Spain Digital Nomad and Remote Worker Visa: Requirements and How To Apply

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The new Digital Nomad Visa for Spain will provide a stimulating adventure and a fascinating opportunity for digital nomads and remote workers who want to experience Spanish living in this sunny European country.

Spain is going to grant non-EU freelancers and remote workers entry and residency rights. The country plans to rule and launch a new visa for digital nomads without needing a work visa. Foreign companies and people who work remotely will be allowed to live in Spain probably after November 2023.

Quick Visa Facts

Visa validity period

Up to 3 years

Possible to extend?

Yes, for up to 5 years

Who can apply?

Non-EU/EEA citizens

Minimum Income Requirements

€2,160 per month

Cost of visa application

~$400 USD

Time for visa applications

15-45 days

Introducing The New Spain Digital Nomad Visa

The proposed new visa will be open to foreign workers employed by non-Spanish companies. The intention of the country is to improve its image and economy as the "center of global business in the world", promoting and boosting talented professionals and investments.

As it will be released in November 2023, it must be developed as effective law.

Spanish landscape view through a Morish-style window

Preliminary Requirements For Spain Digital Nomad Visa

Though it is not operative yet, some details can be known to the community of Digital Nomads who wish to live in Spain.

The main requirement is to be a non-EU worker employed or an employee working for a non-Spanish company.

It is not clear yet how to acquire a visa digital nomad, but it is likely to apply to a Spanish Embassy or Consulate.

The new visa should be valid for 1 year, but it is expected to be renewed for another 2 years if the holder still meets the requirements.

Holding a tourist visa while working in Spain isn’t allowed. This is one reason for the country is introducing a visa for remote workers. If holding the wrong visa, the authorities can refuse the holder to travel in the future.

Existing Digital Nomad Spain Visa Options

People who want to stay in Spain must have a visa for work or tourism. The new visa for remote workers will be added to the other Spanish Visas that the country already offers as a solution.

People from Schengen countries can already work from home, but they can stay in Spain for 6 months a year only.

Non-EU workers as digital nomads will apply if employed by a non-Spanish company and gain an income of less than 20% earned from Spanish companies.

It is important to say that Europe is planning new rules for foreign travelers through the new EU-wide ETIAS Visa Waiver, in 2024.

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Those who need to make investments in Spain, but are foreigners, can already hold a Spain's Golden Visa and enjoy the benefits like a European citizen.

Seascape view of Costa Brava

Spanish Golden Visa

A Spanish Golden Visa holder has all the benefits of being a European resident. It allows the foreign person to travel freely across the Schengen Area and benefits healthcare and education.

The applicant can apply outside the EU, provided to have a clean criminal record and is able to invest €500,000 minimum.

The benefits are to live in Spain with the whole family, to be eligible for 10 years of citizenship, and to travel like any other European citizen.

Those who wish to obtain this kind of Visa must invest in Spain. They can buy one or more properties for €500,000minimum, issue a bank deposit of at least 1 billion, invest at least €1 million in Spanish businesses, invest €2millions in government bonds, or start a business in Spain.

The processing time to hold a Golden Visa can vary from 2 to 3 months.

For more information, please visit the official website below:
Official Website of Spain.

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