JSAUX FlipGo Review: Is This Portable Dual Monitor Game Changer for Remote Workers?

Creating an ergonomic environment can be tricky for us digital nomads. Whether we’re typing emails in capsule hotels or working from creaky Airbnb tables - nomads have plenty of alternative workspace stories.

A reliable, comfortable workspace can be hard to find. Headaches, back pain, and poor posture are all too common. We may not be able to carry our adjustable chairs and height-adjustment desks with us as we travel - but there are some handy gadgets out there to help smooth the way. Laptop stands, ergonomic mice, and clever keyboards all help to set up the perfect working position.

But of those available on the market - it’s the portable monitors that we find some of the most promising and exciting. Not only do they fix the problems with a craned neck, but they’re fantastic for boosting productivity with multi-screen displays available.

We’ve kindly been gifted the JSAUX FlipGo, a Portable Dual Screen designed to boost the productivity of digital nomads.

In this article, we’ll share our impartial, unbiased thoughts about the FlipGo. We’ll talk about our first impressions, our experience testing around Europe, and everything you need to know before investing in a portable screen to boost your productivity.

Unboxing the JSAUX FlipGo: First Impressions

Portable Dual Monitor JSAUX FlipGo Review in 13.5 and 16 inches

Launched and fully backed on Kickstarter by thousands of remote workers, JSAUX is a brand-new competitor in the productivity marketplace.

With the FlipGo as their first-ever monitor, the Hong Kong-based team has done a fantastic job of an initial launch. The product has earned both the 2024 iF Design Award and the 2024 Red Dot Design Award for its cutting-edge portable screen.

Unboxing of JSAUX FlipGo
What's in the JSAUX FlipGo box

Unboxing the FlipGo, it’s easy to see the time and effort that’s gone into building their inaugural setup. The build quality is high and, for a first product, exceeds all expectations. The award-winning pedigree is clear. We like the magnetic attraction, although sometimes it feels a bit unstable and not particularly solid. The thought of accidentally breaking the screen makes us feel a little uneasy.

JSAUX FlipGo magnetic stand

The aluminum alloy is a fantastic finish and the product feels like a genuinely quality piece of kit. After a month of use, the screen looks just as fresh as it did when we unboxed it.

The initial setup process is smooth and the FlipGo offers a “Plug and Play” design, wasting no time with cumbersome menus, software updates, or firmware obstacle courses. With the Pro Edition, there’s even support for a single cable to connect both screens with DisplayLink compatibility. We had zero issues with the setup - it was quick and painless - perfect for nomads.

There are also plenty of accessories to further optimize the working setup. Whether you like the Flex Folio or the Snap Stand - simply add the support that’s best for you.

Design and Portability

JSAUX FlipGo models

The design, particularly the portability, is the major selling point for digital nomads and is what initially drew us to the FlipGo.

There are five configurations available, the 13.5" Pro, 13.5" Standard, 13.5" Standard with Touch Screen, 16" Pro, and the 16" Standard with Touch Screen. Each offers a slightly different specification (key differences highlighted in the table below) to suit every type of remote worker.

Model 13.5" Pro 13.5" Standard 13.5" Standard with Touch Screen 16" Pro 16" Standard with Touch Screen
Weight 1.1kg 1.3kg 1.3kg 1.78kg 1.9kg
Brightness 400 nits 400 nits 400 nits 500 nits 500 nits
Touch Screen No No Yes No Yes
Screen Ratio 3:2 3:2 3:2 16:10 16:10
Contrast Ratio 1500:1 1500:1 1500:1 1200:1 1200:1
Resolution 2256 x 1504 2256 x 1504 2256 x 1504 2560 x 1600 2560 x 1600
Viewing Angle 170° / 170° 170° / 170° 170° / 170° 170° / 170° 170° / 170°
Built-in Battery No No No No No

Starting at just 1.1kg for the 13.5" Pro, the JSAUX FlipGo is both lightweight and portable. As a foldable portable screen, the device uses roughly the same footprint as a small laptop. It can be easily stowed in a backpack - much in the same as you may transport a laptop - and an optional carry-case offers a great way to maximize screen protection.

JSAUX FlipGo inside a backpack

There’s no easy way to carry a multiple-screen set-up, but the JSAUX FlipGo is the closest we’ve found to a true travel-friendly triple-monitor solution. With its super versatile approach and multi-option configuration, it’s a product that’s worth the money for digital nomads.

Display Quality and Performance

JSAUX FlipGo display quality

The display quality and overall performance may divide glossy purists from versatile remote workers with a matte design.

The JSAUX FlipGo is available in the 13.5” configuration with a 2256 x 1504 resolution at 400 nits with a 3:2 ratio or the 16” configuration with a 2560 x 1600 resolution at 500 nits with a 16:10 ratio.

The pixel per inch (PPI) count is maybe a little lower than we may like - at 200 compared to the 254 offered in the standard MacBook Pro. However, the on-screen performance is more than enough for less detail-orientated processes.

The main point of contention of the JSAUX FlipGo is the anti-reflective plastic covers installed on the standard glass. This reduces the overall brightness, providing somewhat of a matte finish to both screens.

The matte finish may be a little dull for those used to glossy screens. However, this works to provide a more versatile display that can be seen clearly in a variety of different working conditions. Whether you’re indoors with artificial light, in direct sunlight, or with glare from harsh fluorescent bulbs - the screen will always offer a crisp picture. For fast-moving nomads, it’s perfect.

Using the JSAUX FlipGo: Our Experience as Remote Workers

JSAUX FlipGo connected to a laptop

We used the JSAUX FlipGo portable screen for around a month across three countries (the UK, Bulgaria, and Germany). We used it for coding, playing games, watching movies, and sports and found it to be both effortless and enjoyable when connecting to both our PC and Mac devices.

Using a dual (and triple) screen configuration is fantastic for travel. The different configurations have allowed for a streamlined workflow with information pulled, pooled, and displayed with ease.

One of the most unexpected benefits of the screen arose during time off, at the weekend. With multiple sports events occurring at the same time, we could watch football, golf, and Formula 1 in unison - without compromising on the screen size. The colors are super clear and we also loved the contrast. For sport-loving digital nomads, it’s unbeatable.

Productivity Boost

The stacked displays option offered by the FlipGo is one of the best features that we’ve found for productivity as remote workers.

JSAUX FlipGo horizontally stacked displays
JSAUX FlipGo vertically stacked displays

Creating and editing long, multiple-page documents is smooth and satisfying with a triple-screen configuration (laptop + double stacked screen above). With the deliverable positioned across both FlipGo screens, the laptop is free to open handy resources and references to build out detailed documents.

We primarily used the portable screen for coding in a working environment and found it to be a productivity gem. The larger screen proved to be super helpful and the multiple screens with multiple views made the project workflow much smoother.

Position the FlipGo alongside the laptop screen and find the best productivity setup to suit you. Whether that’s three different screens or using the FlipGo in its largest, single-screen configuration - there are plenty of options available.

If there was one downside to the FlipGo, it’s that there may be too much freedom. There are plenty of configuration options available, but we landed one we liked and barely changed it. Some users will love the ability to change it up every time they log on - but for us, it was a bit too overkill.

Opt for the touchscreen edition featuring dual-screen touch and gesture support for the ultimate productivity hack.

Connectivity and Compatibility

In terms of ports and compatibility, the JSAUX FlipGo excels. Windows/MacOS/Linux systems are all supported and with DisplayLink compatibility in the Pro models, it’s easier than ever to connect multiple screens.

JSAUX FlipGo connectivity and compatibility

There are two USB-A 2.0 ports, a USB-C, and a mini HDMI port in each model. The Pro versions of the FlipGo support both screens with a single USB-C cable - a huge advantage over the standard editions.

There is, unfortunately, no support for mobile devices as of current.

JSAUX FlipGo: Our Verdict

We think the JSAUX FlipGo is a fantastic multi-screen solution for digital nomads. The highly featured options (including matte finish and touchscreen editions) make the tech not only well-priced but also huge in terms of boosting productivity.

We do have some concerns with the earliest model of the JSAUX FlipGo. The design doesn’t quite feel finalized and we would like a brighter screen - the matte finish does retract from the 400/500 nits brightness.

However, for digital nomads looking for a simple, portable, additional dual-screen display - the FlipGo proves to be an impressive piece of kit. If you’re looking to boost productivity with a multi-screen solution that doesn’t break the bank - it’s well worth consider the FlipGo.

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