Why do CEOs hate remote work?

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Luca here, writing from the sunny Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

With all this "Return to office" debate, I wanted to touch on a topic that's relevant to all of us: Why companies can't just seem to embrace the idea of remote work?

As an ex-corporate turned into a digital nomad, I often found myself facing managers and company owners who were hesitant, or even outright opposed, to the idea of remote teams, even before this new return-to-office debate.

I get it, we've been talking about the incredible benefits of the digital nomad lifestyle for ages now. But from a company's perspective, it's not always that simple.

There are genuine reasons for their resistance, and pretending those reasons don't exist won't help us make the case for remote work!

Sure, some of it is about fear and those outdated ideas about what work "should" look like. But let's be honest, there are some deeper, more practical concerns too:

1/ The Real Estate Problem

Companies have spent big money on gigantic office buildings. A remote world means those spaces lose value, impacting the company and, as we learned from the pandemic, they can even affect the whole economy of a city! (talking to you, San Francisco downtown)

2/ Global Logistics Nightmare

How do you coordinate meetings with a team spread across time zones if you are a EU-based with people working in Thailand, Mexico City, or any other corner of the planet? And how do you deal with shipping equipment internationally (laptop, portable screen, etc.)?

3/ Security Risks

If employees use their own devices, are they secure? And once they connect from a public WiFi, is their connection safe? Although it might not be a big deal for you, this is a big data security concern for your company!

Companies may also have to pay taxes in multiple countries and figure out worker contracts in different jurisdictions, and it's tricky even for you, as you might need to get your taxes sorted when working for a foreign company. It's a legal minefield...

These are serious challenges, we all know, but they are NOT impossible to solve!

And here's why companies should still look seriously at the remote work option:

💪 Trust builds stronger teams

Instead of micromanaging, managers should focus on clear goals and outcomes. They should trust their people – it's empowering for employees and takes the pressure off them.

🚀 Productivity gets a boost

Without office distractions and soul-crushing commutes, people often get way more done anywhere they feel (while also saving money). Who wouldn't make the extra effort to work for a company that allows them to work from a paradise on the other side of the world?

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Culture stays vibrant

With the right tools and intention, they can cultivate connections virtually. We are not talking only about regular team hangouts and virtual coffee breaks but also about company retreats for that in-person bond.

Of course, it requires some changes: better communication, clear expectations, and investment in the right tech. But the benefits far outweigh any initial discomfort.

So, if you're facing resistance where you work, or even thinking of talking to your own employer about remote options, remember this:

The freedom and productivity of a location-independent lifestyle isn't just a perk, it's the way smart companies will work in the future.

Keep fighting for your freedom and flexibility, nomads!

Luca 👋

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