Weligama (Sri Lanka) for Digital Nomads: The Complete Guide

Weligama is a known mecca in the world for beginner surfers. The beaches are world-class, the food is irresistible, and the community is inclusive. What more can you ask for?

What might be news to you is that it is also an up-and-coming hotspot for Digital Nomads around the world! And for good reason. Welligama is affordable, full of natural beauty, and has a laid-back vibe with warm weather and waves year-round.

This beach town is equipped with the basics for merging digital work and play with an unbelievable number of co-living and co-working spaces, all within walking distance of the beach. Here, you can catch a local bus just as quickly as catching a wave and explore beyond the beaches to safaris and mountains.

This guide will give you every answer you need as a Digital Nomad to maximize your experience in Weligama. We will dive deep into affordable lodging options, the best places to work with fast Wifi and stable power, transportation methods, and all of the adventures available in the area! It’s time to pack your sunscreen and computer - get ready to explore somewhere new!

Where is Welligama Located?

Weligama (pronounced weliga-ma) is on the south coast of the island of Sri Lanka. It is roughly 144 kilometers (89 mi) south of the capital city Colombo and is only 9 meters (30 ft) above sea level. There are 2 native languages primarily spoken here - Sinhalese and Tamil, though English is also standard. The name of the town literally translates to “sandy village” and boasts an impressive 2-kilometer (.62 mi) long shallow beach with waves that are around 1 meter (3 ft) tall. 

The Pros and Cons of Living in Welligama as a Digital Nomad

View of Weligama Beach from the main road
(Photo Credit: @foleyexploring)

Beach life sounds like the ultimate dream for a fully remote digital worker, right? Well, sometimes it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Here we will discuss the good and bad about Weligama so you can make informed choices.

What You'll Love About Weligama

Let's start with the reasons why you should be making Weligama your next home:

1. Mild Weather All Year Round

I hope you like the sun and heat because it is a very constant 21°-30°C (70°-85°F) year round with full sun in Weligama. In fact, some accommodations do not provide blankets at night because of it!

Here, there are 2 dry seasons, which are the high seasons (from Dec to Feb and June to Aug), and 2 wet seasons (from March to May and Sept to Nov) with typical tropical rain. The good thing is you can jump in the ocean if you get too hot!

2. Surf Culture

If the laid-back vibe with a coconut in hand is your jam, you’ve come to the right place. There are tens of surf schools on the beach with FREE day beds ready to rent you surfboards at dirt cheap rates. There are hundreds of people learning how to surf. Soak in that sun and relax before or after work.

Did you know? Surfing, as we know it today, originated in Hawaii, though the history of surfing dates back to AD 400 in Polynesia. You know those body surfing boards you can pick up at the tourist shops? The Polynesians brought those from Tahiti, and the Hawaiians started standing up!

3. Stunning Landscapes and Beaches

Okay, you’ve been surfing 8 days this week. Time for a break. Perhaps take a 3-hour bus ride to Udawalawe or Yala and go on a Safari to see elephants or jaguars!

Rent a motorbike and ride along the scenic coastline for 60 minutes to explore the fort town, Galle. Take a weekend trip by bus to the mountains in Ella for some hiking or back to Colombo for some city vibes. Need a different landscape? Sri Lanka has it… and it’s quickly accessible from Weligama. 

4. Its Tea Time

Tea (mainly black and green) is one of Sri Lanka’s biggest exports and is sold by the most prominent brands around the world. It has a huge cultural impact, with hectares of fields growing tea and many locals working on the tea plantations and in the processing factories.

You will not find higher quality anywhere in the world - and there are tea/coffee shops everywhere in Sri Lanka.

5. Affordable Living

The Sri Lankan Rupee is used as the primary form of currency. Housing is generally less than 6,500SLD per day (some places are even as low as 3,000 per day). A typical meal costs 1,000SLR - 3,000SLR. Local transportation is on the order of 500SLD. And like many other places in Asia, cash is king and used for everything.

It is worth noting that prices have been increasing here, but the cost of living in Sri Lanka is still remarkably affordable by Western standards.

6. Food, Night Life, and Community, All in One Place

Being an ocean town, the seafood is out of this world! You can get whole grilled tuna, lobster, and oysters at reasonable rates at shacks overlooking the palm trees and ocean.

Hit up the bars for the local liquor (Arrack) and shoot some billiards or go dancing if that is your fancy. Finally, there are events held in co-working spaces so Digital Nomads can interact with the community!

The Potential Downsides of Welligama

No doubt, Weligama is an amazing place to be. It has everything you could want! But there are obviously some challenges to consider. Let's look at them.

1. The Chaos

If you are looking for a nice, quiet place to be, you might consider somewhere else. There are motorbikes and tuk-tuks everywhere, the busses drive fast, and not a single traffic light in sight. Locals are constantly asking if you want a ride. There are street dogs roaming the streets and a few clear sidewalks. Be prepared to embrace the chaos when you are getting from one place to the next!

2. Grocery Stores and Markets

Surprisingly, it is an event to get your weekly food. There is no “central market” where you can get everything you need in one shot. Instead, you must rely on the small stands scattered throughout the town.

3. The salt, heat, and bugs

With heat come bugs. Flys and mosquitoes are common and can be brutal at times. When you are at the beach all the time, you must be prepared to deal with the salt stickiness and sand 24/7.

Finally, the heat is not for everyone - if you prefer to sleep in the cold, you may find it uncomfortable.

4. Corruption and Racism

In some cases, you may be judged preemptively. Locals cut the line in front of you. If you are driving, police may pull you over and extort money from you. You may be charged extra for the same good or service as a local. We are aware that these things happen everywhere, but they just seem to be more common here.

How to Get to Welligama

Weligama seen from above

Sri Lanka is an island, so the most common way to get to Sri Lanka is initially by air. Alternately, there are ferries or cruises that stop off at ports around the island. Since there is no direct airport to Weligama, I will cover the transportation options from the capital city, Colombo. The nearest airport to Colombo is in Negombo, about 30 minutes north of Colombo by taxi.

By Train

You can take a train ride along the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka from Fort Station in Colombo to the Weligama Train Station. You can pick up 1st, 2nd, or 3rd class tickets at various price points. However, 1st or 2nd class ticket is recommended as 3rd class tends to be standing only. At busy times, 2nd class is also standing only. The most expensive ticket is around 2,000 SLR, and the least expensive is around 300 SLR.

The easiest way to get tickets is by talking to the attendant at the station. Be wary of people trying to help you!

Once you are in Weligama, you can pick up a tuk-tuk (they will ask if you need them) for a standard going rate of 500 SLR anywhere you need to go or just walk it. 

By Highway Bus

You must ask a local when the bus comes since the timetables are not posted anywhere, but it is by far the most economical travel option! It costs no more than 500SLR (often no more than 300SLR) to take the local bus anywhere on the island.

It is pretty simple: go to the bus station and ask an attendant to go to Weligama, put your luggage in the back or front of the bus, pick your seat, and pay the ticket guy in cash once the bus starts moving. The buses have the names of the cities they stop at on the side of them. Attendants will sometimes tell you when it is time to get off, so enjoy the ride!

From there (just like the train) pick up a local tuk-tuk or walk to your lodging. This trip by bus takes no more than 3 hours. 

By Private Car

Taking an Uber or Taxi is the fastest, most comfortable, and most convenient option for a 2h journey. However, it is also the most expensive at around 20,000 SLR.

Of course, they will drop you off right at your lodging. Insider knowledge? Just take the train or bus and save the 20,000 SLR for some seafood or 40 hours of surf rental.

How to Get Around Welligama

tuk ttuk and surfer in Weligama
(Photo Credit: Freaking Nomads)

There are a few different ways that you can get around. Some offer flexibility, while others are better for saving money. Let’s go through them. 


Walking is the most common way to navigate this surf town. The streets are easily navigatable even without maps (though I would still recommend having those).

There is a nice sidewalk near the beach and a walking path alongside the local railroad tracks.

In the main city, however, you will be walking in the street or weaving around parked vehicles on the side of the road. Everything is within a 15-minute walk.

Grab a Tuk Tuk

No need to get a rideshare app like Uber here. Literally, and I cannot stress this enough, you will be asked if you want a tuk-tuk 10 times per day. Feel free to pick one up at around 500 SLR per ride. Make sure to get the price upfront to avoid… issues.

Motorbike or Tuk Tuk Rental

If you are in town for an extended time and need some wheels to get to stores or other areas of the island, consider renting a Tuk Tuk or motorbike for your stay! Long-term rentals are around 1,000 SLR per day, and short-term rentals are 2,000 SLR per day.

Make sure you have a valid international driver's license, and stay safe!

Best Accommodation Options in Welligama

Coliving in Weligama
(Photo Credit: @foleyexploring)

Accommodation is always a toss-up. How much should I spend? What features do I need? How long should I stay? Where should I be located? The answer… depends on your needs! You can rent an entire villa if you want to

Apartments and B&Bs: Best for Long-Term Stays

You might consider staying long-term in Weligama. In that case, take a look at some of these more affordable options. Make sure to ask about their wifi speed and data limits.

  • The Classic: it is off the main path but still close to the beach, coworking spaces, and restaurants. Best of all, it is a quiet retreat from the chaos. It has a kitchen (both shared and private, depending on your room), unlimited free, fast wifi, and a comfortable public work area outside. Overall, an excellent place to stay.
  • Banana Palace: it's tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the beach, which makes it much more affordable for longer-term stays. The best features are the kitchen and comfortable bedroom. It is essential to enjoy the garden and relax.

Coworking and Coliving Spaces

There is a boatload of co-working options available in Weligama! And they are all within walking distance of each other. Perhaps try them all out and see which you like best?

All of these locations are both co-living and co-working. That means you don’t have to stay there to take advantage of the co-working spaces! They each offer Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rates so you can be as flexible as you want to be. 
  • Plan B: It's a combination of co-working, co-living, and coffee shops. It has a super laid-back vibe and is tucked away near the main market area and close to the beach and restaurants. Does that make it loud? Nope. It has an indoor area with air conditioning and an outdoor cafe area that anyone can go to. The wifi? Astounding with fiber optic at 250mbps! You also get free coffee house credits that you can trade for, I’m not kidding, some of the best food in Welligama. Overall, Plan B is the best value because it is the most affordable and comfortable option in town. 
  • Outpost Weligama: This coliving has the surfer beach vibe on lockdown. It is one of the more popular spots in the city, and it's pretty obvious why. The location is on the beach away from the main party areas, there is a swimming pool at your disposal and a cafe that serves fresh fruit juice and local coffee and tea. There are private call booths, good office chairs, and hardwire internet connections for working. They have rooms available on-site and they host an event board so you can connect with other Digital Nomads. How cool is that?
  • Hangtime: It's a great place to get some work done as you watch the surfers catch some waves. Hangtime has several floors dedicated to different things: a coworking, a cafe, and a bar. It is also a coliving space with activities posted to engage the Digital Nomad community. They encourage exploration and have some of the best seafood and lassie! May I recommend the seared tuna?
  • Sugar Hostel: Artists and creatives will love the Sugar Hostel! It is a combination of coworking and coliving space that offers FREE daily yoga sessions. The coworking space has ergonomic seating, high-speed wifi, and air conditioning. Plus, it has a much-needed inspirational vibe.

Internet Connectivity in Welligama

Islet in Weligama

How good is the WiFi in Sri Lanka? This question literally keeps me up at night with how often people ask it.

Having stable WiFi as a Digital Nomad is essential, and it’s time to answer this question once and for all. For the record, many accommodations have fiber internet, and co-working spaces are designed to have stable connections. When in doubt, just ask!

Pre-Paid Local SIM Cards for Sri Lanka

The two biggest names in this space are Dialog and Mobitel. They each offer different plans but are all extremely affordable! Of note, these are physical SIM cards, so make sure your phone has space for it. Also, it is ideal for your phone to have hotspot capability. So you always have a backup in case something happens with power or coverage outages (which does not happen often in Weligama, to be honest).


Cost per GB goes down as the number of GB of data for 30 days increases, and the opposite is also true. There is virtually perfect coverage on the island from Dialog, and some accommodations actually use SIM cards for their WIFI offerings because they are so reliable. The coverage is 4G and up to 10MBpS.

The first place you can get a SIM is at the Colombo Airport as soon as you exit the plane. There is a Dialog stall that will help you get set up and show you the current rates. Also, there are Dialog storefronts scattered within Colombo and in Weligama. They can get you set up as well. Remember to bring your passport!

If you run out of data and need to purchase more, you can go to any convenience store. They all have a “Dialog” banner or logo. In the worst case, you can go to any Dialog storefront or phone store and ask the attendant about topping up. They love to help! Alternatively, you can top up on their website once you have a local phone number.

The list below is for Data Only plans (though it does come with a Sri Lankan phone number). There are alternative bundle plans available for calls + data and options for service-specific coverage, for example, the streaming-only package.

Plan Data Validity Price
79 Data Plan 0.7GB 7 Days SLR 79
109 Data Plan 1GB 10 Days SLR 109
159 Data Plan 1.5GB 14 Days SLR 159
195 Data Plan 1.95GB 21 Days SLR 195
285 Data Plan 3GB 30 Days SLR 285
405 Data Plan 5GB 30 Days SLR 405
715 Data Plan 10GB 30 Days SLR 715
1020 Data Plan 15GB 30 Days SLR 1,020
1225 Data Plan 20GB 30 Days SLR 1,225
1635 Data Plan 30GB 30 Days SLR 1,635
2045 Data Plan 50GB 30 Days SLR 2,045
3075 Data Plan 100GB 30 Days SLR 3,075


Mobitel works the same way as Dialog with similar coverage and speeds. You can also get a physical sim from the Colombo airport as the stalls are next to each other. Mobitel is not limited by GB usage, instead, it provides unlimited GB but it reduces speed.

The list below includes data-only plans at 4MBpS with 4G coverage for proper comparison.

Plan Validity Price
Daily (24h) 1 Day SLR 978
3 Days (72h) 3 Days SLR 1,668
7 Days (168h) 7 Days SLR 2,453
Monthly (720h) 30 Days SLR 6,370

Just like Dialog, Mobitel offers different bundle packages depending on your needs. Mobitel, however,  does not offer the same online top-up method as Dialog. You must go into a phone or convenience store top-up. 

eSIM Plans for Sri Lanka

If you aren’t looking for the hassle of getting a physical SIM, an eSIM might be just the thing you need. Step off the plane, buy the package using airport wifi, and activate it. And just like that, you are connected! Here are the options you have:

Airalo eSIM Plans for Sri Lanka

Airalo is an excellent choice for an eSIM in Sri Lanka. They use the same network towers as physical SIM options, so the coverages and speeds are similar. Here are the rates:

Plan Data Validity Price
Mitura 1GB 7 Days US $4.50
Mitura 2GB 15 Days US $7.00
Mitura 3GB 30 Days US $9.50
Mitura 5GB 30 Days US $13.00
Mitura 10GB 30 Days US $21.00
Mitura 20GB 30 Days US $32.00


Dialog also provides an eSIM with the same plan as the physical SIM. They can get you all set up properly at the store.

Best Places to Work in Welligama

Coworking in Weligama
(Photo Credit: @foleyexploring)

Weligama is home to one of the fastest-growing communities of digital nomads. This also means that there are co-working spaces, co-living spaces, coffee shops, and events catering to exactly our kind of people! Here are the top spots we recommend you to check out:

Best Co-Working Spaces in Weligama

  • Pasijou: it has everything you need in a co-working space without all of the additional features that drive up the cost. It is separated into 2 zones, downstairs with air conditioning and upstairs with a cafe. Wifi speeds are 30mbps, and they have backup power generators so you can be confident in your connection.

Best Cafes to Work From in Weligama

  • Crazy Burger (upstairs): With free 25mbp wifi and an upstairs co-working location, Crazy Burger is a good choice for a more private work experience. They even have a hammock for a quick and comfy break. Plus, as the name states, they have some of the best burgers in town!
  • Kurumba Bay Beachside: This is one of the best hang-out spots in Weligama! There are tables ready for your use both on the beach and undercover. They also have a variety of restaurants, kind of like a food court, so you can eat or drink anything your heart desires.

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Cost of Living in Welligama

Tuna plate in Weligama
(Photo Credit: @foleyexploring)

Weligama is super affordable! In fact, it is so affordable that it can be expensive. What do you mean, guys? Well, you can tell yourself, “It’s only 1,000 SLR” constantly… and that really adds up! Let’s break it down.

Housing Expenses

The general rule of thumb is that a decent place (with a kitchen, air conditioning, wifi, and utilities included) costs less than 6,250 SLR per night. You can pick up some cheaper accommodation by negotiating with the locals or by staying in hostels - sometimes even as low as 3,000 SLR per night. Places closer to the city center tend to cost more and tend to be louder. 

Food and Drink Expenses

(Local) Restaurants

A standard meal of Vegetable Rice and Cury (5 different curries typically) will run you anywhere from 800SLR to 1500SLR. Vegetable Kottu, which is a traditional roti stir fry, will run you anywhere from 1,000 SLR to 1,600 SLR. Anything that includes meat increases the price by about double! And anything with cheese increases the price by about 50%. A 330ml Cola should be around 300SLR


The brand name of the local brew is Lion, and it is sold in 500ml cans or 620ml bottles at bars. It is 4.8% alcohol and ranges from 1000 SLR to 1500 SLR depending on the location (it’s more at a beach bar, for example). Cocktails are usually on the order of 1,500 SLR to 2,500 SLR.

“Specialty” Food

Looking for “foreign food” like pizza, tacos, or burgers? Pizza tends to be more expensive at around 2,500 LR for a 13” pie. Two chicken tacos cost around 1,600 SLR. A burger ranges from 900 SLR (without fries) to 2,500 SLR (with fries) at different places.

Grocery Store food

A 2L of Cola is priced around 450SLR. Sliced bread costs 350SLR per loaf. Cookies and biscuits are about 300SLR for 100g. Milk is about 500SLR for 1 liter. Eggs cost 700SLR for 12. Looking for Granola? Forget about it!


Local bus/train transportation to nearby cities is around 100 SLR for a 1-way trip. Tuk Tuk’s cost about 500 SLR per trip.

Motorcycle rentals should cost around 1,000 SLR per day for the long term and 2,000 SLR Per day for the short term.

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Food, History, and Tradition in Welligama

There is more to Welligama than just surf vibes. The foodies are everywhere, and there are unique history traditions, too!

Local Foods

Egg hoppers
Sri Lankan Egg hoppers (Photo Credit: @foleyexploring)

To really experience the culture, you must experience the local food. What is local? These are the must-try Sri Lankan foods:

  • Kottu Roti: Chopped up roti stir-fried with vegetables and meat or fish if desired. It is traditionally served with tomato sauce and Lunu Miris - a spicy sauce consisting of red chilies, lime, and onions. 
  • Rice and Curry: a big old plate of white rice with a bunch of sides! You can mix and eat to your heart's content.
  • Coconut Sombol: a salad of coconut, tomato, onion, red chilies, and garlic.
  • Beetroot curry - Chopped Beetroot with curry spices
  • Dahl curry: Lentils with curry spices
  • Green Bean curry: Chopped Green Bean with curry spices 
  • Bitter gourd: Deep fried bitter gourd
  • Pumpkin curry - Pumpkin with curry spices
  • Meat or seafood curry: Egg, chicken, or cuttlefish curry
  • Papadam: Deep fried dough like a corn chip. 
  • Lassie: Yogurt drink that is blended with fresh fruit like Mango, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, or even Paw Paw. Kind of like a smoothie, you mix and match fruit with a tang!
  • String Hoppers: A common breakfast food, string hoppers are individual circles of steamed rice noodles. Several circles are typically served with coconut milk, dhal curry, and a variety of spicy sombols.
  • Samosas: Deep-fried dough triangles filled with potato, pea, onion, and spices. This street food is found everywhere along the beach and is a perfect crispy, filling, and affordable snack.

History of Weligama

Dry fish in Weligama

Weligima’s main industries are tourism and fishing. Weligima has recently suffered the effect of a tsunami caused by the Indian Ocean earthquake in 2004 and is currently rebuilding over 2,200 houses from damages

Traditions of Weligama

Traditional fishermen in Weligama, Sri Lanka

Weligama is known for the stilt fisherman who sits on a bamboo crossbar (stilt) placed in the water and fishes beyond the surf. It is also known for its lace handicrafts, which were initially introduced to the area by the Portuguese in the 16th century. 

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Best Time to Visit Welligama

Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

As briefly mentioned at the beginning of this guide, Welligama has 2 seasons, wet and dry, and there are waves year-round. Find out the best time for you to visit below!

High Season: Best Surfing Time 

The High season is also the dry season. The best time to go for warm weather is, and this is weird, during winter! December - February is the perfect time to catch some waves and sunburn. It only rains a handful of times for the whole season! Prices, of course, increase at this time.

Summer and Autumn: The shoulder seasons

June through August is the second slowest season for tourism and September through November is the second highest. Remember to pack your raincoat because it rains about 12 to 13 days per month. Rain tends to be in short bursts.

Low Season: Fewer Tourists, Lower Costs

Spring is the lowest season for tourism, making it perfect for finding deals on lodging and flights. It tends to be colder during this time and has high humidity. It rains fairly often - about 9 times per month.

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5 Things to Do in and around Welligama

Working all day with no play is no fun. Let's look at some of the other things you can do after work hours.

1. Take a surfing lesson

Surfer in Weligama

As you walk along the beach there are palm trees, sunbeds, and surfboards. There are also rows and rows of surf schools, with professional surfers ready to show you the ropes. Single lessons cost less than $20 USD and packages for multiple lessons and surf camps/retreats are also available. If you just want to rent a board for an hour, you are looking at 500SLR to 1,500SLR depending on the school and the quality of the board. 

2. Take a cooking class

Sri Lankan food

Food is all the rage in Weligama and man can people cook! You can learn the basics of Sri Lankan curries to level up your cooking game with spices you may not have used before. Karu’s Kitchen is a surefire experience.

3. Meet up with other Digital Nomads

Coworking in Weligama
(Photo Credit: @foleyexploring)

Be social! As you are co-working, strike up a conversation with other nomads and head out to a bar, coffee shop, or restaurant. Or join the community with the events that are hosted on this social calendar which is regularly updated.

4. Go on a Safari

Yala Safari, Sri Lanka

It isn’t widely known, but Sri Lanka actually has some stunning and ethical safaris! The 2 most common are Yala National Park which is home to a large pack of endangered leopards, and Udewalwe National Park which is home to a large herd of elephants! Yala tends to be busy so you may consider Kumana National Park as an alternative. Be aware, that these parks are 3h away by bus. It is recommended to plan a weekend trip from Weligama so you can be awake bright and early to catch your safari jeep!

5. Explore Surrounding towns

Galle, Sri Lanka

Other towns are so easily accessible, it is a shame not to take a day or weekend trip. Explore these areas when you need a break from the surf:

Galle Fort and Lighthouse

While it is a bit of a bus or motorbike ride from Weligama, visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site, Galle Fort, is a must-do, The fort is loaded with history due to its strategic location for trading around the world.

Insider tip: Stay for sunset! Trust us, it's worth it!


Perhaps you’d fancy a swim in the ocean where you aren’t constantly dodging surfers? Mirissa Beach is perfect for that! You can get there by bus, tuk-tuk, or motorbike. Once you are there, take a hike to Coconut Hill which has a ton of palm trees and a view to write home about. You can only get to Parrot Rock during low tide. Or, you can rent a snorkel set and swim with the sea turtles at Turtle Beach. Remember not to get too close! Sea turtles are endangered.


Technically, Ahanagama is in the Galle district, but it is close enough to be considered as a separate destination in your itinerary! It is so well connected to Weligiama by local buses that run every 10-30 minutes it might as well be part of the district. Since it is outside of the main city, you can get some of the best accommodation deals, but you should be prepared to ride tuk tuks daily. 


Midigama (and Midigama Beach) is the definition of chill. There is surfing there as well, but far fewer surf schools. Since Midigama is far less touristy, you can better appreciate the slow surfer lifestyle and let the salty ocean wash your worries away.

Is Welligama Safe?

Weligama Beach
(Photo Credit: @foleyexploring)

As a generalization, Welligama is considered safe. However, there may be some minor harassment and catcalling on the street. Don’t be surprised if you see armed police around the city. You should always be aware of your surroundings, especially when walking alone or at night. Keep your wits about you, and everything will be as smooth as the morning tide!

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