SimOptions eSIM Review: Is It a Reliable eSIM Marketplace?

I'll never forget my first trip to Marrakech as a digital nomad. I land at midnight and every SIM card shop at the airport is closed. No Google Maps, no way to contact my Airbnb host. I was utterly stranded in a foreign country and no—it wasn't the best of sensations.

But that experience wouldn't happen today, that was before eSIMs, or virtual SIMs. Fast forward to today, and virtual SIM options like SimOptions promise seamless connectivity across over 200+ destinations worldwide at competitive prices. Just a quick download, and you're set—or so it seems. But can it really be that straightforward and effective?

In this review, I’ll dive into my firsthand experiences with SimOptions across Europe and North America. We’ll explore the pros and cons, assess its real-world performance, and compare it to other eSIM providers in the market. Let’s see if SimOptions really lives up to the hype.


SimOptions is the first marketplace for prepaid eSIMs in 200+ destinations. Choose from country-specific, regional, or multi-country plans, and top up your data whenever you need. With competitive prices and an easy-to-use platform, SimOptions is your go-to solution for seamless connectivity on the go.

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What we liked about it

They cover most of the globe

SimOptions has practically got the whole world covered. It might sound like a given, but believe me, it's not. How often have people purchased an eSIM expecting it to work everywhere, only to land somewhere and discover there's no signal—like, no signal at all? Unfortunately, it happens more than you'd think.

But here’s the scoop: Sim Options really does deliver on the global front. If you're the type who forgets to double-check these details, you're in luck. The chances of you hitting your destination and finding yourself cut off from the world are slim to none. They serve up eSIM plans in over 200 countries and regions, so we can definitely say they've got your back.

SimOptions is the first marketplace for prepaid eSIM in 200+ destinations

And of course, like other major eSIM providers, they have a variety of plans, from country-specific plans that you can activate if you're just doing a deep-dive into one country, to regional plans when you finally decide to go on that backpacking trip through Southeast Asia.

SimOptions country-specific and regional eSIM plans

It's cheaper than your roaming charges

Let's talk about what really matters when you're halfway across the world: staying connected without breaking the bank. SimOptions keeps it simple and affordable. You pick your plan based on where you're headed and how much data you'll need. They sell data by the gigabyte, and each plan comes with an expiration date that lets you align it just right with your travel schedule.

SimOptions eSIM plans for Thailand

If you're worried about running out of data midway through your adventure—don't sweat it. While this doesn't apply to all their eSIMs, for some, topping up is an option. That means you don't have to start from scratch with a new setup every time you run out of data. Just add what you need and keep moving.

SimOptions eSIM plan top-up feature
Pro tip: With SimOptions, going for a bigger data package from the get-go usually gives you a better deal!

Let’s break down some of SimOption's plans to give you an idea of their pricing:

Country/Region Data (GB) Validity Price (USD)
Thailand 10 30 days $18.90
USA 10 30 days $19.90
Europe 50 60 days $59.90
North America 20 30 days $34.90
Spain 3 15 days $8.50

Honestly, compared to the crazy fees your home carrier might charge for roaming, SimOptions is a breath of fresh air. While it might not be as cheap as picking up a local SIM once you land, the convenience of sorting your data plan before your plane even takes off? Priceless. It would've saved me from that horrible first sensation when I landed in Marrakech. That's why, for many travelers, SimOptions is a go-to choice—not just for the savings, but for the sheer ease of it all.

It's easy to buy an eSIM

Just because we're all using virtual banks and sharing content on Instagram doesn't mean we're all tech-savvy. And especially when we're trying out a new service, one of the most important things is to have an easy setup process. And yes — buying and activating a SimOptions eSIM is as simple as pie.

SimOptions eSIM buying process

When you need to purchase an eSIM, head to their website and pick the destination you're going to. If you pick a single country, you will only have data in that specific country. If you're traveling to multiple countries, check out if a regional plan is valid. I once mistakenly purchased one eSIM for Malaysia and another for Singapore, to later find out I could've just gotten the regional plan!

SimOptions country-specific and regional eSIM plans

Paying is just as easy as selecting your eSIM and you can use use whatever payment method you prefer.

SimOptions eSIM payment

For the activation of your eSIM, Once you’ve paid, they’ll shoot you a QR code via email. All you need to do when it arrives is make sure you're connected to Wi-Fi, scan the code, and activate the eSIM in your phone's settings. Just like that, you're all set with internet access.

SImOptions eSIM installation and activation process

You can even get this sorted before your plane takes off, and I truly recommend it. Remember the story I shared about being stuck offline in Marrakech? If I’d had SimOptions back then, I could’ve skipped the hassle.

Not all phones are eSIM-ready (yet!): To avoid any surprises, check SimOptions' compatibility list before you buy.

Some plans come with calls and SMS

Many people think that most eSIMs come with data plus a local phone number to make calls. Unfortunately, this isn't the reality, and actually, most eSIM providers only offer data plans. But the good news is that some of SimOptions' plans go beyond just data—they throw in calls and SMSs too. This is a huge plus if you're the type to make reservations at local spots or need to confirm travel bookings—yes, I’m looking at you, foodies!

SimOptions eSIM plan local phone feature

Just keep in mind that not every plan offers these features, and you should always check the details of the eSIM plan before purchasing it. But many plans targeted at popular countries for digital nomads in Europe do—for example, destinations like Spain, Portugal, the UK, and Germany. They even include them in some of their regional bundles.

24/7 Customer support is helpful and friendly

So the last thing you want is to purchase an eSIM before traveling abroad only to find out that it doesn't work when you've landed. Bummer. This happened to me in Italy and, while I wasn't the happiest of customers in the moment, their customer support was so helpful at resolving the problem that I was actually happy to know if I'd ever encounter any problems, their customer support would have my back.

SimOptions customer service 24/7 live chat

I tapped into their 24/7 live chat, and the team was on it. They spotted a simple misstep in my phone’s settings and walked me through the fix in no time. Having that level of support, anytime you need it, is reassuring, to say the least, no matter if it’s a minor query or something more urgent. Plus they're super friendly!

What we didn’t like about it

They don't have a mobile app

Say what? We’s a bit of a letdown that SimOptions doesn't have a dedicated mobile app, yet! These days, there's an app for everything and thinking that an eSIM provider doesn't have one feels a bit weird. You have to handle everything—buying plans, checking data usage, and contacting customer service—through their website.

But the good news is, their website works really well on mobile, so you can still manage things on the go. If we put it like this, it' not that bad, right?

They don't offer unlimited data plans in many countries

If you're a binge-watcher or a heavy data user who’s always streaming, downloading, or working on big projects, SimOptions might fall short. At the time of writing, they don’t offer many unlimited data plans like some providers like Holafly do.

At the time of writing, the only unlimited plans available are for Singapore and South Korea, although the brand announced that they will be planning to add more destinations in the future.

They don't offer global plans

Even though SimOptions covers over 200 countries and regions, they don’t offer a single, global plan. You have to choose between individual country plans or regional bundles.

If you're more of a stay-in-one-country for a few weeks type of traveler, this isn't the worst that could happen. But this can be a bit of a hassle for those of us who like to travel around the globe and prefer the simplicity of one plan that works everywhere. Surely something to think about based on your travel needs.

Our Experience Using SimOptions in 3 Different Countries (+ Speed Test Results)

Digital nomad holding a phone showing SimOptions website on the beach

We've tested our share of eSIM services over the years. But apart from what the eSIM provider tells us on their website, it always comes down to how they perform on the ground, right? We put SimOptions to the test during our travels across North America and Europe—specifically in the USA, Italy, and the UK.

Based on our first-hand experience, here’s our speed test results:

Country Speed Test (download) Speed Test (upload) Connection Quality
USA 35 Mbps 10.1 Mbps Great
Italy 20 Mbps 5.2 Mbps OK
UK 45 Mbps 7.8 Mbps Great

Pretty solid, right?

In the USA, we were surprised to see that SimOptions exceeded the typical national speeds, keeping us connected smoothly wherever we roamed, from NYC to Yellowstone National Park. The UK was a standout with lightning-fast speeds, even off the beaten path in quieter areas like the Cotswolds or the remote Scottish Highlands. Italy was a bit of a mixed bag—smaller towns like borghi in Umbria had slower speeds, but the major cities like Rome and Milan kept up well enough for all our usual online activities.

All in all, SimOptions delivered a reliable and generally fast internet connection that suited our travel needs well. While there were some fluctuations in speed depending on the location, the overall experience was more than satisfactory.

SimOptions Alternatives

Yes, there are many other eSIM providers out there. We're going to spill the tea on some of our favorite options when we travel, and for which traveler they may be best for.


Holafly eSIM

If you're one of those people who sees no limits when it comes to data usage, Holafly may be the better choice for you. As we mentioned before, SimOptions doesn't offer unlimited data plans, but Holafly does. So, if you find yourself streaming, uploading large files, or constantly connected for work while abroad, their unlimited data plans can be exactly what you need. Of course, they come at a higher cost, but I'm guessing that if you need to do all these things, you don't mind. I've personally tested Holafly myself in countries like Thailand, Portugal, and Mexico. With coverage in over 200+ countries, it’s perfect for the social media influencer capturing every moment or the remote worker who needs dependable internet.

Special Discount: Use the coupon code FREAKINGNOMADS at the checkout to get 5% OFF on all Holafly's eSIM plans and top-ups!

Interested in learning more about Holafly? Here's my full review:

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Airalo eSIM

Airalo is a favorite among the digital nomad community, thanks to its vast coverage and loyalty program. If you’re a budget-conscious traveler who still needs reliable internet across different continents—Airalo’s plans offer great value. We use them a lot, more recently in Thailand, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Georgia, and Morocco. Like I was saying, they have a loyalty program that lets you earn Airmoney, which are credits that you can then use to purchase future data plants. A great add-on for any frequent traveler!

Special Discount: As a thank you for being our reader, you can use our Discount Code 'FN10' and get 10% OFF on all Airalo plans!

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The Bottom Line

Having been practically tethered to various eSIM providers over my years as a digital nomad, I've found that SimOptions stands out for a number of reasons. Their wide-reaching coverage is a serious perk, spanning over 200 countries, which means fewer "no service" notifications and more seamless connections, even in some pretty remote corners of the world.

Pricing is another strong suit—while they might not be the cheapest on the market, they strike a nice balance between cost and quality. Plus, some plans offer the ability to top up data easily on the go without having to reinstall anything. Some plans also throw in some good old traditional calls and SMS which comes in handy when you need to make a local reservation or handle an unexpected travel hiccup.

But no, it's not all perfect. The lack of unlimited data plans can be a bit of a bummer if you're used to streaming or handling large files while on the move. And while they offer extensive regional coverage, the absence of a true global plan means if you're a spontaneous traveler, you might find yourself having to purchase multiple plans for a multi-country journey.

What really rounds out the offering is their customer support. The 24/7 availability is is lifeline when things go wrong. That one time in Italy their team was right there on live chat to walk me through a quick fix. It was simple, but it saved my day.

While SimOptions may not be perfect, it's reliable. If you prioritize ease of use, affordability, and reliable connectivity, it's an excellent choice. For those who might need more extensive data or a more global approach, considering alternatives like Holafly or Airalo might be beneficial. But for most travelers looking to stay connected without hassle, SimOptions ticks all the right boxes.

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