Mazunte (Mexico) for Digital Nomads: The Ultimate Travel and Remote Work Guide

If small-town town vibes and a relaxed pace of life are more your style than the chaos of big cities, you might just fall in love with Mexico’s Pacific coast. Leave behind the Caribbean’s high-energy scenes: here, it’s all about embracing the slower side of life—think beach bonfires and cozy bar nights where street musicians blend tunes with expats and locals, all sharing stories and laughs.

I've lived the digital nomad life in Mazunte myself, and I'd choose it again in a heartbeat—though perhaps not for the long haul. It's not for everyone, and I'll be upfront about why. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the pros and cons of this chilled-out town, a magnet for backpackers and a place that feels instantly like home.

Where is Mazunte?

Positioned not far from the buzzing Puerto Escondido, Mazunte offers a stark contrast with its tranquil environment and close-knit community vibe (it counted only 700 inhabitants in 2005). Here's what you need to know if you're considering it as your next stop as a digital nomad.

The Pros and Cons of Living in Mazunte as a Digital Nomad

Vintage van in Mazunte, Mexico
Vintage van in Mazunte, Mexico (Photo credits: @unaelenaerrante)

Historically a haven for backpackers and those wishing to escape the corporate grind, Mazunte is now catching the eye of digital nomads. But keep in mind that it's not the perfect fit for everyone. Let's dive into what makes it both appealing and challenging as a potential base for remote work.

The Pros of Living in Mazunte as a Digital Nomad

Let's start by spilling the tea on the aspects that do attract digital nomads, especially European nomads, to Mazunte.

1. Affordability

We all know that prices carry their weight in picking our next digital nomad destination. And the good news here is that living in Mazunte won't break your bank. It's significantly more affordable compared to other coastal towns. The simplicity of life here doesn't just help your wallet—it also encourages a minimalist, stress-free lifestyle. But be warned, "affordable" also means "basic." My tip? Always check out accommodations in person if possible, or book online with a reliable platform to avoid unpleasant surprises.

2. The beaches

Mazunte is home to two main beaches: Playa Rinconcito and Playa Mermejita. Playa Rinconcito pulses with life, lined with bars and eateries, frequented by both locals and travelers. It's located right at the end of the main street and it's the most crowded. Here you'll find street vendors and two small equipped beaches with umbrellas and sun loungers. If you're after a quieter spot, Playa Mermejita offers a serene retreat, perfect for sunsets and solitude. It's my favorite because it's exactly the opposite of the main one and easily reachable on foot. Keep in mind, though, that the ocean on both beaches is wild, making swimming a bit challenging with the high waves.

3. Laid-back vibe

One of Mazunte's biggest draws is its welcoming atmosphere, it thrives on its close-knit community vibe. Within a week, you'll likely recognize faces, join community gatherings, and find your favorite local spots—from the best spot on the beach to the coolest bar for a work session with a cold drink. The town's social fabric makes it easy to feel connected, even as a newcomer, which is a major plus as a digital nomad.

The Cons of Living in Mazunte as a Digital Nomad

Mazunte offers a unique slice of the Pacific coast of Mexico, perfect for those seeking a quieter, more serene lifestyle away from the city buzz. But it's not without its challenges, especially for digital nomads reliant on stable internet and a variety of nightlife options.

1. Unreliable internet

Let's cut to the chase—Mazunte isn't going to win any awards for connectivity. The internet here can be hit or miss, heavily dependent on where you choose to stay. During the rainy season, expect frequent disruptions due to thunderstorms. In the high season, while the weather improves, your Wi-Fi fate still hangs on your accommodation’s capabilities. If you're using programs like WordPress, Zoom, and Gmail you won't have big problems. But for heavier downloads or streaming, double-check the Wi-Fi speed before you book for extended stays. In some apartments, like the one I lived in, the internet worked perfectly even for watching Netflix or various downloads.

2. Cash is king

Don't even think about paying with your credit card, you'll need to handle most of your transactions in cash. While a few places might accept cards, they are the exception. The local ATMs are notorious for being out of service or unsafe, leading many to lose money. Your best bet? Take a short ride to Pochutla to access reliable banking services at Banco Azteca, or exchange your euros for pesos at trusted spots in Mazunte.

3. Subdued nightlife

If your idea of a good time includes vibrant club scenes and all-night parties, Mazunte might let you down. The nightlife here is understated, often discovered through word-of-mouth or the occasional flyer. However, if you’re into laid-back gatherings, like the DIY parties at local skate parks where everyone brings something to share, you’ll find your groove. For more lively scenes, head over to Zipolite, known for its more active nightlife and unique beach parties.

How to Get to Mazunte

Street vendor on the beach in Mazunte, Mexico
Street vendor on the beach in Mazunte (Photo credits: @unaelenaerrante)

Mazunte is part of the "La Costa Chica Oaxaqueña" or "Riviera Oaxaqueña," which is well-connected by various local transport options including collectivos and minibusses. Most tourists tend to visit for a day or two before moving on. Here's how to reach Maxunte from Mexico City, Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido or Pochutla.

From Mexico City

The best route is to fly into Huatulco or Puerto Escondido. From these airports, you can either catch a direct taxi or, if you need a more budget-friendly option, jump on a collectivo bound for Mazunte.

From Oaxaca

There are no direct flights from Oaxaca, so your best option is a bus or private shuttle to Pochutla, Huatulco, or Puerto Escondido. Be prepared for a long journey through winding mountain roads—bring anything that might make the ride more comfortable.

From Puerto Escondido or Huatulco

These well-loved coastal towns are gateways to Mazunte and offer frequent and reliable collectivo or van services directly to the village. Locating a departure point is straightforward, and soon you'll find yourself en route to the tranquil beaches and relaxed atmosphere of Mazunte.

Transportation and How to Get Around in Mazunte

Colorful signs in Mazunte, Mexico
Colorful signs in Mazunte (Photo credits: @unaelenaerrante)

Mazunte is compact and totally walkable. There are three main streets to know about: Paseo del Mazunte is the main drag, filled with bars, restaurants, and local shops—it's where you'll likely spend most of your time. Then there's Calle del Rinconcito, which leads straight to the Rinconcito Beach and is dotted with eateries and bakeries. Last but not least, Camino a Mermejita branches off from Calle del Rinconcito and it's your gateway to Playa Mermejita and some of the best sunset views in town.

If you're up for a bit more of a walk, Playa San Agustinillo is just a 10-minute trek away. It's close enough to be convenient but just far enough to feel like a little adventure.

For venturing beyond Mazunte, scooters are a popular rental choice—they give you the freedom to explore at your own pace. Collectivos are also an option, they're frequent, cheap, and a great way to meet locals and other travelers.

The Best Accommodation Options in Mazunte

Apartment in Mazunte, Mexico
Apartment in Mazunte (Photo credits: @unaelenaerrante)

Here's the real talk on accommodation: your choice can make or break your stay, especially if you need reliable internet. Mazunte isn’t big on coliving or coworking spaces, so having a good setup in your own place is key.

Apartments on Airbnb

Airbnb is your go-to here. You’ll find everything from modern apartments to more basic setups, with options for whole houses or just a room, depending on your budget and needs.


Once you arrive, another great way to find longer-term accommodation is the old-fashioned way—word-of-mouth. Hit the local spots, chat with fellow travelers and expats, or check out notice boards around town for rental ads. Mazunte is the kind of place where a lot happens through personal connections and being in the right place at the right time.

The Best Places To Stay in Mazunte

Beach house in Mazunte, Mexico
Beach house in Mazunte (Photo credits: @unaelenaerrante)

Mazunte may be small, but choosing where to stay can still significantly shape your experience. Let me break down the vibes of different areas and what to expect when it comes to settling in and connecting online.

Paseo del Mazunte: “far” from the beach, chill spot

I lived along Paseo del Mazunte, where the beach is just a five-minute walk away. Here, the vibe is chill both day and night. It's mostly residential, with families who’ve set up shop to offer services like laundry due to the influx of travelers. You'll find a mix of apartments and hostels on parallel streets, making it a peaceful spot away from the main hustle.

Calle del Rinconcito: heart of the action

If you're looking for the center of everything, Calle del Rinconcito is where it's at. This street is the hub for tourists, decked out with bars, restaurants, and shops. It's dusty and unpaved, adding to the rustic charm, but that means it gets busy. Expect a hectic scene filled with locals, travelers, and the occasional bike or car passing through. It’s lively, so if you thrive in the middle of action, this is your spot.

Punta Cometa: exclusive and serene

For a more secluded and upscale experience, head to Punta Cometa. This area offers hillside apartments and vacation homes with stunning sea views. It’s quieter and more removed, making it an oasis for those looking to escape. Naturally, the tranquility and views come with a higher price tag.

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Internet Connection in Mazunte

Finding reliable wifi in Mazunte can be tricky, so it's important to be prepared. I've had mixed experiences myself: one rental had amazing internet, the next was terrible! Since there aren't coworking spots, definitely check the connection yourself before committing to a place.

Mazunte is all about that relaxed vibe, so if you need to consistently work online, a bit of planning will save you headaches. Luckily, there are a few good cafes with decent Wi-Fi where you can grab a coffee and get things done.

Keep reading as in the next paragraph, I'll be sharing my favorite cafés in town to work with your laptop!

Pre-Paid Local SIM Cards for Mexico

There are several options for tourists who want to use a SIM card in Mexico. The main SIM card providers are TelcelAT&T, and Movistar.

1. Telcel

Telcel is the biggest and most popular provider, offering great coverage across Mexico. They have a variety of plans and services to choose from. You can grab a Telcel SIM card easily upon arrival at the airport or at convenience stores like OXXO or 7-Eleven for around $15-17 USD (250-300 MXN). These typically come with 3-4 GB of data. For even more convenience, you can even purchase them online through Amazon.

2. AT&T

If you're from the US and recognize the AT&T brand, they've got you covered in Mexico too! They offer plans specifically designed for use in the country. You can purchase a SIM card at their physical stores in Mexico or online through Amazon, whichever suits you best.

3. Movistar

Looking for a more affordable option? Movistar offers a good selection of prepaid plans with clear pricing:

  • Unlimited Calls & 1GB Data (14 days) - $3 USD (MX$50)
  • Unlimited Calls & 4GB Data (30 days) - $6 USD (MX$100)
  • Unlimited Calls & 5GB Data (30 days) - $12 USD (MX$200)
Registration Required: By law, all mobile users in Mexico need to register their phone number with the authorities. No worries though, you can take care of this when you buy your SIM card directly at the store. Just be sure to bring your passport for verification.

Best eSIMs for Mexico

If you prefer to be a bit more independent and get your own internet connection even before you get to Mazunte, an eSIM would be a more suitable solution than a physical SIM card. Our favorites for Mexico are Airalo and Holafly. Here are the data allowances for each provider and the different plans they offer for Mexico:

Airalo eSIM Plans for Mexico

Plan Data Validity Price
Chorro Fon 1 GB 7 Days US $8
Chorro Fon 2 GB 15 Days US $15
Chorro Fon 3 GB 30 Days US $21
Chorro Fon 5 GB 30 Days US $32.50
Chorro Fon 10 GB 30 Days US $49

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Holafly eSIM Plans for Mexico

Validity Data Price
5 Days Unlimited data with calls $19.00
7 Days Unlimited data with calls $27.00
10 Days Unlimited data with calls $34.00
15 Days Unlimited data with calls $47.00
20 Days Unlimited data with calls $54.00
30 Days Unlimited data with calls $64.00
60 Days Unlimited data with calls $84.00
90 Days Unlimited data with calls $99.00
Not all phones support eSIM technology, so you need to check your device compatibility before buying one. 

The Best Places to Work in Mazunte

Cafe in Mazunte, Mexico
Cafe in Mazunte (Photo credits: @unaelenaerrante)

Mazunte is a gem on the Pacific coast that tempts with its serene vibes and scenic beauty, but if you're a digital nomad, you're not here just to kick back—getting your work done is a big part of the digital nomad lifestyle. Here are a few cafès I personally tried during my experience in Mazunte. Just keep in mind that in a place as small as Mazunte, lots of cafès close and new ones reopen. The ones I'm listing below are all open up to now (April 2024).

Top Cafes for Digital Nomads in Mazunte

Granito De Arroz

This cafe is a staple for any digital nomad in Mazunte. Located right on the busy Calle del Rinconcito, the delicious cold matcha will keep you coming back, but also the solid Wi-Fi! Heads up: it gets packed during breakfast and brunch, so plan your visit accordingly.

Cafeteria El Gecko

Small but mighty, Cafeteria El Gecko offers a peaceful spot to work, munch on affordable vegan eats, and enjoy dependable internet. It’s cozy, so you won’t be jostling for space while you type away.

Luz del Sol

Need to fire off some quick emails or wrap up a project? Luz del Sol is a holistic center that doubles as a sanctuary for digital nomads needing fast Wi-Fi. It’s not cut out for long hauls, but it’s perfect for quick productivity bursts.

Cost of Living in Mazunte

Laundromat in Mazunte, Mexico
Laundromat in Mazunte (Photo credits: @unaelenaerrante)

Accommodation costs

Accommodation in Mazunte can be as varied as the shells on its beaches. If you're planning to stick around, it pays to invest a little more in a place with robust amenities, especially a stable internet connection—essential for those Zoom calls back home or streaming your favorite series after a day under the sun. Here’s what you might spend:

  • Entire loft: Between €900-€1000 per month gets you spacious digs with likely a view and privacy.
  • Private room: Around €600 per month is standard for something comfortable and well-located.
  • Shared space: If you're budgeting or enjoy community vibes, €400-€500 monthly could land you a bed in a hostel or shared apartment.

Once you're in Mazunte, take a stroll, and chat with locals or fellow travelers about housing. You might just snag a deal better than what’s online, especially if you're flexible with your dates and amenities.

Food and restaurant costs

From quaint bakeries perfect for a morning pastry to eclectic eateries serving up everything from tacos to artisanal vegan dishes, Mazunte’s culinary scene is surprisingly diverse for its size. For breakfast, expect to spend €3-€10, whether you grab a quick coffee and a croissant or sit down for a full meal. While for lunch and dinner, a meal at a standard restaurant will set you back about €10-€20, including a beverage.

Grocery shopping here means frequenting local markets and small shops. You'll find a range of produce and local dairy products like fresh mozzarella. For a big grocery haul, Pochutla, a short drive away, offers larger stores like Chedraui where you can stock up on everything you need.

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Festival, retreats, and se vita lenta a Mazunte

Sunset at the beach in Mazunte (Mexico)
Sunset at the beach in Mazunte (Photo credits: @unaelenaerrante)

Yes, Mazunte is definitely a place to unwind, but it’s also a cultural hub at certain times of the year.

Festival Internacional de Jazz de Mazunte

Come November, Mazunte jazzes up with its annual jazz festival. Don't just expect music, there are workshops, food stalls, and artisan markets—all celebrating community and environmental conservation.

Yoga e medicine olistiche 

If you're into yoga, acupuncture, and holistic practices, you'll find that Mazunte has a robust scene for those into wellness. There's a bunch of options out there but the Luz del Sol Holistic Centre is the most known one, offering a plethora of activities from yoga to alternative therapies like acupuncture, perfect for those days when you need a break from your laptop.

Best Time to Visit Mazunte

Main beach in Mazunte, Mexico
Main beach in Mazunte (Photo credits: @unaelenaerrante)

If you're plotting your escape to Mazunte, timing is everything. Aim for the dry season from November to April. This period promises brilliant weather, sparing you the hassle of relentless rainstorms that can mess with internet connections and turn the charming unpaved streets into mud baths.

High season

The high season spans from January to April. With minimal rainfall and temperatures ranging from a pleasant 23°C to a warm 32°C, it's the perfect climate for beach days and outdoor adventures. You'll bask under the sun with barely a drop of rain, but don’t forget your sunscreen and mosquito repellent—trust me, you’ll need it.

Low season

Heavy rains from May to October can really put a damper on your stay. Internet outages? Muddy roads? Yeah, that's common. And if your work depends on a stable connection, you might find yourself more than a little frustrated.

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Top 4 Things To Do in Mazunte

Mazunte isn't just a place to unwind on the beach, it offers a variety of enriching activities that allow you to immerse yourself in its unique culture and natural beauty:

1. Visit the turtle sanctuary

Baby turtles in Mazunte, Mexico
Baby turtles (Photo credits: @unaelenaerrante)

The Mexican Turtle Center stands as a beacon of conservation efforts on the Oaxacan coast, where sea turtles annually return to nest. The center has transformed from a past marred by illegal trade to a present focused on protection and education. Despite some needed improvements in facilities, the dedication of the staff is evident, and your visit supports ongoing conservation efforts.

2. Sunset at Punta Cometa

Sunset at Punta Cometa, Mazunte
Sunset at Punta Cometa, Mazunte (Photo credits: @unaelenaerrante)

Experiencing a sunset at Punta Cometa is almost a communal ritual in Mazunte. The trek to this prime viewing spot is short but a bit rugged, so wear comfy shoes or Birkenstocks (I don't recommend flip-flops because the path is composed of sand and stones) and head towards Calle del Rinconcito. When you notice a set of signs, turn right and walk up the road that will lead you to the beginning of a path, where a symbolic entrance fee of 10 MXN will be requested. Continue walking until a breathtaking panorama overlooking the ocean opens up in front of you. Here you'll get a stunning view of the sun dipping below the Pacific horizon. Just remember to leave the booze behind—this spot’s all about natural highs.

3. Exploring nearby coastal towns

Beach in Zipolite, Oaxaca State
Beach in Zipolite, Oaxaca State (Photo credits: @unaelenaerrante)

While Mazunte’s beaches boast dramatic waves and raw beauty, they aren't the safest to swim in due to the strong currents. If you want to ditch the strong waves for the day, hop on a collectivo to neighboring towns like Zipolite. Here, you'll find a different vibe with more accessible waters and a relaxed beach culture, including well-known nude beaches. Towns like Puerto Angel and Estacahuite provide quieter, more secluded environments to appreciate the coastal charm without the crowds.

4. Boat tours for dolphin and whale watching

Boats in Mazunte, Mexico
Boats in Mazunte (Photo credits: @unaelenaerrante)

Venture beyond the shore with a boat tour, available along Calle del Rinconcito, where local operators offer various packages. These excursions provide a fantastic opportunity to observe dolphins, turtles, and even whales in their natural habitat. Booking early in the morning increases your chances of sightings and experiencing the ocean's tranquility at its peak.

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Is Mazunte Safe?

Wheelbarrow with coconuts on the beach in Mazunte
Wheelbarrow with coconuts on the beach (Photo credits: @unaelenaerrante)

Mazunte’s compact size contributes to its overall feeling of safety. During our stay there we experienced no safety issues, we roamed freely, day and night, without a hitch. The real challenge in Mazunte? The ocean itself. It's beautiful but not to be trifled with. Make sure you check the beach flags—red means no-go—and be mindful of the undercurrents and sometimes powerful waves. The sea's beauty here is matched by its strength, so respecting these natural elements ensures a safe and enjoyable beach experience.

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