Being a “Baby Nomad”: My First 4 Months In Digital Nomad Diapers

Are you also a digital nomad baby and struggling on your way?

If so, I’ve prepared a great list of tips for you on how to become a Freaking “Baby Nomad”. Furthermore, I’ll be sharing my story of the first 4 months in my digital nomad diapers.

Ready? Let’s go!

The Digital Nomad Baby is Born

Congratulations. It’s a baby nomad girl. I was so excited when I founded my business and held my papers in my tiny hands. Now I was officially a freelance copywriter and digital nomad with my own tax code. It was truly happening. I joyfully organized the trip, packed my suitcase, and counted the days till my flight.

Digital nomad at the airport

The First Two Weeks Were Tough

But this excitement didn’t last for long. Just like a real baby, I shit my pants. Especially during the flight from Germany to our first destination. As I left home, the stability and good secure job opportunities in creative agencies disappeared. I was sure that I had made a huge mistake. On top of that: Why in god's name did I do it together with my boyfriend Flo who started his own language coaching business?

Wasn’t that always my dream? Lots of big changes that I wasn’t comfortable with. The food poisoning in Bangkok didn’t really help my state of mind. To be honest, it took me two weeks to wrap my head around the idea that I was actually doing it.

My Baby Nomad Breakthrough

After this rocky start, I recovered and started to adopt a digital nomad mindset. I stayed curious, went to buzzing co-working spaces, and had a lot of one-on-one discussions with wiser nomads.

This community was my anchor on this stormy ride. They helped me get around the place, introduced me to other copywriters, and showed me where to find the cheapest beer. It felt like college all over again. Everybody was so excited about their projects and the co-working space was our campus where you would bump into each other and plan the next activities. In our first two months, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was for the lovely and incredibly helpful fellow nomads that I happened to run into. I even joined a female entrepreneurs group in Chiang Mai which were particularly supportive in showing me the ropes of freelancing.

Digital nomad working from coworking space

Dropping My Diapers

What is it really like facing the challenges of a digital nomad baby? Quite tough. Here is a list of my challenges and how I tackled them.

Challenge 1: How to get started?

In the beginning, you don’t know any digital nomads. It’s just not a thing in your “normal” life. Additionally, your people at home don’t always support your decision to become a digital nomad.

That might make it even harder to start. That’s why you need to establish a digital nomad mindset.

Meet inspiring digital nomads online beforehand, continue your research, and don’t lose your focus.

Preparation is key to that. I was so thankful to the German “Digitale Nomaden Podcast”, the website Nomadlist and, of course, the Freaking Nomad blog.

I recommend you check out the 8 must-read books for digital nomads, which greatly inspired me. Being prepared definitely helps you to get into the right mindset and to get a booster.

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Challenge 2: What about the money?

My humble savings started to run out during my third month already. I had to find a way to earn more money.

Not because I was living a lavish lifestyle but because my freelance business was slow to get off the ground. I simply didn’t have enough clients yet to break even financially.

My solution was to reach out to my network and put myself out there. Thanks to that, I got a few more clients and a raise from another one. Check out the book “You Are A Badass At Making Money” by Jen Sincero. You’ll find some helpful thoughts there. It did have a huge impact on my approach to how to earn more as a digital nomad.

Furthermore, I started to budget. It doesn’t look like fun at first glance. Not even on the second. But on the third, you realize that budgeting will give you freedom. Just give it a try.

Finally, here are some tips on where to live as a digital nomad for less than 1500 per month where you could find some good cheap destinations to pick from in your first few months.

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Challenge 3: How to be your own "baby boss"?

If you decide to find and run a business, doing it for the first time is quite challenging.

Even being employed and traveling full-time presents its own set of challenges. The time difference should not be underestimated.

That’s why you need to create the perfect workspace for you in both scenarios. Find a work routine and a way to spark joy. It’s quite tough to find a good balance between working and traveling. That’s why I recommend you to read “Joy At Work” by Marie Kondō and Scott Sonenshein. Just follow their tips on how to organize your time and space. It does wonders. At least for me.

And remember: if others can do it, you can do it too.

Digital nomads high fiving

Final thoughts and Plans for the Next Months

Despite my strong passion and growth, I am still far away from standing on my own feet.

Nevertheless, I won’t give up and will enjoy the process of growing.

Like a baby learning to walk, I understand that this process cannot be rushed. I am embracing every little step along the way to become a grown-up digital nomad.

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