Best Business Tablets for Remote Work

Tired of struggling with a bulkier laptop when traveling on a plane, train, or coach? A business tablet is a valuable, liberating tool and a must-have for any digital nomad office setup.

Pioneering the tablet as we know it today, the answer to the best tablet has long been the iPad. Depending on who you ask, no other tablet exists. But does Apple still hold the keys to the tablet kingdom?

In this article, we’ll examine what to look for in a business tablet and cover the top tablet picks for remote workers. We’ll discuss the best from Apple, Samsung, and Amazon before diving into the best value tablets.

Best Tablets for Remote Workers: Our Top Picks

1. Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Best for Apple Users

Apple iPad Pro 12.9
  • Operating System: iPadOS
  • Display: 11” (2420 x 1668 at 264 PPI) or 13” (2752 x 2064 at 264 PPI)
  • Processor: Apple M4 chip
  • Storage: 256GB - 2TB
  • Cellular Connectivity: Wi-Fi + Cellular models
  • Accessories: Apple Pencil Pro, Magic Keyboard
  • Highly customizable specification
  • Stunning Ultra Retina XDR display
  • Incredibly powerful with 10-hours battery life
  • Support for Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard
  • App selection may be limited in your niche
  • Can get expensive with accessories

The latest iteration of the iPad Pro is without a doubt the overall best tablet for working remotely. With plenty of power and a plethora of features - the tablet can be used either as a handy business accessory or a standalone piece of productivity tech.

The Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard are both compatible with the tablet and, although the price can creep up (especially when speccing up the tablet), it’s the best tablet on the market for most digital nomads.

The exception lies in those with specific software requirements. For example, engineers who require Windows-only software packages are unlikely to benefit from the iPad Pro.

2. Amazon Fire Max 11

Best Tablet for Entertainment and Light Work

Amazon Fire Max 11
  • Operating System: FireOS
  • Display: 11”, 2000 x 1200 resolution at 213 PPI
  • Processor: Octa-core processor, 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 64 GB or 128 GB (Expandable up to 1TB)
  • Cellular Connectivity: No
  • Accessories: Keyboard cases, stylus pen, screen protector
  • Strengthened glass makes for a highly durable table
  • Keyboard cases, stylus pen, screen protector compatible
  • Long 14-hour battery life
  • 1-year limited warranty and service included
  • Less powerful than other high-performing tablets
  • No cellular connectivity options

A real work-from-anywhere tablet, the Amazon Fire 11 is our pick for the best tablet from the online giant.

The Fire 11 makes no secret of being less powerful than its tech-focused competitors, but at a much lower price point, it’s tailored to a different type of user. If you’re looking for a tablet for light work, entertainment (Netflix, streaming), and games on the go - this is it.

Additional features include a lengthy 14-hour battery life, strengthened glass, and a range of available accessories including keyboard cases, stylus pens, and screen protectors.

3. Samsung Galaxy S9 Ultra

Best for Big-Screen Multitasking

Samsung Galaxy S9 Ultra
  • Operating System: Android 13
  • Display: 14.6”, 2960 x 1848 at 239 PPI
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, Octa Core (1x3.2GHz + 2x2.8GHz + 2x2.8GHz + 3x2.0GHz)
  • Storage: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB (Expandable up to 1 TB)
  • Cellular Connectivity: No
  • Accessories: S pen included, Book Cover Keyboard Slim, Smart Book Cover
  • Stylus (S pen) included and compatible with Book Cover options
  • Face recognition and on-screen fingerprint scanner
  • Powerful processor and 12/16GB of RAM
  • Compatible with Galaxy AI
  • No cellular connectivity is available
  • Only one screen size is available

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Ultra is our pick for the best portable tablet for business from the South Korean tech behemoth.

At 14.6” and with a resolution of 2960 x 1848 at 239 PPI, the display is a huge selling point of the S9 Ultra. It’s the biggest of our tablet featured - great if you prefer to have virtual space as you work.

One major downside is the lack of cellular connectivity options - a pain if you’re hoping to use the tablet on the go. It’s not the end of the world - especially with a wide range of Wi-Fi options for remote work - but it’s a shame to not have the option available from new.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Best Tablet-Laptop Hybrid

Microsoft Surface Pro 9
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Display: 13”, 2880 x 1920 at 267 PPI
  • Processor: 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-1235U processor, 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-1255U processor
  • Storage: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB (Expandable)
  • Cellular Connectivity: Wi-Fi + Cellular models
  • Accessories: Surface Pro Signature Keyboard Case, Surface Slim Pen 2
  • Highly customizable specification
  • Gorilla Glass 5 with 10-point multi-touch
  • 15.5 to 19 hours of battery life
  • Wi-Fi + Cellular models available
  • Can get expensive when specced up

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is a fantastic tablet for digital nomads and our top pick from the much-loved Microsoft brand.

The Surface Pro 9 blurs the gap between tablet and laptop - it offers the best of both worlds and is a fantastic solution for digital nomads. There’s an ultra crispy 13” display with a 2880 x 1920 resolution at 267 PPI. A powerful choice of either 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-1235U or i7-1255U processor and up to 1 TB of internal storage.

The Wi-Fi model offers a huge battery life of up to 15.5 hours whilst the pricier cellular version boasts a battery life of up to 19 hours. It’s perfect for those long travel days and intense work schedules.

5. Apple iPad

Best Value iPad for Most Users

Apple iPad
  • Operating System: iPadOS
  • Display: 10.9” 2360x1640 at 264 PPI
  • Processor: A14 Bionic chip
  • Storage: 64GB, 256GB (Not expandable)
  • Cellular Connectivity: Wi‑Fi and Cellular models
  • Accessories: Magic Keyboard Folio, Apple Pencil
  • Well-priced base model Apple tablet
  • High-quality display with 2360x1640 at 264 PPI, 500 nits
  • Handles multitasking seamlessly
  • Wi‑Fi and Cellular models available
  • App selection may be limited in your niche
  • Not as powerful as the iPad Pro

It should come as no surprise that the original Apple iPad still wears its crown and offers the best tablet for remote work on a budget.

At a fraction of the cost of the iPad Pro, nomads will get a highly capable tablet with almost all of the bells and whistles. The display is a stunning 10.9” screen with a resolution of 2360x1640 at 264 PPI, 500 nits - one of the best on the market.

You’ll get all of the benefits of iPadOS - the ability to run multiple apps at once, use the Apple pencil to draw and take notes, and a well-oiled user interface that’s super intuitive. It’s everything great about Apple crammed into less than 11”.

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What Should You Look For in a Business Tablet for Remote Work?


The display of a business tablet is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing.

Different brands and models will provide options in size, resolution, support for styluses, etc. We have included a range of different display options, starting at the top level and moving down to more affordable business tablets.

Keyboard & Accessories

Standalone tablets are a thing of the past and although the large onscreen keyboard may be of plenty of use for some, an external keyboard may be best for others.

As a content writer, I use my portable keyboard more than anyone I know. If I switched to a business tablet for a portion of my working day, I would absolutely invest in an external tablet keyboard to boost the typing experience.

Operating System

The operating system can be a deal maker or a deal breaker for digital nomads searching for a business tablet for remote work.

Ultimately, possible operating systems boil down to what apps/software you use daily. If, for example, you’re a remote engineer who requires specific, Windows-only software, your tablet choices are limited to Windows devices.

Battery Life

Working remotely comes with a unique set of challenges - one of which is the battery life of our devices.

The claimed battery life is the first thing we look for on any spec sheet, and for good reason. It’s hard work constantly juggling a charger between your laptop, tablet, and phone. If you’re working from a cafe or new coworking space, finding a suitable outlet can be a nightmare.

Sure, portable power banks are a great way to recharge in times of necessity - but they absolutely shouldn’t be the first port of call. Look for devices with all-day power to put any worries to bed.

Cellular Connectivity (for working without Wi-Fi)

Cellular connectivity can usually be selected as an option, if not included as standard, for many quality business tablets.

This is a great option for real remote working - the kind where you’re away from public Wi-Fi. A train, city park, or beach lounger - where you choose to work from should never be a problem. With cellular connectivity, it never will be.

Storage Capacity

The amount of storage capacity required by digital nomads is very much down to the unique needs of each user.

Where one remote worker may use a handful of simple programs, another may quickly use up their device memory on files, pictures, and applications. Chances are that you’ll immediately know which camp you’ll be in here. If not, always opt for a slightly larger capacity than you think you’ll need - memory can fill up quickly!


Since the release of the original iPad (back in 2010), the entry-level cost for quality tablets has dropped dramatically with the technology developments.

We’ve included a range of price points in our list of business tablets, catering to different nomads’ budgets and requirements.

Hybrid tablets

Hybrid devices blur the lines between tablets and laptops. This creates the best of both worlds and an optimal solution for many digital nomads.

These devices are often provided with detachable keyboards and styluses, removing barriers and providing additional functionality to the user.

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