Bahamas Digital Nomad Visa: Requirements and Application

The Bahamas is a tropical escape on the earth. If you have ever dreamt of living in the Caribbean, the Bahamas could be the ideal place to work remotely.

Due to the convenient time zone, it can be a great digital nomad destination for Americans who need to keep in touch with clients based in the USA and South America. Moreover, it's not so far from Miami and the US coast.

With its crystal clear water and stunning beaches, the Bahamas can generally appeal to everyone who loves the ocean.

Are 16 major islands to enjoy (some with swimming pigs!) not a great reason to move there, after all?

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Do The Bahamas Have a Digital Nomad Visa?

More and more people are quitting busy and chaotic cities and choosing life as location independents. Working from abroad is a lifestyle that young or old freelancers embrace, no matter their social status.

Two years ago, the Bahamas launched the Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (BEATS), which allows workers to work remotely from any of the country’s 16 islands for up to 12 months.

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Bahamas Digital Nomad Visa Overview

There is no minimum length of stay required for a BEATS permit.

Citizens from the USA, Canada, the EU, and Britain do not need an additional travel permit.

Many countries require a basic sum of money to move. You don't need to have a minimum income to move to the Bahamas, but it is preferred to have a monthly income to support the cost of living on the island.

Covid-19 has opened new opportunities to remote workers, and some countries could improve their economies. The Bahamas' economy mainly centers on tourism, and foreign travelers are welcome.

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Who Can Apply for BEATS?

The Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay allows foreign professionals to work in the Bahamas for up to one year.

Like many other visas for Digital Nomads, the applicants can renew their visas twice. The permanence can last for a total of up to 3 years, during which time the holder can enjoy and experience the Caribbean wonderland.

If needed, the worker can bring their family, paying additional fees.

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How to Apply for BEATS

It is quite easy to apply for: everything can be done online!

And by following this link, you can easily access the application in real-time.

List of Documents Required for Applying for BEATS

  • A color copy of a valid passport
  • Proof of medical insurance for the primary applicant and all dependents
  • A job letter (from their current employer) or proof of self-employment
  • Other documents may be required
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How Much Does BEATS Cost?

Professionals will be required to pay both an application and a permit fee, which will cost an individual applicant a total of $1,025.

Individual Applicants

  • Application Fee: $25 per applicant
  • Permit Fee: $1,000

Family Applicants

  • Application Fee - $25 per applicant and $25 for each dependent
  • Permit Fee - 1,000 USD per applicant and $500 for each dependent

All fees quoted are in Bahamian currency

NOTE: Married Couples must submit separate applications if both parties intend to work from The Bahamas. However, only one of these applicants must apply on behalf of mutual dependents.

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Timeline For Applying For BEATS

The Bahamas Immigration Office will approve all application forms submitted for the BEATS permit.

If the application is approved, the applicant will receive a confirmation email with instructions for submitting their application and permit fee.

After successful payment is received, the applicant will receive a confirmation QR code to show upon arrival.

Approval can take up to 5 days.

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What If I’m Not Eligible For BEATS?

Other Caribbean Islands are offering remote work visas:

  • Barbados - The Barbados Welcome Stamp.
  • Antigua e Barbuda – Antigua Nomad Digital Residence.
  • Bermuda – Work from Bermuda Certificate.
  • Cayman Islands – Global Citizen Concierge Program.
  • Anguilla- Work from Anguilla.
  • Montserrat – Monserrat Remote Work Stamp.
  • Dominica – Work in Nature.
  • Curaçao – @Home in Curaçao.
  • Grenada – Grenada Digital Nomad Visa.
  • St Lucia – Live It.

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The alternative could be to work from another country and have access to the Caribbean Sea:

  • Costa Rica – Rentista & Digital Nomad Visa
  • Panama – Short Stay Visa for remote Workers.
  • Mexico – Temporary Resident Visa.

You could also enter as a simple foreign tourist as no visa is required for three to eight months stays if you are from Europe, the UK, the USA, Australia, and South America. A valid passport for the whole period must be the main requirement.

On the contrary, if you are a citizen from another country, you must apply for a visa valid for three months and have a valid passport too.

All visa applicants must own a valid passport with more than six months remaining and a return ticket.

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Benefits of Working as a Digital Nomad in The Bahamas

One of the advantages is certainly internet speed. Average Internet speeds for fixed broadband are, in fact, around 66 Mbps.

The Bahamas has a total of 5 coworking spaces which all can be found in the capital Nassau on New Providence Island.

The Bahamas also has a robust healthcare system. Hospital centers and doctor’s offices are all around the island.


Paying Taxes as a Digital Nomad in the Bahamas

One of the most attractive things making the Bahamas well-liked by Digital Nomads is that the country doesn’t require you to pay income or capital gain taxes. However, you must pay VAT when you purchase some goods and services.

It also means foreign citizens are not required to pay any income taxes, capital gain taxes, taxes on inheritance, or gifts.

However, you need a high income to live in the Bahamas as it is one of the most expensive countries in the world in terms of the cost of living.

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Are You Ready To Live and Work in The Bahamas?

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