Being a nomad in your 30s?

Hey nomads,

Guess what? In a few months, I'm joining the 30s club! You know, that time when the world starts giving you the side-eye if you're still living this nomadic life. It's like there's an invisible timer counting down to the moment you're supposed to ditch the backpack and finally settle down.

Sure, the world says, "Go see the world!" – but quietly adds "...and then come back to reality." Because let's be honest, the whole nomad thing is cute when you're in your 20s. But 30? Suddenly, you're not just wandering – you're avoiding the responsibilities of adulthood.

A digital nomad running away from adulthood in Morocco
Spotted: An almost-30-year-old digital nomad successfully dodging 'adulting'...Morocco, you're my accomplice! 🇲🇦

But what I've always known since the start of my nomadic journey is that I'm not running away from anything. I'm running towards everything. Towards the world, genuine connections, and cultures that open your heart and mind in ways you can't even predict.

Some people might see escaping the ordinary as irresponsible, and that's their choice. But for me, for us as digital nomads, it's the most responsible thing we can do. Because we're the ones truly taking charge of our lives, claiming a degree of freedom and independence that most people will never experience.

So, if you're facing that dreaded "3-0" as a nomad, hold your head high. We're the ones with the guts to chase our dreams. Sure, the world might question us, but we're Freaking Nomads and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Keep exploring,

Irene Lidia xx

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📸 Nomad Postcard of the Week

@samgreenartist: “With my year-long trip around Asia drawing to a close, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some shots of me in my ‘office’ over the last 12 months. I wanted to show the other side of working as a digital nomad, and how it isn’t always a pool-side set up with a cocktail!🍹😅 My portable office consisting primarily of the trusty laptop & iPad combo in a small backpack has gone with me almost everywhere. Some settings are definitely more effective than others (trying to keep a steady hand in the back of a bus on the mountain roads of Laos is a real struggle!). It’s taken some hard work to keep things running smoothly. Managing things such as time-zones with clients, unpredictable wi-fi connections and maintaining structure has been a huge learning curve but has been so rewarding! (Photos here taken by my travel partner and ever patient girlfriend, Lisa 📷💚) PS. Please don’t judge me for that green T-shirt, I thought it was funny at the time 😅”

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"The most important stranger you'll get to know while living abroad is yourself." – Unknown

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