Airalo North America Review: Best eSIM for Travelers in North America?

Are you planning a trip across North America but wondering how to stay connected as you travel?

As a digital nomad, having a reliable internet connection is crucial, whether you're working from a cozy cafe in New York, a beach condo in Playa del Carmen, or a mountain cabin in Canada.

That's where eSIM technology comes in, allowing you to access uninterrupted connectivity during your trip to North America.

Among the options available, Airalo's North America eSIM is an interesting option as it offers seamless connectivity across Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

But is this Airalo's regional eSIM as good as people say?

In this article, we'll explore its features, pricing, and performance based on our personal experience using this eSIM to help you decide if it's the right investment for your next trip to the US, Canada, Mexico, or a mix of all of them!

What is Airalo eSIM?

Airalo banner

You can think of Airalo eSIM as a massive online store for buying eSIMs in over 200 countries worldwide.

Trusted by over 5 million people worldwide, Airalo is a top player in the eSIM industry and it's considered by many one of the best eSIM providers.

It offers a wide range of data plans tailored to various needs, whether you're traveling to a single country, exploring an entire continent, or even globetrotting around the world.

Airalo Local, Regional, and Global eSIMs

How Do Airalo eSIMs Work?

We've personally relied on Airalo eSIMs during numerous international trips, and we've experienced firsthand how these small bits of tech can make a big difference.

When you buy an eSIM from Airalo, they send you a QR code and give you instructions on how to install the eSIM on your phone.

When you arrive in the country you are traveling to, simply activate the eSIM on your device using the QR code or simply follow the instructions on their app, and voila, you're connected!

How Airalo works

Airalo North America eSIM: What's in the Offer?

Airalo North American eSIM plans

Among the 7 regional plans offered by Airalo, the Airalo North America eSIM stands out as a top choice for digital nomads traveling across the continent.

It's designed to keep you connected while visiting multiple countries in North America in a single trip, all without breaking the bank.

Here's what Airalo's North America eSIM brings to the table:

  • Broad Coverage: Airalo North America eSIM covers Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
  • Affordability: Not only does Airalo offer comprehensive coverage, but its eSIM plans are also competitively priced with no hidden fees.
  • Instant Connectivity: Once activated, the eSIM provides immediate connection to the local network, ensuring you're online without any delays.
  • Top-Up Option: If you run out of data, there's no need to buy a new plan. Airalo eSIMs come with a top-up option, allowing you to add more data as needed.
  • Round-the-Clock Support: Airalo's 24/7 customer support is always there to help you, be it through live chat or other channels.

Purchasing Process

With its impressive features, we decided to put the Airalo North America eSIM to the test during our own trip across the continent.

And we were really impressed with how easy it was to purchase our eSIM!

We bought the Airalo North America eSIM on the Airalo app, though you could do the same by using their website.

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The plan options were clearly organized by travel duration. Since we were staying for 2 months, we easily chose their largest package and added it to our cart.

We were then directed to a secure page, where we provided our payment details. The steps were clearly outlined, which made the checkout process quick and stress-free.

Airalo North America Purchase

Installation and activation process

But how easy was to install and activate our Airalo North America eSIM? In a word, effortless!

After receiving confirmation that we purchased our eSIM, the app automatically redirected us to the installation process. With just a few taps of a button, we were able to download and install our eSIM profile on our phones.

Apart from direct app-based installation, Airalo also provides QR code and manual setup options. So, if you're not a fan of the direct approach or need to install your eSIM on a secondary device, Airalo has got you covered. Simply scan the QR code or follow the manual instructions sent to get connected in no time!

The activation process was as straightforward as the installation. All we had to do was go to our phone's settings, turn on our Airalo North America eSIM from the available cellular plans, and just like that we were connected!

Pro tip: For a smooth eSIM installation and activation, a strong internet connection is crucial. Airports often offer reliable Wi-Fi, making them an ideal location. Take a few minutes before leaving the airport to install and activate your Airalo North America eSIM.
Airalo North America Installation and Activation

If you'd rather visualize this process, watch the instructional video below on how to install your Airalo eSIM on your iOS device:

For those on the Android side of things, the video below will guide you through the process:

Using Airalo North America eSIM: Our experience

Airalo North America eSIM

So far everything looks great with Airalo North America eSIM.

But the real question is – how is its speed and performance when put to the test?

The results are interesting:

Country Speed Connection details
United States 54.97 Mbps/19.61 Mbps Consistent across major cities and towns
Mexico 20.44 Mbps/16.19 Mbps Stable in urban areas, variable in remote regions

Pretty impressive, right?

The only time we experienced fluctuations was in remote areas within the southern Mexico, specifically within the Oaxaca region. However, considering Airalo relies on local providers, this was expected and in line with general mobile internet performance in the region.

Unfortunately, we didn't personally test the eSIM in Canada as our travels didn't take us there. However, based on online reviews and feedback from other travelers, this eSIM is highly recommended for its exceptional performance, offering consistent and high-speed connectivity across the board.

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Airalo Loyalty Program

The Airalo Loyalty Program is a fantastic addition to the Airalo North America eSIM experience.

For every purchase you make, you earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on future eSIM plans. You accumulate points every time you travel, and before you know it, you'll have enough to get a substantial discount on your next eSIM.

This is particularly beneficial for digital nomads and frequent travelers, making the Airalo North America eSIM an even more attractive option for staying connected while on the move.

Pros and Cons of Airalo's North America eSIM

So, should you pick Airalo as your eSIM when traveling to North America?

Let's look at the pros and cons of Airalo North America eSIM you should consider before making a purchase:

Airalo North America eSIM

Pros and cons:

  • Wide coverage across Canada, USA and Mexico
  • Easy checkout with payment protection
  • Automatic eSIM card activation
  • A user-friendly app that is easy to use while traveling
  • Solid 24/7 support and customer service
  • Good performance and speeds in covered countries
  • Competitive prices with no fees
  • Airalo Loyalty Program for additional benefits
  • Affected by the same coverage issues that local providers face
  • No live chat support
  • No local phone number included
  • No unlimited data plans

The reality is that the majority of the drawbacks are industry-related and not specific to Airalo. In our opinion, the pros of the Airalo's North America eSIM far outweigh any cons. This is what sets them apart as one of the top eSIM providers to consider for your North America adventure.

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Airalo North America eSIM Pricing and Packages

If you are considering purchasing their North America eSIM packages, you are probably wondering how much they cost. Here are the prices you can expect:

eSIM Validity Data Allowance and Calls Price
7 days 1 GB $6.50
15 days 2 GB $12
30 days 3 GB $17
30 days 5 GB $25.50
30 days 10 GB $46

All these plans are data-only plans, meaning that they do not include any local calls or SMS.

If you are someone who relies heavily on data for communication, work, or streaming, these plans offer the possibility to top up your data allowance as you go.

Please bear in mind that these are the prices at the time of writing. For more up to date information on Airalo North America eSIM pricing and packges, visit the Airalo website.

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In which countries does Airalo North America eSIM work?

The Airalo North America eSIM is designed to provide digital nomads with comprehensive coverage across the major countries of the North American continent. Specifically, the eSIM offers connectivity in the following countries:

  • United States: As one of the primary destinations in North America, the United States is fully covered by Airalo's eSIM, ensuring remote workers can stay connected whether they're exploring bustling cities or serene national parks.
  • Mexico: Whether you're lounging on the beaches of Cancun or exploring the rich history of Mexico City, Airalo's eSIM ensures you remain connected throughout your Mexican adventure.
  • Canada: Although we didn't personally test the eSIM in Canada, it's worth noting that the Airalo North America eSIM provides coverage here as well. Online reviews and feedback from other travelers indicate that the eSIM performs exceptionally well in Canada, offering consistent and high-speed connectivity.

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What networks does Airalo North America eSIM use?

Country Local Network Providers Airalo Relies On
Canada Bell, Telus, Rogers
Mexico Movistar, Telcel
United States T-Mobile, Verizon

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So, Is Airalo North America eSIM Worth The Hype?

It's safe to say that the Airalo North America eSIM truly lives up to the hype.

Its broad coverage across key North American countries and consistent high-speed connectivity make it an indispensable tool for digital nomads.

Whether you're catching up on work emails in a bustling city or sharing your latest adventures on social media from a serene national park, the Airalo North America eSIM ensures that you're always connected.

In a world where staying connected is not just a convenience, but a necessity, the Airalo North America eSIM stands as a must-have for every modern traveler.

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