How to master airport layovers

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Hello nomads,

Irene Lidia checking in from Cluj airport! 🌍

As digital nomads, we’ve all been there: weaving our way through bustling airport terminals, searching for a power socket while balancing a cup of coffee, desperately seeking a quiet corner to jump on that urgent client call or finish a project.

Airports can feel like a frenzied puzzle, especially when we're trying to juggle our work and travel.

Over my years of bouncing from one location to another, I've tested some hacks to make layovers less about stress and more about productivity:

📌 The Reconnaissance Walk: Take a 10-minute walk around before diving into work. This not only stretches your legs but helps you find those peaceful nooks, often tucked away behind art installations or cafes.

📌 Gate Change? No Problem: Remember, gates with no immediate departures tend to be the quietest. If you're a few hours ahead of your flight, try setting up shop at a less busy gate.

📌 Lounge Love: If you travel frequently, consider investing in an airport lounge pass. They're quieter, comfy, and often equipped with reliable Wi-Fi, making them a worthy investment for any digital nomad. (Pro tip: You can also save up on food, as they quite often offer a buffet!)

📌 Power Up: Always carry a multi-plug extension cord. Not only does this ensure you can charge all your devices, but you instantly become the airport hero for other travelers in search of a socket!

📌 Wi-Fi Wisdom: Always check for airport Wi-Fi before consuming your data. Most airports offer free access through codes from designated totems or just by providing your phone number/email. But remember, whenever you're on public networks, always use a VPN to safeguard your digital footprints.

While these hacks are a boon for those looking to hustle in between flights, sometimes the best thing you can do is take a moment to sink into your chair, relax, and perhaps let your mind wander back to your recent adventures.

Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is nothing at all!

So, whether you're on your laptop or taking a breather, remember: fly high, work smart, or simply... chill.

With warmth and wanderlust,

Irene Lidia xx

💌 P.S. Have your own airport hack or story? Hit reply and we share it with the community on Instagram! 😊

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