Best Disposable Travel Underwear: Men's and Women's Top Picks

A few weeks ago, during a trek through the stunning landscapes of Dominican Republic, I ran into an unexpected scenario: finding laundry facilities turned out to be way more challenging than I'd expected. As each day passed, my excitement of waking up to new tropical vistas was spoiled by my shrinking supply of clean underwear.

It was during one of my searches for laundry facilities that I met another traveler. To my shock, she informed me that laundry facilities were literally nonexistent in the area. So I shared my laundry predicament, asking how she was dealing with the situation. That's when she recommended something unconventional yet practical: disposable underwear.

You read that right. We're talking about undies designed to be worn once and tossed, perfect for those trips where laundry access is off the radar. And while my problem wasn't solved on that trip, you can bet I made sure I had them on my next adventurous trek.

In this guide, we'll spill the beans on the top disposable underwear for both women and men, along with some useful tips on using and packing them like a pro. You won't be caught off-guard like I was, instead, you'll be in the know like that savvy traveler who handed me this invaluable advice.

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Top Women's Disposable Underwear for Travel

  • Image: /content/images/2024/03/underworks-disposable-underwear-1.webp
  • Title: Underworks Disposable Underwear
  • Description: Best Overall
  • Target: 1-underworks-disposable-underwear-best-overall-for-women
  • Price: 29.88
  • Link:
  • Image: /content/images/2024/04/starly-disposable-underwear-best-briefs.webp
  • Title: Starly Disposable Underwear
  • Description: Best Briefs
  • Target: 2-starly-disposable-underwear-best-briefs
  • Price: 14.99
  • Link:
  • Image: /content/images/2024/03/nudies-disposable-underwear.webp
  • Title: Nudies Disposable Underwear
  • Description: Most Stylish
  • Target: 3-nudies-disposable-underwear-most-stylish
  • Price: 29.99
  • Link:

1. Underworks Disposable Underwear: Best Overall for Women

Underworks Disposable Underwear for Travel for Women

Let me introduce you to the new MVP of my travel essentials: Underworks Disposable Underwear. Now, I know what you might be thinking – disposable underwear sounds like a compromise on comfort. But hear me out.

Underworks doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality. These undies are so comfortable, that you'll forget they're designed for one-time use. They feel just like your trusty cotton favorites, minus the hassle of washing. And no, these aren’t the kind you worry will fall apart at the slightest stretch. Each pair is individually wrapped, which means slipping a few extra into your bag will be a walk in the park.

In terms of price, they're a tad pricier than your average disposable option, but the blend of comfort and convenience they offer? Worth it, we promise.

Key Features

  • Size: Small to 2X-Large
  • Color: Black and White
  • Material: 100% Cotton

Pros and cons:

  • Feels like normal underwear
  • Surprisingly sturdy
  • Each piece is independently packaged
  • Great for traveling, camping, hiking, or everyday use
  • You'll pay a little more for the good stuff, but totally worth it

Price: $29.88

2. Starly Disposable Underwear: Best Briefs

Starly Disposable Underwear for Women

We all have that one pair of not-so-glamorous period undies tucked away, right? It's just a part of life. Think of Starly Disposable Underwear as the travel-savvy cousin of those not-so-cute but oh-so-necessary period cotton panties. They're the travel accessories you pack when you know your period plans to join your travel itinerary, especially at the most inconvenient times. So, as you're packing your disposable travel undies in your bag, pack a few of these, trust us.

They may not be the choice for a hot date (definitely not), but on that long haul when comfort and reliability trump everything else (think of that 10-hour-long bus ride through Southeast Asia), you'll be thanking your lucky stars for these disposables.

Key Features

  • Size: Small to 3X-Large
  • Color: White, Black, Multicolor
  • Material: 100% Cotton

Pros and cons:

  • Super comfy and suitable for most figures
  • True-to-size with lots of sizing options
  • Individual wrapping is a lifesaver on the go
  • They won't make the cover of Vogue anytime soon

Price: $14.99 - $19.99

3. Nudies Disposable Underwear: Most Stylish

Nudies Disposable Underwear for Travel for Women

If you want to keep your travel light and eco-friendly (but also not compromise on looking and feeling good), Nudies Disposable Underwear is your best pick. Unlike other disposable undies options that pretty much announce their one-time-use status, Nudies has a cute bikini cut that you’d actually want to be seen in. They come with another bonus: you can wash and wear them a few times (so extra points for eco-friendliness).

Not only will they save you from the dreaded laundry day more than once, but thanks to their 100% biodegradability, you can feel good about your environmental footprint. Just a friendly tip: the Nudies tend to run a bit small, so if you’re hovering between sizes, go a size up.

Key Features

  • Size: X-Small to 2X-Large
  • Color: White, Black, Nude
  • Material: 100% Cotton

Pros and cons:

  • Cute AF low-rise bikini cut
  • Can be washed and worn multiple times
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Run slightly small, so size up if you're unsure

Price: $29.99

Top Men's Disposable Underwear for Travel

  • Image: /content/images/2024/04/underworks-disposable-underwear-for-men.webp
  • Title: Underworks Disposable Underwear
  • Description: Best Overall
  • Target: 1-underworks-disposable-underwear-best-overall-for-men
  • Price: 29.88
  • Link:
  • Image: /content/images/2024/03/husviuxin-disposable-underwear.webp
  • Title: Husviuxin Disposable Underwear
  • Description: Best Fit
  • Target: 2-husviuxin-disposable-underwear-best-fit
  • Price: 18.99
  • Link:
  • Image: /content/images/2024/03/noverlife-disposable-underwear.webp
  • Title: Noverlife Disposable Underwear
  • Description: Best Boxer Shorts
  • Target: 3-noverlife-disposable-underwear-best-boxer-shorts
  • Price: 17.99
  • Link:

1. Underworks Disposable Underwear: Best Overall for Men

Underworks Disposable Underwear for Men

Yes, disposable underwear is also for men. And when it comes to the best overall underwear for men, Underworks not only delivers for women, they make the best disposable underwear for men, too!

With a fly opening and a cozy waistband that keeps everything in place, you won't have to deal with uncomfortable bunching like with other options. The cotton material is another bonus, making Underworks a surprisingly breathable option, perfect for those long days on the road. They may cost a bit more, but the quality is totally worth the investment!

Key Features

  • Size: Small to 2X-Large
  • Color: Black and White
  • Material: 100% Cotton

Pros and cons:

  • Convenient fly opening
  • Comfortable, breathable cotton fabric
  • Individually roll-folded and wrapped
  • Lightweight and easily packable
  • Higher price tag for higher qualitye

Price: $29.88

2. Husviuxin Disposable Underwear: Best Fit

Husviuxin Disposable Underwear for Travel for Men

For those days when your itinerary is as unpredictable as the weather, Husviuxin Disposable Underwear is a real find. The standout feature is the elastic waistband, which stretches comfortably and is exactly what you'll need while you’re navigating through crowded city streets or heading for a hike. They come with a double-layered design too, offering that extra bit of reassurance when you're far from your home comforts.

A word of advice on the sizing: they seem to tend to run small, so we recommend checking their sizing chart closely before purchasing.

Key Features

  • Size: Small to Large
  • Color: Whiter
  • Material: 100% Cotton

Pros and cons:

  • Elastic belt for a flexible fit
  • Durable enough for some reuse
  • Independent sealed package
  • Double-layered guard protects against leakage
  • Sizing may run small

Price: $18.99

3. Noverlife Disposable Underwear: Best Boxer Shorts

Noverlife Disposable Underwear for Travel for Men

For those who prefer a bit more freedom and comfort, especially on those endless flights or days when you're constantly on the move, Noverlife's disposable boxer shorts are the best. Unlike the usual briefs that can feel a bit restrictive, these boxers offer plenty of room, guaranteeing comfort no matter how long you're seated or how active you are.

The design includes a practical fly opening and an elastic waistband that ensures a snug, but not tight, fit around the waist. It's a good mix of features that really makes a difference in wearability and convenience.

Something to keep in mind: if you find yourself hesitating between sizes, opting for the larger one can be a wise choice. A little extra space goes a long way in comfort!

Key Features

  • Size: One size
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Non-woven fabric

Pros and cons:

  • Roomier boxer short style
  • Fly opening and elastic waistband for a snug fit
  • Individually wrapped for easy transport
  • One-size-fits-most might not be perfect for everyone, so consider sizing up if you're on the fence

Price: $17.99

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How to Use Disposable Underwear

Disposable underwear for women

Navigating the world of disposable underwear might seem straightforward, and for the most part, it is. But you can agree that even the simplest of things can be optimized with a few pro tips, right? Now that we've shared out best picks, let us share with you our pro guide on how to actually use this innovative underwear and ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

1. Get the right fit

Just like searching for the perfect pair of jeans, the search for the right fit in disposable underwear is crucial. You don't want something too tight or too loose. So, instead of going for the size you think will fit, pay attention to those size charts! We've generally seen that sizing up is always a good idea, especially if you're in between sizes.

2. Slip them on, just like always

This part's easy: wear them as you would wear any other underwear. Even though we're talking about disposable underwear, many come with the same features like fly openings for men, so you won't even feel the difference.

3. Toss them when they're done

Disposable underwear is mostly intended for a one-and-done use, although some brands do offer options sturdy enough for multiple wears and even washes. The best part of it is that when it's time to toss them, you're also saying goodbye to laundry day hassles!

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How to Pack Disposable Underwear

Packed up backpack with underwear

Packing for a trip can feel a bit like playing Tetris with your belongings, doesn't it? Every square inch counts, especially when you're trying to keep things light, so packing smart can really make a difference in how your trip goes. That's where disposable underwear comes in handy.

Here's a simple guide to packing them like a pro:

Individual wrapping for the win

There's something incredibly satisfying about those individually wrapped pairs of disposable underwear. You know how it usually goes: you're trying to find something in your suitcase and end up having to unpack half of it in the process. But with these, everything stays neat and organized. Just reach in, grab a pair, and you're good to go.

Stash them where you need them

Since they don't take up space and you never know when you're going to need a new pair, make sure you scatter a few pairs across all your bags — your carry-on and even your daily backpack or purse. It's one of those tips you might not think about until your luggage takes a different flight than you.

It's not just for travel

If you're thinking disposable undies are just good for travelers, think again. Take a weekend camping in the wilderness, where laundry options are as rare as cell service. Or those long hikes, where a fresh change can feel as refreshing as the view from the summit. Even during hospital stays, where comfort is key but laundry is a logistical nightmare. As you can see, they're quite handy in way more scenarios than just traveling!

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FAQ: Your Disposable Underwear Questions Answered

Why would I use disposable underwear for travel?

Disposable underwear is perfect for when you want to ditch the stress of laundry while traveling. No more cramming undies into your suitcase or hunting for a laundromat! It gives you more space, and it's always good to have a backup for those travel surprises, like unexpected spills or a delayed flight. Plus, if you're headed for a camping trip or trek where laundry is out of the question, disposables are a lifesaver.

What materials are used for disposable underwear?

Most disposable underwear is made from breathable materials like cotton or non-woven fabrics. Some brands like Nudies Disposable Underwear even offer biodegradable options for a more eco-friendly choice!

Are disposable underwear as comfortable as regular underwear?

While it depends on the brand, many disposable options like Underworks Disposable Underwear for Women and Underworks Disposable Underwear for Men are surprisingly comfy (sometimes even comfier than regular undies!) Look for soft, breathable fabrics and choose the right size for a good fit.

How absorbent is disposable underwear?

The absorbency level varies. Some are designed for light leaks or everyday use, while others offer heavier protection (these are great for periods!). Always check the product description to find the right level for your needs.

Are disposable underwear environmentally friendly?

Traditionally, not so much. But there's good news! More brands like Nudies Disposable Underwear are popping up with biodegradable and compostable options.

Is there a difference between disposable underwear for men and women?

Absolutely! The cuts and designs are tailored specifically. Men's options often include a fly opening, while women's might offer different styles like briefs, bikinis, or high-waisted options.

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