Genki Travel Health Insurance Review: Is It Worth It?

During one of our nomadic stints in Thailand, we used the most common mode of transportation—scooters. Unfortunately, this time the adventure took an unexpected turn when my boyfriend, riding solo, was involved in a scooter accident. Thankfully, he only suffered minor injuries, but it required him to undergo a few health checks and come back to the hospital for a couple of days for observation.

Before this, travel insurance was one of those things we knew we needed but hoped we'd never have to use. As digital nomads, we thrive on the freedom and adventure that remote work offers. But it's essential to have a safety net, should anything go the wrong way.

So today, we'll talk about one of the top rising medical travel insurances for digital nomads— Genki Insurance. They say they offer robust coverage, stellar customer service, adaptable monthly plans, competitive pricing, and even an established track record of processing claims. But let's see if they actually stay true to their word.

Here’s our Genki Insurance review, where we thoroughly examine Genki’s promises versus reality for digital nomads seeking dependable travel insurance.

Who is Genki Insurance?

Genki Travel Insurance Banner

At the heart of Genki lies a promise: to provide digital nomads, remote workers, and those on long-term travels with not just insurance, but a companion that understands the unpredictability and excitement of their lifestyle. Offering comprehensive coverage that spans the globe, Genki ensures that wherever your wanderlust or work takes you, you’re covered.

One of the standout aspects of Genki is its flexibility. Life on the road is anything but static, and Genki gets that. Whether you’ve found a new corner of the world that has captured your heart or you’re called back home sooner than expected, Genki’s policies adapt to your rhythm, not the other way around. You can sign off when you need to, secure in the knowledge that your coverage ticks on until the last second of the month you’ve paid for.

But what really sets Genki apart is their collaboration with Allianz Partners and Barmenia—titans in the insurance industry with a history spanning 120 years. This partnership is about what it guarantees to subscribers: reliability, comprehensive risk coverage, and the assurance of prompt medical care, wherever you might be in the world.

How Does Genki Insurance Work?

You’ll find Genki operates on a monthly subscription basis. This model is perfect for those of us whose homes are wherever we lay our laptops. Genki’s plans automatically renew every month for up to two years, striking the perfect balance between affordability and the freedom to roam.

They have two interesting worldwide coverage plans: Genki Explorer and Genki Resident.

Genki Explore versus Genki Resident

Genki Explorer

Genki Explorer is a travel health insurance plan tailored to the wanderers, the explorers, and the digital nomads. This plan covers individuals from any country, aged 0 to 69, up to two years.

It’s designed for frequent and long-term travel, basically for people like us who live life on the move, offering travel health insurance that understands the nomadic lifestyle isn’t just a series of vacations—it’s a way of life.

Genki Resident

While for those of us who find themselves staying a little longer, planting roots in foreign soils, the Genki Resident plan offers international health insurance that goes beyond the basics.

Including telemedicine, access to a global network of doctors, and even covering check-ups and vaccinations, it’s suited for expats and long-term travelers making a home away from home. This plan is open to all, regardless of nationality or age, echoing Genki’s commitment to inclusivity.

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What Makes Genki Insurance Different From Other Insurance Providers?

Genki Travel Insurance Website

What we love about Genki Insurance is how they understand the beat of the digital nomad life. Their approach is like a breath of fresh air in a market that often feels like it’s speaking a different language than ours. Let's take a closer look at their coolest features:

Designed for Long-Term Travelers

From the get-go, Genki was designed with a deep understanding of the digital nomad and remote worker lifestyle. This means they're not just repackaging traditional travel insurance, they're building it from the ground up with you in mind. It’s like they know the challenges and freedoms of working from a beach in Bali or a café in Paris, and they’ve tailored their coverage to match that flexibility and freedom.

Flexible Coverage Areas

The beauty of Genki lies in its acknowledgment that plans change – sometimes on a whim. You might find your next project takes you to Bangkok or a quiet mountain town in Georgia. Unlike traditional policies that box you into predefined destinations, Genki’s coverage is as fluid as your itinerary, offering true global coverage without needing to nail down every step of your journey ahead of time.

Adaptable Subscription Plans

In an age where flexibility is king, Genki’s monthly subscription model is a godsend, providing monthly subscriptions lasting up to 2 years, with the option to cancel anytime, ensuring users only pay for what they need. It reflects the non-linear, project-based nature of much of our work. The ability to opt-out when your circumstances change without losing out financially mirrors the best practices of modern business models, focusing on customer needs and adaptability.

Broad Health Coverage

Another amazing bonus is Genki's comprehensive approach to health coverage. They recognize that nomads are as likely to need care for common ailments as they are for the unexpected. Their policies are inclusive, even covering some pre-existing conditions under certain conditions —this is gold, especially since most insurers exclude coverage for these.

Insurance for Adventure Sports

Adventure sports and the nomadic lifestyle often go hand in hand. Surfing in Costa Rica or skiing in the Alps aren't just pastimes, they're part of the very essence of being a digital nomad. And Genki distinguishes itself by covering many activities considered too risky by others, ensuring that your pursuit of adventure is not just a possibility but a protected choice.

Efficient Claims Handling

The dread of navigating a claims process is familiar to many, but Genki aims to alleviate that stress. Their commitment to efficiency and customer service is evident in their user-friendly approach, which cuts through red tape and focuses on getting you the support you need, when you need it, adhering to high European consumer protection standards. My boyfriend's experience definitely proved that to us.

How Much Does Genki Insurance Cost?

Diving into the costs, Genki practices transparency, breaking down how factors like age, destination, and deductible preferences affect your premium. The cost of their insurance plans is determined by:

  1. Your Age: Different age groups have different pricing tiers.
  2. Regions of Cover: Costs adjust depending on whether you include or exclude the U.S.
  3. Deductible Choice: The deductible you opt for can also influence the final price.

Let's look at each of the two plans they offer (Genki Explorer and Genki Resident) and how much they cost.

Genki Explorer Prices

Genki Explorer starting price
Genki Starting Prices

The Genki Explorer plan offers transparent prices starting at just €48.30 per month.

Here's a breakdown of Genki insurance costs:

Age Group Monthly Cost (Excluding U.S.) Monthly Cost (Including U.S.)
0-29 €48.30 €96.30
30-39 €57.30 €114.30
40-49 €72.30 €156.30
50-59 €105.30 €231.30
60-69 €168.30 €378.30
The breakdown costs above all include the €50 deductible per case option. This means that if a doctor's bill is €1,000, Genki pays €950, and you pay €50 instead.

It's important to note that premiums for the variant without a deductible have increased as of May 1, 2024 due to higher medical costs compared to the €50 deductible option.

Tossing the U.S. into your coverage mix undoubtedly nudges your premium upwards – a common scene across the board with travel insurance, given the steep medical costs stateside.

But here's a little silver lining from Genki: they rolled out a €0 deductible deal. Opting for this means your monthly bill might see a €10 to €30 increase, yet it spares you from dipping into your pocket at the first hint of a medical hiccup.

For those of us looking to sidestep any out-of-pocket expenses from the beginning, this option is a great relief.

Genki Resident Prices

The standard Genki Resident plan starts at €105 per month, while the Genki Resident Premium plan starts at €125 per month.

a table showing the two Genki Resident insurance plans of 105 euros a month and 125 euros a month for the premium plan.

On the flip side, for the explorers not planning on charting a course towards Canada or the USA, if you exclude coverage in these two countries, there’s a sweet spot in Genki’s pricing model that lightens your financial load each month.

The great part is that this isn’t a once-and-done decision. As your journey unfolds and your destinations evolve, you’re free to tweak your coverage monthly.

You're also covered for a generous 180 days per calendar year for all benefits during stays in your country of origin. This means peace of mind as you reconnect with friends, family, or take a break from your nomadic adventures.

It’s this kind of adaptability that aligns so well with the unpredictable rhythm of nomadic travels, allowing your insurance to seamlessly sync with your ever-changing itinerary.

Keep in mind, though, that this coverage applies only once you've embarked on your international journey; it doesn't kick in if you're still at home preparing for your travels!

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What’s Covered By Genki Travel Insurance?

When it comes to both coverage plans, Genki Insurance offers two different options to choose from:

  1. Worldwide Coverage: This is your passport to pretty much every corner of the globe, freeing you from the usual constraints and letting your wanderlust lead the way.
  2. Worldwide with Limited Cover in Canada and the US: Opting for this means you’re still covered globally but with some caps when it comes to the North American giants (USA and Canada). This is a thoughtful nod to the varying needs and budgets of travelers.

The beauty of Genki's approach is its flexibility and destination-independent approach to travel insurance. There's no need to map out every step of your journey ahead of time. Instead, you're free to let your adventures unfold naturally, secure in the knowledge that your insurance can adapt alongside you.

Genki Resident new prices no deductibles

Medical Coverage

When it comes to health, Genki Insurance's got your back with a comprehensive suite of medical coverages that’s hard to beat. They've thought of everything.

Here's a breakdown of what they offer:

Medical Coverage No Limit Limit Limit (Up To)
Emergency Treatments
Medications and Supplies
Dental Care (Immediate pain relief) Up to €500
Dental Care (Due to an accident) Up to €1k
Mental Health (Outpatient initial) Up to €1,5k
Mental Health (Inpatient emergency) Up to €20k
Transportation to the nearest hospital
Transportation back to home country
Repatriation of mortal remains

One of the standout features of Genki's medical coverage is its inclusivity. Genki's ensures that no matter the situation—be it a sudden illness or an injury—you're completely covered without any limits.

When it comes to dental care, you're supported with up to €500 for immediate pain relief and up to €1,000 for accidental damage. After all, the life of a nomad shouldn't be restricted by something as fixable as a toothache.

Moreover, most medical-related incidents have no limit on coverage, which is a rarity among travel insurance providers. Mental health support is also robustly included, offering both initial outpatient care and emergency inpatient care with generous limits.

Transportation for medical emergencies, whether to the nearest hospital or back to your home country, is fully covered, alongside the repatriation of remains. It’s this level of inclusivity and understanding of the traveler’s needs that truly sets Genki apart.

Remember, it's always essential to read the terms and conditions of any insurance policy to understand the specifics and potential exclusions.

Activities and Sports

Genki Insurance offers a comprehensive range of activities covered under its travel insurance plans.

Activities and Sports Included in Genki Explorer Plan

Some of the activities that the Genki Explorer plan covers include:

  • Climbing (indoor only)
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Motorcycle/-scooter
  • Surfing
  • Skiing (any kind)
  • Snowboarding (any kind)
  • Kitesurfing
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain biking

While Genki covers a wide range of activities, certain "Dangerous activities" are excluded from the coverage. Those include:

  • Base jumping
  • Bungee jumping
  • Diving
  • Parachuting & gliding
  • Racing
  • Professional sports

For those who live for the rush of adrenaline and the freedom of the open sky, the Genki Resident Plan dramatically expands your horizon of possibilities. It not only matches the Explorer Plan in terms of activities and sports coverage but goes beyond by embracing those very adventures that carry an element of risk—activities previously labeled as too dangerous.

Now, the thrill of base jumping, the leap of bungee jumping, the depths of diving, the soar of parachuting, and the glide across skies are all within your reach, under the protective wing of the Resident Plan. It's an invitation to push the boundaries, to explore further, and to experience more, securely.

Yet, it's worth noting, for those who professionalize their passion in sports, that this realm remains outside of what Genki covers.

As always, reading the terms and conditions of your insurance policy will give you a full understanding of what's covered and excluded.

What’s NOT Covered By Genki Travel Insurance?

In the world of wanderlust and remote work, the insurance fine print can often be a buzzkill, especially when you're trying to decipher what's covered and what's not. Genki Insurance brings some clarity to this often murky world, but like any good story, there are plot twists. Let's break it down, no jargon attached.

Pre-existing Conditions

The Genki Explorer plan does not cover medical conditions that require treatments or medical advice within a certain period before the insurance starts. This includes chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

With the Genki Resident plan, if you have a pre-existing condition, mentioning it before signing up for a plan is essential, as the insurer will assess this information to decide if and under what conditions your existing medical conditions will be covered.

Adventure & Extreme Sports

Now, for the adrenaline junkies: If launching off cliffs or diving into the deep blue is your idea of a typical Tuesday, the Genki Explorer plan might not be your best co-pilot, keeping certain heart-pounding activities off the list.

But, switch gears to the Genki Resident plan, and it's like unlocking a level where previously "too wild" pursuits are now fair game. Just remember, turning your passion into a profession (read: professional sports) still won't make the cut.

Alcohol & Drugs

Here's a no-brainer but often overlooked chapter: accidents and illnesses caused by the use of alcohol, drugs, or similar substances are not covered by Genki's plans.

That means if your adventure takes a detour into party territory, leading to mishaps under the influence, Genki's not covering that journey.

Same goes for those seeking a helping hand with substance recovery, it's a road you'll walk without Genki's backing. This means if you need professional help overcoming substance addiction, Genki won't be able to help.

If you need such coverage, you may need to look at other insurance providers or purchase additional coverage specifically for rehabilitation treatments. It's a reminder to navigate your travels and life choices wisely, keeping safety first.

Pre-existing Pregnancy

If your journey to parenthood begins before your Genki policy does, the path gets a bit rocky for all plans. Immediate and unforeseen hiccups in health will have coverage, but it's a narrow lane.

Are There Any Deductibles?

Let's talk about something that's probably not on your bucket list but super important: deductibles. That's the bit you pay before your insurance steps in. Knowing how deductibles work with Genki plans can save you from unexpected plot twists.

Genki Explorer Deductibles

If you're always on the move, here's the deal with the two deductible options in the Genki Explorer plan:

  • €50 Deductible: It's pretty straightforward. You cover the first €50 of any claim, and Genki picks up the tab from there. It's a small price for big adventures.
  • Zero Deductible Option: If you hate surprise charges, this plan's got you covered from the start, no initial payment needed when things go sideways. Yes, your monthly fee might inch up, but for peace of mind, it could be worth it.

Genki Resident Deductibles

If you're settling in for a longer stint abroad, here's how the Genki Resident deductible choices breaks down:

  • €1,000 Annual Deductible: If you've got a claim, you're up first for the initial €1,000 in a calendar year. After that, you're in the clear, and Genki's got your back.
  • €500 Annual Deductible: Similar vibe, but you only front the first €500 of any claims each year. A bit more upfront, but with a gentler impact on your monthly budget.
  • No Deductible: Just like the Explorer plan, this option is for those who prefer to skip the upfront costs. The trade-off? A likely bump in your monthly payment.
These options depend on individual preferences and how often you anticipate making claims.

Are You Covered in Your Home Country?

Heading back home doesn't mean your adventures are on pause, especially when unexpected twists happen. Recognizing the unique lives of digital nomads and remote workers, Genki Insurance has tailored its plans to keep you covered, even on home turf. But, as with any journey, there are a few road signs to pay attention to.

Home Country Coverage: Genki Explorer

Dipping back into home comforts for a bit? With Genki Explorer plan, you're covered for up to 6 weeks (42 days) every half a year (180 days). But keep in mind, it's mainly for those "just in case" moments—accidents or urgent emergencies. And, you need to have ventured beyond your home borders at least once after your policy kicks in to tap into this benefit.

If you just started your policy while already abroad, Genki Insurance's got your first 14 days at home covered for similar emergencies.

Home Country Coverage: Genki Resident

Under the Resident plan, Genki's got your back with up to 180 days of coverage in your home country every year. This means that your coverage isn't limited to accidents and emergencies, unlike the Explorer Plan. Need a routine check-up, prescription refill, or more serious medical care? You're in good hands.

The Genki Resident plan provides a broader safety net, covering a wide range of medical services, including general check-ups, prescription medication, and even illness treatments. This makes it an excellent choice for nomads who ferry between their home countries and other destinations but still require extensive insurance coverage.

What is Genki Insurance Good (and Not Good) For?

Genki Travel Insurance website

Genki Insurance shines for a specific crowd, especially for those whose lifestyles aren't just about the 9-to-5 grind. In other words, for:

  • Digital Nomads, Long-Term Travelers, and Backpackers: If your office changes time zones more than you change your toothbrush, Genki's got your back. Designed for the digital nomad, the backpacker, and anyone who's made the world their office, Genki speaks your language.
  • Health Coverage Seekers: Comprehensive doesn't quite cut it when describing Genki's health coverage. From an unexpected tumble off a mountain bike in the Alps to needing a dentist after a too-hard bite of a baguette in Paris, they cover the mishaps and misadventures that health often throws our way.
  • Travelers Valuing Flexibility: If the only constant in your life is change, Genki's flexibility is a breath of fresh air. Plans can shift as often as your destinations do, from a month up to two years, and if you need to bail? No problem. Their cancel-anytime policy is as nomad-friendly as it gets.
  • Budget-Conscious Travelers: Who said comprehensive coverage had to empty your wallet? Genki's competitive pricing proves you can protect your health without sacrificing your travel fund.

On the flip side, Genki might not be the best fit for those who are:

  • Travelers Over 69: If you've celebrated your 70th trip around the sun, you'll need to look elsewhere. Genki's age cap is 69.
  • Short-Term Vacationers: Here for a good time, not a long time? If your travel is more about weekend getaways than wandering indefinitely, you might find Genki's extensive coverage more than you need.
  • Extreme Adventure Seekers: If you love the adrenaline but hate the idea of not being covered for the wildest of your escapades. While Genki is adventurous, it puts the brakes on for the most extreme of sports under its Explorer plan.
  • Pre-existing Condition Concerns: If you have health conditions that have been part of your journey for a while, Genki's stance on pre-existing conditions might not align with your needs.

While Genki Insurance offers a compelling package for many digital nomads and long-term travelers, weighing its offerings against your individual needs and preferences is essential.

How To Get Coverage For Genki Insurance Plans

Now that we've spilled the tea on the benefits, pros, and cons of Genki Insurance, let's move on to the more practical stuff, starting with how to get a quote for their plans.

For this example, we'll show you how to snag a quote for their Genki Explorer plan, step by easy step:

Step 1: Request a Quote

Before committing to a policy, Genki allows potential customers to get a free quote. Kick things off by popping over to Genki's website and fill in the basics: how old you are, where you're from, and when you're planning to start your travels.

This first step is s like getting a sneak peek at what your insurance might cost without having to commit to anything just yet.

Step 2: Specify Travel Duration

In the next step, you will specify the duration of your travel:

genki quote step 3 how long you will travel

Their system is designed with nomad flexibility in mind.

You can select one of three options: if you plan to travel for less than a year, choose the 'Less than one-year' option. If your travel plans extend to one year or more, select the 'One year or longer' option. If you are uncertain about the duration of your travel, you have the option to specify 'I'm not sure'.

Whether you're out for just under a year, planning to conquer the globe for longer, or if you're as indecisive about your return date as you are about your next destination, Genki's got options to match.

Step 3: Enter Your Age

After choosing your travel duration, the next step in the Genki quote process is to specify your age:

genki quote step 3: how old are you?

Here's where your age comes into play because, in the world of insurance, age isn't just a number. Type in your age to help Genki tailor the quote. If you're thinking of bringing friends or family along on your escapades, you can add them here too.

Step 4: Customize Your Travel Health Insurance

Once your age has been entered, Genki offers the opportunity to further customize your policy. This is where you can make choices that affect the overall cost of your premium.

Genki quote customization with starting price

For starters, you can choose to limit your policy coverage in the United States and Canada. Selecting this option can reduce your monthly premium.

And then there's the deductible—Genki offers you the option to add a deductible of €50. By choosing this deductible, you agree to cover the initial €50 of any claim, which leads to reduced monthly payments. It's a decision that gives you more control over managing your insurance expenses.

Remember, these choices are optional. You can select either, neither, or both, depending on your personal preferences and financial considerations. The power to shape your Genki Nomad Insurance policy to fit your needs lies in your hands.

Step 5: Add Your Personal Information

Now, share a bit more about yourself. Name, birthdate, and where you call home. Genki needs the details to make your insurance suit you just right.

Genki quote step 5: personal information

Step 6: Select Starting Date

When's the big day? Tell Genki when you want your coverage to kick in.

Genki quote step 6: select starting date

Step 7: Verify Email and Set Up Payment

After you hit "submit," keep an eye on your inbox. Genki will send over an email to make sure they got everything right. Confirm your details, and they'll guide you through setting up your monthly payments. Just like that, you're on your way to being covered.

Genki quote step 7: verify email

Genki operates on a subscription model, meaning you're billed monthly. This flexibility is especially beneficial for long-term travelers or digital nomads whose plans might change.

The first month's payment is made upon subscribing, and subsequent charges occur automatically every month on the same day.

How Do You Make a Claim For Genki Insurance?

Filing claims with Genki Insurance is not particularly complex, and while it might not be the most enjoyable task, it's essential when the unexpected happens.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make a claim with Genki Insurance:

Step 1: Ask for Itemized Receipts

Start by securing detailed receipts and invoices for any treatment or service you've received. These are essential for your claim, laying out what you're seeking compensation for.

Step 2: Submit Your Claim Form

Once you've gathered your documents, it's time to officially start the claim process. If you're already a Genki member, you'll have access to an online profile. This is your portal to submit claims, update your details, and manage your insurance policy.

Alternatively, Genki provides an email address for those who prefer or need to submit their claims in a more traditional manner. Whichever route you choose, ensure that all your documents, including bills and receipts, are clear and complete. This step sets the wheels in motion for your claim.

Step 3: Report the Illness or Accident Promptly

If you find yourself needing medical attention, let Genki know as soon as possible. A quick call can make all the difference, ensuring they can provide immediate support and start processing your claim.

Ensure you provide all the necessary information!

Step 4: Wave the Physician-Patient-Privilege

For Genki to thoroughly assess your claim, you'll need to waive the physician-patient privilege. This allows them to obtain necessary medical records directly from your healthcare provider.

Step 5: Claim Review and Compensation

Genki stands out with one of the fastest compensation timelines among the digital nomad insurance companies out there. We saw this with my boyfriend when he filed his claim about the scooter accident in Thailand.

They commonly settle claims within a period of 2-5 weeks, or make direct payments to the hospital, based on the circumstances although these are general timeframes and can vary based on specific situations.

Remember, while Genki Insurance offers a streamlined process for claims, it's always essential to keep all your documents organized and to communicate promptly with the insurance provider for a smooth claims process.

How Do You Cancel Genki Insurance?

Canceling your Genki Insurance is as easy as signing up. Genki sets itself apart from many insurers by letting you cancel your policy whenever it suits you. This fits perfectly with the unpredictable nature of a digital nomad's life.

Once you decide to cancel, your insurance doesn't just vanish into thin air—you're still covered until the very last day of the month you've paid for. And if you're having second thoughts about your decision, Genki offers a peace-of-mind guarantee: a full refund if you cancel within the first 14 days. This way, you can test the waters without any strings attached, ensuring Genki is the right choice for you.

It's important to note that once your subscription is canceled, you will not be able to make any new claims. However, if you have an ongoing claim at the time of cancellation, it will still be processed and compensated accordingly.

What do Travelers Think of Genki Insurance?

To get a well-rounded view of Genki insurance, we didn't just lean on our own experiences in this review. We went deeper, seeking out what a broader circle of travelers and digital nomads thought.

Trustpilot, known for its reliable user reviews, was our go-to. Here, Genki boasts a strong 4.4 out of 5 stars from 383 reviews. Users frequently commend Genki for the smoothness of its sign-up process, the value and flexibility of its plans, the warmth and effectiveness of its customer service, and the clarity and fairness of its claims process.

It's full of stories with positive experiences with Genki across the globe—from injury recoveries in Thailand to medical emergencies in Angola and essential scans in Kuala Lumpur. These travelers also gave a thumbs-up to Genki's innovative features like the hassle-free online claim form and the Air Doctor app.

Sure, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Some voiced concerns over delays in reimbursements, occasional communication gaps with the claims team, the $50 deductible, and challenges in accessing medical care in certain areas. Yet, Genki doesn't shy away from these critiques. The company actively engages with such feedback, offering solutions and clarifications, and more importantly, committing to service improvements.

In essence, the consensus among users is overwhelmingly positive. They see Genki not just as another insurance provider but as a reliable companion for peace of mind during their travels. The general sentiment is clear: for those wandering the globe, whether for work or wanderlust, Genki's insurance option comes highly recommended.

Our Verdict on Genki Insurance

Reflecting on our journey with Genki in various countries, and particularly through an unexpected turn of events in Thailand, gives us a real sense of the value of insurance. My boyfriend's scooter accident could have been a nightmare: a solo crash leading to a hospital stay and finger surgery.

The anxiety of dealing with medical bills and insurance claims while in a foreign country looms large in such situations. Yet, with Genki, the process was surprisingly straightforward. My boyfriend submitted his claim just a day after leaving the hospital, and the claim form was refreshingly simple. The response from Genki came quickly, their team reaching out for more details before covering the full cost of both the surgery and post-surgery care without hassle.

This experience, coupled with the wealth of positive feedback from other travelers, solidifies our trust in Genki. It ticks many boxes: affordable plans, a simple sign-up process, and reliable claims handling for those unexpected situations on the road. Genki's comprehensive coverage, designed with the nomadic lifestyle in mind, makes it a standout choice for anyone living their life on the move. But don't just take our word for it, give Genki a shot.

If you're carving out a life across different time zones, consider checking out Genki for your travel insurance needs. It's one less "what if" to worry about, allowing you to immerse fully in the joys and discoveries of the nomadic life.

As always, we recommend comparing different insurance options and choosing the one that best fits your specific needs. You can check out the best ones below:

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