The Art of Slow Travel

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Hey friends,

Irene Lidia here, reporting from a calm village in the Canary Islands! 🇮🇨

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we, as digital nomads, move around. You've probably heard the buzzword “Slowmad” floating around, right?

At first, I was all about moving fast - jumping from one city to the next, always on the go. Sure, it was exciting. But soon, I felt like I was missing something. I was visiting places but not really experiencing them.

Being a Slowmad isn't just staying in one spot for longer. It's about digging deeper, making local friends, understanding traditions, and letting a place touch your heart. It's about living a place, not just visiting it.

Traveling slow lets you travel deep.

And hey, there are real perks! Reliable Wi-Fi, less packing stress, getting into a rhythm, and saving some cash when you aren't always hopping from one spot to the next.

Some of my best workdays, closest friendships, and unforgettable memories came from those times I decided to slow down. Remember: it's not a race.

So, to all my fellow nomads:

It's not about how many places you see, but how deeply you feel them.

Maybe give slow travel a try. Let places become more than just pins on a map.

Catch you soon,
Irene Lidia ✨

P.S.: Have you tried slow travelling or do you have a memorable slowmad experience? Hit reply and we'll share your story with the community on Instagram page! ✈️🌍

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"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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