GigSky eSIM Review: Is It Worth It?

It's clear to many of us now that the shift from traditional SIM cards to eSIMs has been a game-changer for digital nomads. No more dealing with the hassle of local SIM cards – which means no confusing plans, no overpriced rates, and no handing over your passport for a piece of plastic.

GigSky eSIM promises a world of convenience with its eSIM service, offering coverage in over 190 countries and unique features like inflight and offshore connectivity.

But does GigSky stand up to its promises? Is it really the seamless, reliable solution it claims to be?

In this comprehensive review, we'll dive deep into our firsthand experience using this eSIM provider. We'll explore everything from its features and diverse data plans to its pricing and real-world performance in different corners of the globe.

Ready to discover if GigSky is the right eSIM provider for your travels? Let's dive in!

What is GigSky?

Gigsky eSIM Homepage

GigSky eSIM is a leading eSIM provider headquartered in Silicon Valley, renowned for its pioneering role of becoming Apple's first eSIM partner​​.

Designed for the international traveler, GigSky eSIMs offer seamless data connections in over 190+ countries, simplifying your travel by conveniently removing the need to switch physical SIM cards.

But GigSky isn't just about keeping you online on land. Their connectivity solutions include inflight and offshore connections too. Imagine being able to work, browse, or stream, even in the middle of the ocean or thousands of feet up in the air!

GigSky eSIM types or solutions

What sets them apart from other eSIM providers? GigSky is a full MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), which is a fancy way of saying they monitor the network and jump into action to reroute your data if something goes wrong. And this is something most other eSIM providers can't really do.

What Products Does GigSky Offer?

GigSky has designed a range of eSIM options that vary based on location and the nature of your journey, whether you're on land, in the air, or at sea. Let's look at their main eSIM types.

Data on Land

GigSky "Data on Land" eSIM plans

Offering a ton of "data on land" plans – from country-specific to regional, and even worldwide – GigSky has got you covered in over 190+ countries. This service allows you to 'surf like a local' when you travel, avoiding the high costs and complexities often associated with international roaming.

Data Inflight

GigSky "Data Inflight" data plans

Thanks to GigSky's partnership with Panasonic Avionics' AeroMobile, inflight connectivity is at your fingertips with them. Available on select airlines, this service is a game-changer for those needing to stay connected while in the air.

Data Offshore (At Sea)

GigSky "Data Offshore" eSIM plans

GigSky has also teamed up with Tampnet to offer you specialized data plans targeted at key oilfield locations such as the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea. This makes them a perfect solution for offshore workers or anyone needing data at sea.

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Can You Make or Take Calls With GigSky?

GigSky eSIM offers a data-only service and does not provide a traditional phone number, which means it does not support standard SMS or voice calls.

However, with GigSky you can still make and receive calls through various Voice over IP (VoIP) services and messaging apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and even iMessage.

How Much Does GigSky Cost?

GigSky's eSIM pricing varies significantly based on the type of service—whether on land, inflight, or offshore—as well as the destination and data allowance. Let's dive into the specific costs for each type of eSIM.

Data On Land

The price of GigSky's land-based eSIM plans depends on the destination, data allowance, and other specifics of the package chosen.

Here's a rough breakdown as of the time of writing:

  • For Europe, you can get 5GB for a month at $34.99, and an additional $3 upgrades you to a substantial 10GB for 30 days.
  • For the United States, eSIM packages start at $8.99 for 1GB over 7 days, and $34.99 offers 5GB for an entire month.
  • The World Plan, which provides coverage across over 170 countries, is available at $69.99 for 5GB, valid for 30 days.

Data Inflight

For inflight internet access, GigSky offers a plan of 100MB, valid for 1 day at $13.99.

Here's the full list of all compatible airlines for GigSky's inflight connectivity:

Aer Lingus Egypt Air Kuwait Airways TAP Air Portugal
Alitalia Emirates Lufthansa Turkish Airlines
Asiana Airlines Etihad Airways Malaysia Airlines Uzbekistan Airways
Biman Bangladesh Airlines EVA Air SAS Scandinavian Airlines Virgin Atlantic
Cathay Pacific Singapore Airlines
Swiss International Airlines

Data Offshore

GigSky offers the following specialized data plans for key oil fields in offshore regions like the North Sea:

Data Usage Validity Cost
1GB 7 days $9.99
5GB 30 days $34.99
10GB 30 days $59.99
15GB 30 days $74.99
35GB 90 days $174.99

They also provide dedicated data packages for the specific oil fields located in the Gulf of Mexico region:

Data Usage Validity Cost
1GB 7 days $29.99
5GB 30 days $74.99
8GB 30 days $99.99
10GB 30 days $119.99
Pro tip: Remember to buy in bulk to be more cost-effective with your eSIM purchases. If you know you'll be traveling or staying in a place for an extended period, it often pays to get a larger data package with longer validity. The per-GB price tends to drop significantly!

While GigSky's pricing may be slightly higher and they lack unlimited data plans, Gigky's ability to proactively address connectivity issues by being a full MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) is a significant advantage over competitors.

This capability, combined with their unique offerings of inflight and offshore data plans, makes GigSky a premium choice for travelers prioritizing dependable global connectivity.

Please note: This observation is in comparison only to other eSIM providers. And while GigSky eSIMs (and in general eSIMs) might sometimes be more expensive than local physical SIM cards, the convenience of avoiding shops, paperwork, and immediate setup often outweigh the marginal cost difference for us.

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Will GigSky eSIMs Work With My Phone?

GigSky's eSIMs work with many smartphones and other devices, but not all. To find out if your device works with GigSky's eSIMs, use their compatibility checker available on GigSky's official website.

GigSky eSIM device compatibility

How Can You Use GigSky? A Step-by-Step Guide

We've personally tested GigSky during our digital nomad travels and were pleasantly surprised by how easy and user-friendly it is to use and set up a GigSky eSIM.

Here's how you can get started:

How to use GigSky eSIM

Step 1: Sign Up with GigSky

GigSky signup

Kick things off by creating a GigSky account. It's simple: just head to their website or download the app to sign up. You'll get an email to activate your account—click the link, and you're good to go!

Step 2: Choose Your eSIM Plan Type

Gigsky eSIM plan types

Once you're all signed up, pick the type of eSIM that best suits your travel needs. Heading to another country? Data on land is your go-to. Need to stay connected while working on a flight? Choose inflight. And if you're on a ship or cruise, working or relaxing, offshore ensures you remain connected. Just tap the option that fits your journey.

Step 3: Select and Purchase Your Data Plan

GigSky eSIM purchase

Now it's time to find your perfect data plan. Simply pick your destination or region and select the data plan that best suits you. Next up, simply choose your preferred payment method (Apple Pay is supported!) and hit 'Buy Plan' to purchase it. Once you tap, you're all set – keep an eye on your inbox for the confirmation email.

Remember: Make sure to begin using your plan within 30 days of purchase!

Step 4: Install and Activate Your eSIM

Gigsky eSIM installation and activation

All that's left is bringing your eSIM to life. Luckily, setting up a GigSky eSIM is super quick and easy: either scan the QR code sent by GigSky via email after purchase or, if your mobile is an Apple device, use the GigSky app (our personal favourite option). And voilà! In no time, you'll be all set to connect and explore.

The GigSky app's ability to install and activate your eSIM directly within the app is a huge advantage over many competitors. This nifty feature eliminates the need for a second device to scan a QR code and avoids any confusion with manual setups. This is something only a handful of providers can do.

Step 5: Monitor Your Data Usage and Top Up

Gigsky eSIM top up

The GigSky app is not just your tool for a smooth eSIM installation; it's also your personal dashboard for monitoring data usage. Whether you need to check how much data you've used or find yourself needing more, the app makes it super simple. For those who prefer a bigger screen, you can also track your data usage on the GigSky website after logging in.

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GigSky Troubleshooting

If you're encountering issues with your GigSky eSIM, don't worry. We've created for you a step-by-step guide to assist you in navigating through any difficulties:

  1. Check Your Phone Settings: Confirm that your phone's settings have GigSky eSIM set as the active data plan. Sometimes, phones may revert to your primary carrier or another eSIM you've used before.
  2. Enable Data Roaming: Even if your GigSky plan is active, data roaming might be disabled by default for that plan. Check your device's settings to ensure data roaming is enabled for full use of your GigSky eSIM.
  3. Restart Your Device: Often, the simplest solution is the most effective. Restarting your phone can help reestablish a connection with the network, resolving many common issues.
  4. Monitor Data Usage: If you've exhausted your data allowance, your connection will be interrupted. Use the GigSky app to check your remaining data balance. If necessary, you can also top up your data directly through the app.
  5. Select Network Manually: Some devices allow you to manually choose a network provider. If automatic connection is problematic, try manually selecting a network from the options available in your phone's settings.

If none of the above steps resolve your issue, we recommend submitting a support request so that GigSky customer service can offer additional assistance tailored to your specific situation. For detailed guidance on how to submit this request through the mobile app, please refer to the visual step-by-step instructions provided in the image below.

Our Experience Using GigSky eSIMs

Digital nomad using GigSky app

So, would we use GigSky eSIMs? We've personally tested its 'data on land' plans for our nomad adventures across Spain giving us a solid grasp of their service.

Let's dive into what stood out for us about GigSky during our trip.

GigSky Review: Their Top Features

GigSky offers a ton of great features that we really appreciated. Here's what stood out to us when testing it:

  1. Great Service & Support: The most impressive feature of GigSky was its ability to reroute our data while we were facing connectivity issues in Spain. On those few occasions, GigSky's customer service was able to proactively solve our connectivity issues. Had we opted for other providers, such responsive and efficient support would have likely been much more difficult.
  2. Broad Coverage: Traveling across various parts of Spain, including the Canary Islands, the wide coverage GigSky offers has been invaluable. We've been able to maintain a reliable internet connection in multiple locations, which was crucial for our work. This extensive global reach has saved us from the hassle of purchasing a local SIM card when we arrived in Gran Canaria.
  3. Varied Plans: The flexibility of GigSky's data plans is also a major advantage. Depending on your destination and length of stay, you can select a plan that suits your specific needs, without overpaying for data you won't use. The perfect solution for the unpredictable nature of nomadic life!
  4. Instant Activation Through The GigSky App: The simplicity and speed of activating our eSIM through the GigSky app has been a standout feature. As someone who often needs to connect to the internet shortly after landing in a new place, being able to activate our data plan instantly was a tremendous benefit.

Our GigSky Performance Review

So far everything looks great. But what about GigSky eSIM's speed?

To give you an idea of its real-world performance, we used and tested GigSky across many parts of Spain, including the Canary Islands.

Here are our findings from our recent trips:

Country Speed Connection details
Mainland Spain 34.71 Mbps (download) / 9.52 Mbps (upload) Reliable and fast, suitable for both cities and rural areas.
Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) 33.10 Mbps (download) / 13.37 Mbps (upload) Consistent speed in urban areas, with some variability in remote areas.
Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) 62.92 Mbps (download) / 17.48 Mbps (upload) Excellent performance in urban areas like Las Palmas, with dependable connectivity in most parts.

Overall, GigSky has proven to be an exceptionally reliable eSIM provider during our travels, greatly facilitating our remote work. So, a big thumbs up to GigSky for their reliable service.

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GigSky Pros and Cons

GigSky eSIM app

After testing GigSky eSIMs on multiple occasions, we can confidently say that they provide a consistent performance.

But like with all the eSIM providers they aren't perfect. Below we listed the pros and cons of this provider to help you decide if a GigSky eSIM is right for you.

Pros and cons:

  • Global coverage in over 190 countries
  • MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) allows them to promptly address connectivity issues
  • Private and secure connection with Helium data plans
  • User-friendly GigSky mobile app
  • Data plans in flight and at sea
  • Straightforward eSIM setup process from the app
  • Lack of dedicated phone number for calls/texting
  • Lack of unlimited data plans
  • More premium price compared to some eSIM providers

While there might be some downsides, we think the pros of GigSky's eSIMs far outweigh the cons. In our opinion, even the slightly higher price tag can be justified, considering the premium service offered by GigSky, including being a heavy MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) and their handy data plans at sea and inflight.

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Best GigSky Alternatives

As digital nomads, we had the chance to try and test several eSIM providers as digital nomads. The main alternatives to GigSky are Airalo and Holafly.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how Gigsky compares to these 2 alternatives.

Airalo vs GigSky

Airalo eSIM homepage

Airalo is certainly GigSky's top competitor.

They offer extensive coverage in over 200 countries with a wide range of affordable plan options, which makes them appeal to a more budget-conscious traveler.

However, as mentioned before, GigSky is a full MVNO which distinguishes itself as a more premium service with very strong customer support capabilities. This is ideal for those prioritizing dependable, private and truly global connectivity, despite a higher price.

Holafly vs GigSky

Holafly is another popular eSIM provider that offers similar services to GigSky.

Though pricier than GigSky overall, they entice with their unlimited data packages, which are perfect for data-heavy travelers.

On the other hand, GigSky stands out with its proactive network management and inflight and offshore eSIM options, catering to a wider range of travel needs.

GigSky Review Summary

Throughout our travels across different countries, GigSky eSIM has proven to be a reliable addition to our digital nomad toolkit. The experience of seamless setup and their premium support was something we liked.

While GigSky's pricing is on the higher end, we think that the value it delivers through reliable connectivity and proactive customer support justifies the investment. For us it's not just about staying connected; it's about the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a dependable network, no matter where our travels take us.

For digital nomads and frequent travelers who prioritize quality service and value premium products, GigSky eSIM is an eSIM provider to consider.

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