Genki Resident Review: The Ideal Health Insurance for Digital Nomads?

Everyone deals with risk at one point or another - but we digital nomads stare it in the face constantly. Things could quickly go awry while traveling, especially internationally. So, it’s critical to have a plan in place – a safety net to catch you (and your wallet) when sickness, accidents, and other emergencies come.

But with so many options, how are you supposed to choose the right health insurance plan?

That’s why we are here.

Today, we’ll review Genki Resident, an international health insurance plan touted as one of the best (if not the absolute best) health coverage options for digital nomads. It’s known for perks like telemedicine, 24/7 support, complete health coverage, and more.

Is it all true? Read this Genki health insurance review, where we dissect Genki Resident from the ground up.

Note: We are not insurance professionals or an insurance company. This is based on our editors' research, who are not insurance professionals. Make sure you choose the best digital nomad insurance for you personally, and always check the insurance provider before purchasing any digital nomad insurance.

Genki Resident

genki resident

Genki Resident is an international health insurance plan offered by Genki Life and Health Insurance, a Germany-based insurance broker founded in 2021. The plan boasts comprehensive benefits, round-the-clock customer support, telemedicine, and more.

  • Comprehensive medical benefits
  • No benefit payout limits
  • No age limits
  • Any-time cancellation
  • Bright website with easy navigation
  • Lightning-fast signup
  • Quick claims processing
  • Adventure sports and extreme sports included
  • No coverage for non-medical risks
  • Consequences of professional sports aren't covered
  • Dollar values are only in Euros
  • Not ideal for short travels

What We Like About Genki Resident

When it comes to global health insurance, Genki Resident is an absolute stunner. We say that because there are just so many things to love! Excuse us while we sing Genki Resident’s praises for a little bit.

Robust Coverage Options

When we say “robust” coverage, we are not exaggerating.

Genki Resident international health insurance plans feature heavy-duty coverage options with no benefit payout limits. You get coverage for dental care, whole-body care, mental well-being, rehab, pregnancy, medical transportation, and the list goes on and on.

There are two different plans under the Genki Resident umbrella, each with a 12-month minimum coverage term:

  • Genki Resident - Geared mostly toward protecting against one-off emergent issues
  • Genki Resident Premium - Covers emergencies, routine care, and preventative care (among other things)
Genki Resident and Genki Resident Premium plans

This isn’t even the half of it. Learn more about what’s covered by accessing this table of benefits.

In addition to the plan type, you get to choose your deductible (the amount you pay before your insurance benefits kick in) between €0/yr, €500/yr, or €1,000/yr. You also get to choose your coverage region. These customization options help you craft a plan that fits you financially.

Genki Resident deductibles

But what really stands out is their pre-existing condition provisions. Unlike most other travel insurance companies, Genki Resident may cover pre-existing conditions like asthma, cancer, and diabetes after a medical history review. This is uncommon in the industry.

Genki Resident International Health Insurance exclusive benefits

Then, there’s the fact that they cover mental health services, both primary care and hospitalization. You also get outpatient psychotherapy coverage on Genki Resident Premium. Considering how important mental health is, it’s nice to have these benefits.

True Global Health Coverage

Ever heard of travel medical coverage? It typically covers things like:

  • Unexpected medical events and accidents
  • Baggage issues
  • Trip cancellations, interruptions, and delays

That’s not what Genki Resident is.

Genki Resident is true global health coverage with comprehensive benefits that mirror domestic insurance. It includes coverage your typical domestic insurance would, including routine checkups, prescriptions, and chronic condition management.

Why choose Genki Resident International Health Insurance
This makes it an excellent choice for U.S. citizens who would rather buy one insurance plan and travel around instead of splurging on both a domestic health plan and a travel insurance plan.

It’s also ideal in the following scenarios:

  • When you don’t have a U.S. domestic health plan (after missing open enrollment or losing your coverage)
  • To expand your treatment options beyond what’s available in the U.S
  • To save money on healthcare. Often, you can find cheaper healthcare treatments and services abroad (outside of the U.S.).
Remember, though: Genki will not pay for claims arising from trips planned specifically for treatment.

And you get all of this for a fair price. Don’t believe us? Look at the starting prices below yourself:

Genki Resident Pricing plans

Designed for Long-Term Travelers Living Abroad

Can’t get enough of your new home country? You may decide to put down roots there.

If you plan on living abroad long-term, Genki Resident is a great expat health insurance option to consider.

When you’re living abroad, you need some degree of stability, and this plan delivers that. You don’t have to renew your policy for each trip, and there’s coverage for your home country (up to 180 days per year).

Genki Resident International Health Insurance coverage in your home country

Aside from that, there’s a dedicated customer service team for anyone who’s struggling to navigate the quirks of a foreign healthcare system. You get the answers you need to ease your spiraling mind.

Some Things to Keep in Mind About Genki Resident

Time to switch gears for a bit! Before you get started with a new insurance plan, it’s essential to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here are some things to keep in mind about Genki Resident before you take the plunge and buy a policy.

Not Ideal for Short-Term Stays

Given their higher cost and comprehensive nature, buying a Genki Resident plan for a short-term stay (less than three months) might be overkill. Shorter trips pair well with travel medical plans, which have fewer benefits at a lower price.

Potential Administrative Complexity

Given that Genki Resident is essentially a full-fledged medical plan, securing a plan will require more paperwork and research on potentially complex medical topics/scenarios. With plans like these, you’ll need to get up to speed on medical terms and benefit jargon. This isn’t usually the case with your run-of-the-mill travel medical plan.

Regional Exclusions May Exist

Depending on the plan you opt for, not every country is fully covered. When you apply, you will have 2 different settings:

  • Entire world
  • Entire world excluding the US and Canada

So, before you snag a policy, make sure you check your setting plans according to your needs.

Making a Claim for Genki Resident

The claims process for Genki Resident is relatively straightforward, though multiple steps are involved. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Ask for “itemized receipts”, which outline every charge in a transaction. Without such receipts, you could experience unnecessary claims holdups, payment delays, or denials.
  2. Fill out and send your claim form to Genki, along with itemized receipts and other evidence as proof for your claim. You can send all of this through email or via your online profile, which you’ll gain access to after purchasing your plan. Be sure to do this immediately after the illness or accident.
  3. Waive your physician-patient-privilege. This way, Genki can access the information they need to process your claim.
  4. Wait for a response from Genki either by email or through the customer portal account. Take things from there.
When you file a claim, and it’s approved, there are two potential outcomes: (1) direct billing, where Genki will pay the hospital directly, and (2) reimbursement, where you’ll pay for your own treatment/services upfront and receive a refund later from Genki.

Whether you’re having trouble figuring out the claims form or grappling with uncertainty around the claims process, you’re not alone.

Genki’s support team is generally pretty efficient as they are available 24/7. They'll help guide you through each part of the claim process, from start to finish.

Are There Any Global Health Insurance Alternatives to Genki Resident?

Do you think you and Genki Resident would be a match made in heaven?

Our advice – hold up and consider the other options out there. Without at least glancing at alternatives, there’s no way to know whether you’re making the right decision.

SafetyWing Nomad Health

SafetyWing Nomad Health, a health insurance alternative to Genki Resident

SafetyWing Nomad Health is frequently cited as one of the most popular digital nomad health insurance providers. And that’s for good reason. For starters, the plan covers you in 175+ countries and counting, and you get to choose your own doctor. Plus, you get a $1.5 million coverage minimum - and that’s with the cheapest plan tier.

They offer three tiers of coverage, including:

  • Standard – $1.5 million plan maximum. Worldwide coverage with the following benefits and more - outpatient, screenings and vaccines, maternity, and more. No dental or vision.
  • Premium -  $1.5 million plan maximum. Everything in the standard plan plus dental, vision, and higher benefit payment limits.
  • Premium Plus - $2.5 million plan maximum. Everything in the Standard and Premium plans but with higher benefit payment limits.
SafetyWing Nomad Health plans

Most people reading this will have heard about the insurance. You can get their base Standard plan for as little as $125 per month with a 12-month contract if you’re between 18 and 39 years old. Just know that the pricing does increase with age, so the plans may be a little rich for seniors.

When looking at Genki Resident and SafetyWing Nomad Health side by side, one thing is for sure. Genki gives you more coverage for the everyday than SafetyWing. Consider whether that’s important to you in your specific travel scenario. Another thing to consider is that Genki only gives you 180 days of home country coverage.

SafetyWing covers your home country for the duration of your plan – this is a huge perk. Regardless of these differences, both are phenomenal global health insurance plans for digital nomads who will be spending a lot of time overseas.

Read our full review of Nomad Health below to learn more about it:
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Cigna Global

Cigna, a health insurance alternative to Genki Resident

Another Genki Resident alternative is Cigna Global. The company is well known for its domestic plans in the U.S., but they have extremely flexible, customizable international health plans. You can set your payment period (monthly, quarterly, or annually), deductible ($0 to $10,000), and whether you want your home country covered. You even get to choose your cost-sharing percentage and out-of-pocket maximum.

Cigna Global offers two plans: Cigna Global Health Options and Cigna Close Care.

Cigna Global Plans

Both plans offer worldwide coverage with incredible benefit inclusivity, including essential medical care benefits, including inpatient admissions, emergency situations, pandemics, and even cancer care.

Cigna Global and Genki Insurance are very much different. Cigna Global offers much more customization and flexibility than Genki insurance. If you prefer that, looking into Cigna would be a no-brainer. Otherwise, both insurance options offer high benefit maximums, a wide variety of coverage, telemedicine, and support when you need it. You can’t really go wrong with either.

Compare all the health insurance alternatives here:

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The Bottom Line

That concludes this Genki health insurance review. All in all, Genki Resident is pretty darn close to perfect. We rate it a 4 out of 5 for its extensive coverage options tailored to nomads with long-term living arrangements abroad. And let’s not forget all the extras mentioned earlier – pre-existing condition and mental health coverage, high benefit maxes, and more.

Although we couldn’t give them a perfect score (due to the limited home country coverage), this plan is as close to perfect as we’ve seen. We fully recommend Genki Resident to any nomad who’s looking for a high-quality health insurance plan at an affordable price for some serious peace of mind.

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