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Hey friends,

Irene Lidia here, writing to you from a coworking space in the Canary Islands 🇮🇨, surrounded by the familiar buzz that anyone who's ever worked in one will recognize.

When I first stepped into a coworking space, I'll admit I was a bit overwhelmed. Would I be able to concentrate? How would I handle the constant activity around me? It turns out, the secret is in how you use the space.

Finding your rhythm in a coworking space is key—it's about knowing when to join in and when to step back.

It's about striking a balance. Some days, the energy around you will fuel your productivity. On other days, you'll need to carve out a quiet spot for yourself. And that's perfectly fine.

If you're someone who gets easily distracted, set your boundaries. A pair of headphones can be your best friend, signaling to others that you're in the zone and not up for a chat.

Don't overlook the biggest benefit of these spaces, though: the community. The chance to bump into someone with a fresh perspective or a new friend with insights you hadn't considered, is invaluable.

Every conversation could lead to a new idea, a solution you hadn't thought of, or a partnership that might change your business.

So, embrace the coworking experience with an open mind. Use the energy when it works for you, find quiet when you need it, and always be ready for those unexpected, serendipitous encounters.

Catch you in the next coworking space!

Irene Lidia x

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🧑‍💻 #nomadstory of the Week

@wheressammajade: “Work hard, but also know when to hit pause and recharge! 💡🚀 Here’s my secret recipe for finding the perfect balance: 🌍 Location Freedom: Explore new places while working, this keeps life exciting! 🏝 Flexible Routine: Mix work and play creatively. I don’t start work till I’ve been for my morning walk 📺 Screen Breaks: Switch off by doing something you love. Sometimes I take a 5 min break and dance around the room, because why not? ☕ Cafe Hopping: One of my favourite things to do EVER, solo coffee dates are the best! 👀 People Watching: THIS you can do when you’re at the coffee shops… I always like to make up stories about where they are from and what they do in life! 📴 Disconnect: I find that scheduling breaks throughout the day really helps, just some time to stretch, take a short walk (or dance hehe!). It keeps you refreshed! ⏸️ Mini Power Naps: Depending how my day is going, sometimes after a morning of work, I’ll take a 15-20 minute power-nap to recharge. Game changer! 📵 Turn Off Notifications: Have some control, I find this really helps minimise interruptions!🚶 Post Work Plans: After I’ve finished work, I always go for a walk, helps me transition nicely into downtime. 🌅 Chase Variety: Change your workspace regularly. I like to do this a lot, one day, I’ll work from home, the other day from a coworker and mostly from cafes - it keeps the days interesting and helps me be more focused! 🤪 Stay Sane: Add excitement to your life. Join a dance class, a cooking class or book a trip, go learn something new. Whatever it is, find something other than work! Now, how do you keep the work-life balance just right? 💬🔋”

✨ #nomadquote of the Week

"Travel is like knowledge. The more you see, the more you know you haven't seen." – Mark Hertsgaard

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This book is a captivating account of Gelman's adventures as she forges deep bonds with people from vastly different backgrounds, learning from their ways of life and sharing in their unique traditions. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of travel and the human connections that make it meaningful.

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