How to deal with power cuts

Hola friends!

It's Luca here, writing to you from San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua 🇳🇮 where I've been living for the past week. I absolutely love it here - the locals, the small-town vibe, and the beaches nearby. However, there is one thing that takes some getting used to: the frequent power outages.

As digital nomads, it's clear that we rely on electricity to get our work done. So when the power abruptly goes out, it can be incredibly disruptive.

Power outages used to give me major anxiety, I'm not gonna lie. So, if you are like me and you are approaching a country that has power outages or will do in the future for the first time, I want to share with you some handy ways to deal with them when working remotely. Here are my top tips:

  1. Invest in a laptop power bank - I always keep my devices fully charged in case of surprise outages. But, in case anything happens, I always have a high-capacity portable charger for my phone/laptop so I can keep working offline without stressing out too much. If you wanna know which one best fits your needs, we wrote a detailed guide comparing the best ones here.
  2. Locate backup WiFi - Scope out cafes, restaurants, or hotels nearby that have generators! Their WiFi (and electricity) could save your day during an outage, trust me!
  3. Invest in backup internet - Local cell towers often stay powered thanks to generators. So getting a portable WiFi router (our favorite is the Solis Lite 4G) or using an eSIM to turn your phone into a WiFi hotspot lets you tap into mobile data when the electricity fails. This could make or break your ability to keep working.
  4. Bond with locals - Some of my favorite outage memories are chatting with Nicaraguans during candlelit dinners. Outages are a fact of life here, so adopting a relaxed local attitude helps. It's not rare to see people keep going, even without the town completely in the darkness!
  5. Do nothing! - That's actually a thing! Apparently, as studies show, there is a part of that brain that is called “default mode” which gets activated when we are not engaged in any tasks. So, you it's an excellent time to take advantage of it and get great ideas for your personal projects or those of your clients/company.
  6. Have offline tasks ready - I learned to use power cuts as a cue to do non-urgent computer-free tasks, like meal prep, reading, or exercise. Getting into this mindset helps me stay productive.
I used to see power outages as catastrophes. But reframing them as welcomed breaks has worked wonders for my mindset!
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

At the end of the day, power cuts are often out of our control. But staying proactive and adaptive can help us digital nomads roll with the unexpected - and keep chasing those WiFi signals!

Let me know your power outage survival tips by hitting the Reply button. Hope to hear them!

Stay safe,
Luca 👋 

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