8 Senior Digital Nomad Blogs To Follow

As we leave behind the pandemic crisis, there is no doubt that the digital nomad lifestyle will continue to grow in popularity. As more people discover the flexibility and freedom that comes with remote work, they just want to travel the world.

If you are an older adult looking to start the second chapter of your life by becoming a digital nomad, you just got lucky! Plenty of great blogs are written by experienced digital nomads who can help guide you on your journey.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best senior digital nomad blogs out there and discuss why they are worth following.

1. Life Part 2 and Beyond

Formerly known as Life Part 2, Life Part 2 and Beyond is a blog started by Jonathan Look in 2011, after he sold everything he owned and retired early, he began traveling the world. On his blog, Jonathan shared his insights and advice on everything from finding work as a digital nomad to staying healthy and fit while on the road. Motivated and curious baby boomers can travel the world despite what naysayers might claim--and this blog proves it. Sadly, Jonathan died on 12 March 2021 at his Isla, Malta residence. Since then, his wife has taken over the blog and continues to write about their shared love of travel and adventure.

Homepage of travel blog, Life Part 2 and Beyond

2. Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel

Barbara Weibel had long been working steadily at various jobs but found none of them brought her any true satisfaction. A "hole in the donut" - that’s how she felt about herself. Then, in 2007 she decided to take up travel writing and photography full-time - finally doing something that made her happy instead of just going through the motions day by day. Her blog Hole In The Donut is about her cultural experiences as she travels the world solo - something that can be especially intimidating for seniors. But as Barbara demonstrates, having amazing adventures regardless of age is possible.

Homepage of travel blog, Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel

3. The Roaming Boomers Blog

The Roaming Boomers Blog is about helping seniors live their best lives by traveling the world. The blog is run by husband and wife duo Dave and Carol Porter, who have been digital nomads since 2008. They share tips and advice on everything from where to go to how to make money while you travel. As digital nomads themselves, they have plenty of first-hand experience to share with their readers. In 2014, they started a full-service travel agency called The Roaming Boomers Travel Services. They decided to start the travel agency because their website's readers were constantly seeking help with their travel planning.

Homepage of travel blog, The Roaming Boomers

4. Vagrants of the World

Kate & Mark decided to leave their home country of Australia in 2014 with just a few belongings and no set itinerary, which led their friends to joke that they were now "vagrants of the world." Thus, Vagrants of the World Travel was born as a travel resource for future full-time travelers. Since then, it has turned into a website that provides travel tips and destination guides from experienced travelers all over the world. From safe travel tips to city guides, popular destinations, and more, this blog has everything one needs to know about being a digital nomad after retirement.

Homepage of travel blog, Vagrants of the World

5. A Hole in My Shoe

A Hole in My Shoe is a travel blog started by Steve and Lynn from Perth, Western Australia. They started traveling at 50 when most people think about savings and retirement. They believe that it's never too late to get out in the world and start exploring and living your best life. Their blog shares tips on slow travel, working online, and ways to finance your travels. They also write about their own experiences as digital nomads and offer readers a glimpse into the many different places they've been.

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6. My Itchy Travel Feel - The Baby Boomer's Guide to Travel

Started in 2008 by Donna L. Hull and Alan Hull, My Itchy Travel Feet is a blog for those who love adventures. This isn't your ordinary travel blog but rather one that focuses on "adventure travel for the baby boomer generation." Donna and Alan are both parts of this generation and have plenty of experience traveling the world. They share tips on everything from where to go to what to see and do. With a broad list of "themed trips," there's sure to be something for everyone on this blog.

Homepage of travel blog, My Itchy Travel Feel - The Baby Boomer's Guide to Travel

7. Travel Past 50

Travel Past 50 is an inspirational blog started by husband and wife Tom and Kris, who are former newspaper and magazine publishers. They sold everything from their publication to their home and most of their possessions to follow their passion - travel the world. Kris and Tom designed Travel Past 50 for people aged 50+ who are curious and inspired to explore multiple types of destinations, including cultural hotspots, famous landmarks, art galleries, and more.

Homepage of travel blog, Travel Past 50

8. Albom Adventures

Albom Adventures is a travel blog started by a highly-educated couple from the US. For the last 18 years, Rhonda and Jeff Albom have been living it up, visiting 63 countries on six continents. Currently residing in New Zealand, Rhonda has a University of Missouri degree in journalism, a BS degree from the University of Illinois, and an MBA from Loyola University, Chicago. When it comes to Jeff, he's a rocket scientist from MIT. Together, they combine their expertise and talents to provide readers with an interesting blog about their travels and the different cultures they've experienced.

Homepage of travel blog, Albom

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Ready to Follow Your New Favorite Senior Digital Nomad Blog?

There you have it – the 8 best senior digital nomad blogs to follow! These bloggers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share, so be sure to check them out if you plan on hitting the road soon.

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