costs include curated local experiences and resources for work.

11. Co-work Paradise

cowork paradise, a website for remote work travel programs

Cost: Starts at €2,885 for an 8-day retreat

Cost Includes: Individual lodging, coworking area, excursions and social events, meals, and mastermind with other accomplished entrepreneurs

Program Duration:

Co-work Paradise offers curated work, and travel experiences called "Masterminds" for digital nomad business owners, entrepreneurs, and remote professionals seeking a blend of productivity, networking, and adventure. With a focus on personal development and community building, Co-work Paradise provides accommodations, co-working spaces, workshops, and local experiences in tropical locations. The all-inclusive pricing ensures a seamless experience for participants, making Co-work Paradise an attractive choice for those looking to enhance their remote working journey.

12. The Nomad Escape

the nomad escape, a website for remote work travel programs

Cost: Varies depending on the destination and duration (typically from $1,500 to $2,500)

Cost Includes: Accommodation, co-working spaces, workshops, local activities, and experiences, airport transfers, and selected meals

Program Duration: Between one to four weeks retreats

The Nomad Escape organizes curated work and travel retreats for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and remote professionals, offering a unique blend of co-living, co-working, and business networking opportunities. With programs in various destinations like Bali or Madeira, Nomad Escape provides accommodations, workspaces, workshops, and local experiences, allowing participants to connect, learn, and explore. Nomad Escape's all-inclusive pricing ensures a seamless experience, making it an appealing option for those seeking a transformative work and travel journey.

13. Work Wanderers

work wanderers, a website for remote work travel programs

Cost: Varies based on the destination and duration (typically from $1,800 to $2,800)

Cost Includes: Private and shared coliving accommodation with digital nomad community, breakfast daily, space to cowork and stay productive, yoga, wellness & introspection sessions, career development & skillshare workshops, social events & activities

Program Duration: From one week to one month

Work Wanderers offers co-living and co-working retreats for digital nomads and remote professionals in various locations worldwide. It focuses on community building and cultural immersion and provides curated accommodations, workspaces, and organized activities to help participants connect and collaborate. Flexible booking options and competitive pricing make Work Wanderers attractive for those seeking a well-rounded work and travel experience.

How To Choose The Perfect Remote Worker Program For You

When it comes to finding the right remote work and travel program, there are a few things you should think about to make sure you'll have an amazing experience that suits your needs.

First, take a close look at the program's cost and what's included, like places to stay, coworking spots, fun activities, and any extra perks. You'll also want to think about how long the program lasts and whether it fits into your life and schedule.

Don't forget to check out the destinations they offer – it's essential to pick a program that takes you to places you're really excited about!

One of the best parts of these programs is meeting new people, so make sure you choose a location that helps you connect with other remote workers and offers cool events or workshops for personal and professional growth.

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And, of course, it's super important to find a program that takes your work seriously, with reliable internet and great workspaces, so you can stay productive while exploring new places. Keep these things in mind, and you'll be well on your way to finding a remote work and travel program that's perfect for you!

Final Thoughts

As each remote work travel program offers its own unique experience and can be a significant investment, it's crucial to thoroughly research and compare programs to find the one that best aligns with your needs and preferences. Consider what knowledge and experiences you'd like to gain while traveling, as well as your work schedule and space requirements. Some prefer to travel in a group, while others opt for a more independent journey.

No matter your preference, there's a program available to help you maximize your remote working adventure. So, explore your options and embrace the boundless opportunities that await you in the world of remote work and travel.

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