Yesim Review: Is This eSIM Worth It for International Travel?

The excitement around eSIM technology is palpable, and it's reshaping how digital nomads like ourselves stay connected across borders. The draw is clear: there's no more messing with different SIM cards for each destination. I just land and I'm already set to go, which is a huge relief.

During our recent travels across North America and the UK, we tried out Yesim, an eSIM provider that got our attention thanks to their affordable data plans in over 150 countries.

In this review, we'll break down our firsthand experience with Yesim, covering what we loved, what didn’t quite hit the mark, and how the service fared in terms of speed and reliability in different locations. Let’s dig into whether Yesim lives up to the buzz and might be the right fit for your travels.


Yesim's eSIM services simplify international travel with budget-friendly eSIM data plans for over 150+ countries. Setup is simple, and with pay-as-you-go options, a loyalty program, and even virtual phone numbers, you can customize your travel connectivity like never before.

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What we liked about it

It's easy to buy and activate an eSIM

Getting started with Yesim is refreshingly simple. From the moment you sign up on their appor website, if that's more your style—the process is designed to be user-friendly. Navigating through the options is as easy as it gets: you choose where you're heading, pick a plan that fits your needs, and you’re almost done.

How to select your Yesim data plans

Buying and activating a plan couldn’t be more direct either. With just a few taps, you can complete your purchase by picking your preferred payment method.

How to buy your Yesim data plan

The eSIM's activation process was a piece of cake, too. We like to keep things simple so we just opted for the automatic installation and Yesim did the rest.

But there's also the option to scan the QR code or go with the manual option—you just need to follow a set of instructions. Don't worry, Yesim makes sure you’re not left puzzled by tech jargon.

How to install your Yesim eSIM

What really seals the deal for us is the instant connectivity. Once you’re set up, you're ready to dive into your travels without missing a beat. Remember to switch on "Data Roaming" on your new eSIM, and if you find yourself needing to connect more devices, Yesim’s hotspot capability is incredibly handy. This feature is perfect for those of us who might need to share our connection.

How to activate your Yesim eSIM
Before you get too excited about Yesim, double-check that your phone actually supports eSIM technology. They have a handy device compatibility list on their website to make this easy!

Your destination is probably covered

One thing that really stands out about Yesim is their extensive coverage. As nomads who hardly ever stay in one place for too long, we've found their global reach incredibly reliable. Yesim covers over 150 countries, so no matter where our adventures take us, we can count on them to keep us connected.

And don't even get us started on the multitude of plans Yesim offers. From country-specific eSIMs for when you're headed to just one place like the UK, to regional plans like the one for North American for when the travel bug's bitten you and you want to include multiple countries in your itineraries. They even have global plans, but watch out for potential usage limits! In other words? Their flexibility is priceless.

Yesim country-specific, regional, and global eSIM plans

But wait, it gets better: what’s really a relief is their pay-as-you-go eSIM plan. It's exactly how it sounds—with their international eSIM, there’s no stress about wasting unused data. Whenever we need more, we just top up. This is the cherry on top for those trips that don’t always go as planned (let's face it, most trips don't go as planned) or when we decide to stay a bit longer somewhere unexpectedly.

Yesim International eSIM

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Mobile data prices are very reasonable

Talking about costs, Yesim's pricing feels fair overall. Depending on where we're headed and our data needs, we find their rates quite reasonable. They have plans for both casual use and heavy data demands, which is great because sometimes we just need basic access, and other times we're streaming or uploading large files. Obviously, the unlimited plans set you back a bit more, but it's a given.

Yesim unlimited and standard data plans

But hold on, let's look at a few popular destinations to give you a sense of their standard plan pricing:

Country/Region 3GB (7 days) 5GB (15 days) 10GB (30 days) 20GB (30 days)
US $12.10 $15.40 $23.10 $28.60
Thailand $11.00 $15.40 $22.00 $30.80
Spain $9.90 $14.30 $19.80 $28.60
Europe $9.90 $14.30 $20.90 $27.50
Global $26.40 $38.50 $64.90 $82.50

Looking at their pricing, we can say that Yesim holds its own against other eSIM providers. To give you an idea, a 10GB plan for a trip to Italy costs about $19.80 with Yesim, which is more affordable than some other services like Airalo, where the same amount of data might cost closer to $24. This makes Yesim a solid choice for keeping travel costs down without sacrificing connectivity.

Want to save even more? Score free data with Yesim's loyalty program! Their Ycoins are like travel rewards – earn them by referring friends (who also get a discount) and use them towards your next eSIM. 100 Ycoins = $1.10 USD...It adds up fast! Find your special referral link in your account and start sharing.

Customer support is fast and friendly

During a busy week in New York, I faced a technical glitch that left me disconnected. It was a simple setting gone wrong on my phone, I was going crazy trying to understand what was happening and typically it might have ruined my day. But we reached out to Yesim's customer support and the situation quickly turned around.

Fast Yesim customer service live chat

Their live chat was impressively responsive—within a minute, I was talking to someone who could help. The rep was patient and we kept chatting until everything was confirmed to be working. This responsiveness is invaluable, especially when you're relying on your phone for literally everything (who isn't?).

You can also get a virtual phone number

Yesim virtual phone numbers

During our stay, we got to appreciate yet another feature of Yesim's—the virtual phone number. It was super handy for getting those annoying, yet necessary, SMS codes for two-factor authentication. You know, the kind you need to keep your accounts secure while you're hopping from one spot to another. But here's where it really came into its own: we could make dinner reservations, and even sign up for a local fitness class without jumping through hoops to prove we weren't just tourists. We blended in like we actually belonged.

Remember: Not all countries have virtual numbers available on Yesim, so definitely check their app or website, and they do cost a bit extra on top of your data plan!

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What we didn’t like about it

The live chat isn't 24/7

Yesim customer service live chat

I've had really positive experiences with Yesim's customer support, but I've also run into a snag due to their live chat not being available 24/7. There was one night when I needed help because my data stopped working. I tried to hop on the live chat, only to find out it was offline. Turns out, it was out of hours for their support team.

We had to wait until the next morning to get things sorted out. The time difference can definitely be a bit of a hassle, especially when you're dealing with something time-sensitive and there’s no one immediately available to help. To be completely clear, the reps themselves are super helpful once you get in touch, but that waiting period can be a turnoff.

You can't top up standard and unlimited plans

Another hiccup with Yesim is the lack of flexibility when it comes to topping up your data. To be clear: if you go for their international eSIM with the pay-as-you-go plan, you're fine, but if you have a standard or unlimited plan, you can't top up. During our trip to the UK I had a standard plan and halfway through the trip I realized my data was running low.

Long story short, instead of simply adding more data to the existing plan, I had to purchase a new plan, which meant going through the setup process all over again (good thing that automatic installation is fast). This can be a bit frustrating, especially if you’re just short of a few gigs to get you through your last few days abroad.

It isn't cheaper than local SIM cards (yet)

Yes, Yesim's plans generally offer good value for eSIM standards, but sometimes local SIM cards are cheaper, particularly in countries where they practically throw mobile data at you. Still, we're all in with eSIMs and the ease of use that Yesim provides has its own value.

Think about it: no need to navigate a foreign electronics store, no dealing with language barriers, and no confusing instructions in another language. For people like us who value convenience and time, paying a bit more for Yesim is a worthwhile trade-off. To be honest, this convenience has been a lifesaver for me during my hectic schedules. Without eSIMS, finding a store and setting up a local SIM would have eaten into valuable travel time.

Our Experience Using Yesim in 4 Different Countries (+ Speed Test Results)

Yesim app on a phone next to a laptop and coffee cup

On our latest trips, we really put Yesim through its paces, using it across four countries on two continents: the US, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and the UK.

Since network reliability can make or break your travel experience, we decided to run some speed tests to see how Yesim held up.

Country Speed Test (download) Connection Quality
USA 110.2 Mbps Great
Mexico 26.8 Mbps OK
Dominican Republic 10.3 Mbps Unstable
United Kingdom 56.9 Mbps Great

In the UK and USA, Yesim performed brilliantly, allowing us to stream videos, join video calls, and manage online tasks with ease. But things took a less pleasant turn when we hit Mexico, the speed dipped to 26.8 Mbps. While this was enough for general browsing and emails, we noticed a bit of lag during heavier internet usage.

The most challenging test came in the Dominican Republic, where speeds fell to just 10.3 Mbps. In other words, the connection was noticeably unstable, which to be completely honest, was a bit frustrating at times. But it's fair to point out that this isn't on Yesim—the network quality depends heavily on the local infrastructure. Even other eSIM providers we tried had a tough time in that particular location!

The experience in the Dominican Republic aside, Yesim delivered a robust service. In the US, it exceeded our expectations by reaching 5G speeds on my iPhone 14 Pro, an unexpected surprise since it was advertised for 4G capabilities!

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Yesim Alternatives

When it comes to picking an eSIM provider, it’s good to have options because one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Let me share a couple of alternatives to Yesim that I've come across in my travels:


Airalo eSIM Homepage

Airalo is a solid option for those who venture beyond typical tourist paths. They offer coverage in over 200 countries, so it’s likely they’ve got you covered wherever you're headed. Airalo is one of my go-tos and I used it in Thailand, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Georgia, and even Morocco. Georgia was particularly impressive, whether I was wandering through Tbilisi or hiking in the Caucasus Mountains, the connectivity was robust—a true lifeline in remote areas.

From my experience, they’re a reliable choice, although their prices can be a bit steep per gigabyte compared to Yesim, and they don’t always have unlimited data plans. On the flip side, Airalo rewards its users with Airmoney every time you buy an eSIM! The points accumulate quickly and can be used towards future purchases. So, if you’re watching your budget and your destination is within Yesim's network, you might want to stick with Yesim.

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Want a more in-depth look at Airalo? Check out our full review:

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Holafly eSIM Homepage

Another contender in the eSIM space is Holafly, which boasts an impressive footprint with service in over 200 destinations and a variety of unlimited data plans. I've tapped into their service in places like Thailand, Portugal, Spain and Mexico, where the connection was reliably strong. They even toss in 60 minutes of free calls within Europe, which was super helpful during our trip to Spain when we needed to arrange a last-minute boat rental in Javea.

Their customer support is also top-notch, always ready to assist with any queries or issues. But just like Airalo, Holafly tends to be pricier than Yesim, and they lack the option to use your phone as a hotspot, which can be a dealbreaker for those of us who need to connect multiple devices.

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Interested in learning more about Holafly? Here's my full review:

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Bottom Line

We've been using Yesim for a while now, and honestly, it's taken a lot of the stress out of staying connected. In the past, we’d spend the first hour or so in a new country trying to find a local SIM card. It meant figuring out plans in another language, hoping we understood the terms, and sometimes getting it wrong.

With Yesim, we skip that part. Sure, it might cost a bit more than some of the local SIMs we could hunt down, but the time and frustration we save are worth it for us. I just land, turn on my phone, and I’m connected. It’s that simple. Plus, their pay-as-you-go plans have been pretty handy. They give me flexibility, so if I decide to extend my stay or pop over to another country last minute, I’m covered.

And about that virtual number feature—it’s a small thing but has made a big difference. It’s a great bonus, keeping us connected with secure two-factor authentication and allowing us to book local services seamlessly.

If you’re someone who travels a lot and prefers things straightforward without any fuss, Yesim could be a good fit. So, next time you’re packing for a trip, consider giving Yesim a try. It just might change the way you think about travel connectivity. Who knows? Once you experience this new way of staying online, you might never want to deal with traditional SIM cards again!

Ready to Give Yesim a Go?

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