The gift of being present

Hello Freaking Nomads!

Irene here, currently in bustling Istanbul πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·

Next week, I'll swap my digital nomad gear for a fancy dress and dancing shoes to attend a close friend's wedding, right here in Turkey.

The last time we crossed paths was in London (in a past life it seems!), before my home was wherever I dropped my backpack.

In those days, before I embraced the nomadic life, a quick trip to Turkey would have been a no-go. I'd have been stuck in the 9-5 grind, sending a card full of well wishes and a gift, catching the celebration through photos and videos, and feeling a pang of regret for not being there in person.

Yet, here I am. Ready to celebrate my friend – in person, not just from the sidelines.

As a digital nomad, travel has become my everyday and being part of my friends' important moments, even if they're across the globe, is not just doable but downright exciting!

Our nomadic lives offer a priceless privilege – the ability to be present.

To be a part of, not just a spectator, in the lives of those we care about. Wherever they are in the world.

Next week, as I raise a glass in Istanbul to my friend's happiness, I'll also be celebrating our unique way of life. The audacity to be there for the people we love, no matter the geographic distance.

So here's to our big, beautiful world that we call home, and to all the nomads who find themselves on dance floors, at friends' birthday celebrations, or family reunions around the globe to cheer the people we love.

Keep moving and have a lovely week ahead!

Irene xx

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