How to survive summer as a digital nomad

Hey nomad friends,

This is Irene Lidia, one of the co-founders of the Freaking Nomads community, coming to you from a bustling café in Turkey, with the sun shining and the smell of summer in the air.

It's that time of year again: summer. For some, it's a season of relaxation, outdoor adventures, and a break from the monotony of work. But for us digital nomads, it can often mean quite the opposite. The influx of tourists, crowded public spaces, and skyrocketing prices can make our nomadic lifestyle feel more chaotic than liberating.

Summer, for many, is synonymous with vacation. But for us, it's a bit different. We're not on a perpetual holiday, even though our Instagrams might suggest otherwise to internet trolls!

We're all too familiar with the struggle to find a quiet corner in a café teeming with vacationers or the disappointment when our favorite off-the-beaten-path spot suddenly becomes Instagram-famous. Not to mention the challenge of staying focused and productive while the world around us seems to be in holiday mode. I'm sure many of you can relate.

But fear not, Freaking Nomads! Even in the midst of the summer frenzy, we can still find serenity and maintain productivity. Here are my top 5 tips that have personally helped me survive summer:

  1. Embrace the Early Bird Lifestyle: Get up and get started before the world wakes up. Cafés are less crowded in the early morning, internet connections are more stable, and you'll have a head start on your work before the heat of the day sets in.
  2. Go off the beaten path: The popular tourist spots will be crowded, but that doesn't mean everywhere will be. Do some research and find those hidden gems where you can work in peace.
  3. Adjust Your Schedule: If your work allows, consider adjusting your schedule to off-peak hours. You'll avoid the crowds and might even enjoy some quiet.
  4. Stay hydrated and protected: Drink plenty of water, use sunscreen, and wear a hat and sunglasses when you're out and about. Taking care of your health is essential for staying productive.
  5. Embrace the chaos: Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things won't go according to plan. Embrace the unpredictability – it's all part of the nomadic lifestyle!

Remember, Freaking Nomads:

Every season brings its own challenges and rewards.

Summer might have its downsides, but it also brings beautiful weather, vibrant events, and a lively atmosphere. As digital nomads, we have the unique ability to adapt and thrive wherever we are.

Keep exploring, keep learning, and remember to take a moment to enjoy the summer sun ☀️

Yours nomadically,

Irene Lidia xx

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