Use this hack to stop negative thoughts

Hey friends,

Let's be honest, the digital nomad lifestyle, for all its freedoms, can also be a breeding ground for self-doubt. Whether it's feeling anxious about your future, questioning your career path, or comparing your perfectly curated Instagram feed to someone else's, negativity can creep in and steal our sunshine.

This happened to me while visiting Berlin recently. I was supposed to be exploring a new city, but instead, I found myself glued to my laptop, stressed about work and unhappy about recent results. My confidence took a huge nosedive, and a little voice in my head started whispering doubts.

I even felt a bit guilty about taking time off work to go explore Berlin 🤦

So, what's a freaking nomad to do? Well, there's a hack that's genuinely helped me in the past to shift my perspective and quiet those annoying negative thoughts: externalize the negativity!

Science backs this up too – a study from UCLA found that naming our emotions reduces activity in the brain, making it easier to manage our feelings. This survey also revealed that 75% of people who practice emotional labeling feel more in control of their emotions.

So, instead of getting sucked into the vortex of my own mind, I started giving those negative thoughts a voice and a name. I called them Nevaeh (I read once it was one of the most hated names in the world - lol!). Once I acknowledged Nevaeh and her negativity, I started to talk back.

"Hey Nevaeh," I said, "that's a pretty negative take. What's a more realistic way to look at this?"

I did the same in Berlin and guess what? Nevaeh didn't hold much power when I started acknowledging and talking back to her. This simple act created a much-needed distance between myself and my thoughts, allowing me to see them for what they are – just thoughts, not truths.

Of course, this hack isn't a magic bullet, but it's a tool I always keep in my mental backpack and I highly recommend giving it a try. So, here's to a productive and inspiring week filled with positive vibes and clear thinking!

Stay adventurous (and positive),

Irene Lidia

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