6 Best Hidden Travel Wallets to Keep Your Valuables Safe on the Go

Losing your wallet is never an enjoyable experience. Throw yourself into a foreign country and suddenly, it’s a whole lot worse.

Pickpocketing, theft, or general carelessness - the reason why you’re now wallet-less doesn’t matter. But it’s the stress that comes with replacing your ID and credit cards is the worst part.

Canceling and requesting new cards - especially without a fixed address is a nightmare. I’m still waiting on a replacement physical card and mine was blocked 3 months ago (someone treated themselves to 15 Google gift cards on my dime).

So, how do you minimize the risk? First, invest in a hidden wearable wallet - one that can’t be easily accessed by those around you. The second tip is to split your valuables across two locations - one on your person and another hidden wallet in your rucksack. If one becomes compromised, you’ve not lost everything - there’s still a backup waiting for you.

So what should you look for in a hidden travel wallet and what are the top options available on the market today? Check out our guide to the top hidden travel wallets below.

Best Hidden Travel Wallets: Our Top Picks

1. Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket

Best Overall

Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket
  • Type: Belt wallet
  • Material: 70D Nylon Ripstop
  • Capacity: Passport, smartphone, cards, cash
  • RFID Blocking: Yes
  • Other Features: Reflective finger loop zipper, moisture-wicking and breathable mesh back panel
  • RFID blocking, dual pocket travel wallet
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable mesh back panel
  • Reflective finger loop zipper
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Only available in tan
  • Maximum band length of 50 inches

The Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket is a fantastic wearable hidden travel wallet that’s lightweight, durable, and adjustable.

The RFID-blocking pouch is great for storing passports and cards when out exploring unfamiliar destinations. There’s a pair of pockets to aid with organization and ample room for all of your essentials on a typical day trip.

A moisture-wicking and breathable mesh back panel helps keep you nice and cool and an adjustable waist strap and quality buckle help nail the perfect fit. Do keep in mind, however, that this only reaches the maximum size of 50”.

2. VENTURE 4TH Travel Money Belt

Best Value

VENTURE 4TH Travel Money Belt
  • Type: Belt wallet
  • Material: 210D ripstop nylon
  • Capacity: Passport, smartphone, cards, cash
  • RFID Blocking: Yes
  • Other Features: Water resistant, breathable mesh backing, adjustable
  • RFID-blocking minimalist travel wallet
  • Adjustable waist strap and quick-release buckle
  • Breathable mesh backing
  • Multiple pockets
  • Some customer complaints of “rustling” sound
  • Clip durability concerns

The VENTURE 4TH Travel Money Belt is our pick for the best value traditional hidden travel wallet for digital nomads.

With a simple, dual-pocket construction - the belt offers plenty of storage and organization for all of your daily essentials. Passports, cards, cash, and smartphones can all be easily stored in the water-resistant wallet. The back panel is made with breathability in mind - keeping you nice and cool when wearing the wallet.

However, with the heavy-duty 210D ripstop nylon, some users do complain about a rustling sound - but with the budget buy, it’s hard to complain. Consider upgrading over to our best overall pick to overcome this minor limitation.

3. Thule Crossover 2

Best RFID Travel Organizer

Thule Crossover 2
  • Type: 2-in-1 pouch
  • Material: Nylon
  • Capacity: Passport, smartphone, cards, cash, headphones, pens, etc.
  • RFID Blocking: Yes
  • Other Features: Water resistance, slash-proof material, hidden compartments
  • Can be separated into a travel wallet and an electronics organizer
  • RFID-blocking electronics pouch
  • Zipped mesh pocket, slip pockets, and elastic straps
  • External hand strap
  • Bulkier than other travel wallets
  • Unable to store against the body

A tale of two parts, the Crossover 2 is a travel organizer first and a hidden travel wallet second.

The organizer pouch is a fantastic bit of kit that’s great for keeping everything safe, secure, and in one place. Think of it as a small tech bag to stow chargers, adapters, cables, and thumb drives.

Inside the organizer, there’s a separate RFID-blocking magnetic pouch that’s perfect for day trips. Use this to carry cards and passports without the worry of electronic skimming.

Ultimately, the Thule Crossover 2 is best suited to smaller trips with less reliance on bulkier tech items. Use this as a handy tech organizer with a useful, reliable RFID-blocking pouch.

4. Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Hidden Pocket

Best Travel Wallet

Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Hidden Pocket
  • Type: Belt wallet
  • Material: 70D Nylon, RFID, Wicking Knit Tricot Backing
  • Capacity: Passport, cards, cash, smartphone, keys
  • RFID Blocking: Yes
  • Other Features: Black/brown belt loop attachment, internal mesh organization pockets
  • Attaches to your belt and tucks into your waistband
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable mesh back panel
  • Durable and lightweight nylon ripstop
  • Can be difficult to access on the go
  • Minimal internal storage options
  • Must be attached via a belt

The Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Hidden Pocket is a unique wearable wallet in that it is stored inside your trousers.

Simply attach one of the two belt attachments (one black, one brown) to camouflage the hidden pocket to your regular belt. When it’s secure, flip the pocket around and stow it in your waistband - a genius idea, although it can be difficult to access once arranged.

Inside the pocket, there are two mesh pockets to aid in organization. There’s plenty of room for cash, cards, your passport, and your smartphone. It’s best suited to adventure travelers exploring places that may not have the best safety reputation.

5. Bellroy Travel Wallet

Best Luxury Travel Wallet

Bellroy Travel Wallet
  • Type: Document holder
  • Material: Leather/RFID
  • Capacity: Passport, 10 cards, cash, micro pen
  • RFID Blocking: Yes
  • Other Features: Hidden cash compartment, premium quality materials and design, micro pen included
  • Premium, environmentally certified leather
  • Five colors available (Black, Ocean, Everglade, Cocoa, and Caramel)
  • Micro travel pen (with refills) included
  • 3-year warranty
  • High price point
  • Not a waterproof design

The Bellroy Travel Wallet is a great pick for those searching for a luxury passport-hiding experience.

The premium, environmentally certified leather - available in five different colors - offers a sleek and stylish design that’s perfect for business travel. Inside the wallet, there’s enough space for 10 cards, a passport, cash, and even a micro pen (included).

A 3-year guarantee is offered on the Bellroy travel wallet - a relief after considering the price tag. The cost is the only major downside, but it’s a premium product that you’ll receive for the premium price.

6. FlipBelt Classic Running Belt

Best for Active Nomads

FlipBelt Classic Running Belt
  • Type: Belt wallet
  • Material: Micropoly (92%), Lycra (8%)
  • Capacity: Smartphone, headphones, snacks, cash, cards, keys
  • RFID Blocking: No
  • Other Features: Internal key hook, flat seam (anti-chafe), moisture-wicking
  • Multiple sizes to fit all (XXS-XXL)
  • Anti-chafe (flat seams and moisture-wicking materials)
  • Snug, comfortable fit for walking, jogging, or hiking
  • Four openings to fit all your valuables
  • Does not offer RFID blocking
  • May ride up if the wrong size is purchased

Designed for running, walking, and hiking - the FlipBelt Classic Running Belt is the best overall hidden travel wallet for active nomads.

The moisture-wicking design is full of clever features that runners will love. A flat seam construction prevents chafing, an internal hook helps secure keys and four separate internal pockets are great for organizing your valuables before heading out the door.

Although the belt is designed for moderate activity, there’s no reason it can’t be used as a day-to-day travel wallet. Do, however, note that there is no passport pocket or RFID-blocking tech used.

How We Chose Our Picks

Comfort (Breathable Materials and Adjustable Straps)

For wearable travel wallets, comfort is a priority for us. An uncomfortable wallet will spend the trip in one place and one place only - in your rucksack. We’ve searched for the most comfortable travel wallets with a focus on materials and adjustability to find the perfect fit.


It’s important to choose a travel wallet that’s large enough to carry all of your valuables. Set aside everything you hope to store to gain a good idea of the size that you’ll need. Common packables include passports, phones, bank cards, cash, etc.

The more that you pack into a wearable travel wallet, the harder it is to conceal. If you’re hoping to hide wallets, cameras, etc. it’s best to invest in a non-wearable. Wearables are best suited to slender, lightweight items (passports, cash, bank cards, mobile phone).

Additional Security Features

Additional security features, such as an RFID-blocking lining, offer peace of mind when traveling in a population-dense area. Store credit cards and IDs and prevent unexpected card activation when out and about.

Hidden pockets are always handy - but can be cumbersome with wearable wallets. These are particularly good for storing jewelry, but everyone has different valuables and preferences!

Water resistance

Water resistance works in two ways for hidden travel wallets. On rainy days, a permeable travel wallet can lead to a soggy passport - a real recipe for disaster.

But for wearable travel wallets, sweat resistance can be just as big of a problem on super warm or active days. An uncomfortable, sweaty stomach can cause damp passport problems just as easily as a torrential downpour. A combination of sweat-wicking and waterproof characteristics is the gold standard for travel wallets.

Ready To Keep Your Valuable Safe While Traveling?

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