The real cost of getting sick

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Hey Freaking Nomad Fam,

Luca here, snuggled under a blanket with a steaming cup of green tea beside me. Why the cozy scene? Well, I've caught a nasty cold. And let me tell you, it's been one heck of a week.

One thing about being a digital nomad that they don't show you on Instagram?

Sometimes, you get sick in a foreign city, and the gig doesn’t stop.

We're talking sneezes, a foggy head, and yet, that deadline keeps creeping closer.

Now, you’d think, "Why not just take a day off?" And I wish it was that simple. It’s not always about the understanding client or employer; sometimes it’s about the cashflow. Being under the weather and realizing you can’t afford a sick day? That’s tough.

But here's the real deal: If rent's due, those flight tickets need to be paid and you’re short on cash, you’ve got to pull yourself together and face the screen, no matter how much your head's pounding.

So, what can we do to avoid this?

  1. Emergency Savings: It's a lifesaver. Literally. Having a little cushion can make all the difference. Start small if you have to. A few bucks aside every month can accumulate, giving you the comfort to rest up without stressing about the bills.
  2. Communication: Keep the dialogue open with clients or employers. Most are understanding and might even offer an extension. The key is to be transparent about the situation.
  3. Self-Care: This isn’t just a buzzword. If you're feeling off, slow down. Find a quiet spot, drink fluids, and catch up on sleep. Your health comes first. Always.
  4. Local Remedies: Every place has its own healing secrets. Here in Sofia, I’ve been introduced to some local teas and honey. They might not replace meds, but they sure do the job.

Remember, while the hustle is real, so is life. It throws curveballs, like a cold in a new city. And while the journey of a digital nomad is full of adventures, it’s also packed with real challenges. The key? Be prepared and always prioritize your well-being.

Wishing you good health and even better travels,

Luca 🍵

P.S. What are your tips to deal with sick days as a digital nomad? Hit reply and we'll share your thoughts with the community on Instagram! 🌍🎒

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